Empathy Series Episode 3 - Jodie Myintoo

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Empathy Series Episode 3 - Jodie Myintoo

1 Hour 40 Minutes

Jodie Myintoo is a counsellor and author specialising in relationship breakdown, separation, family law, grief, and trauma and is a member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA).

As Melbourne emerges from a dark hibernation of many months, it is vital we have conversations around mental health and what it means not just for the vulnerable, but for the millions of Victorians who have are now exiting what has become a globally unprecedented human experiment of isolation and community division under a quasi-police state.

Business Innovation Series Episode 5 - Joel Kleber

The Discernable Interviews

Business Innovation Series Episode 5 - Joel Kleber

1 Hour 30 Minutes

At the end of a long day, I don’t turn to Netflix to relax. I jump onto Youtube and there are only 2 things I watch: a psychology lecture by Jordan Peterson, or something from the Jim’s Group channel.

There’s something addictive for me watching people mow lawns or build fences on that channel. New media sources like that are taking over our lives and in this episode of the Business Innovation Series we are exploring ‘content creation’.

Why create content? How? Where should business start branding through content?

Joel Kleber is the Chief Digital Officer for the Jim’s Group and can be followed at:

Instagram – @joelkleber_
Twitter – @joelkleber_
Facebook – facebook.com/authenticcovospodcast
LinkedIN – www.linkedin.com/in/joelkleber/
Podcast – https://anchor.fm/joelkleber
YouTube Channel – http://bit.ly/joelkleber
Website – www.hendrixmedia.com.au

Political Psychology Series Episode 5 - Gideon Rozner

The Discernable Interviews

Political Psychology Series Episode 5 - Gideon Rozner

1 Hour 47 Minutes

Gideon Rozner is the Director of Policy at the Institute of Public Affairs, an Australian policy think tank that focuses on economic and political freedom. This was the longest and most fun interview I’ve done in all of 2020.

Political Psychology Series Episode 4 - Richard Riordan MP

The Discernable Interviews

Political Psychology Series Episode 4 - Richard Riordan MP

1 Hour 13 Minutes

Richard Riordan is a Liberal MP representing the regional electorate of Polwarth west of Melbourne. With a multi-generational history of business in Colac, Richard turned his hand to politics in 2015 and has been a straight-shooting pollie ever since.

He has some big ideas to explode growth and investment in regional Victoria but most importantly he is a breath of fresh air getting things done via ‘the bush telegraph’ while other politicians talk in circles as their bureaucracies grind slowly on.

Political Psychology Series Episode 3 - Sanjeev Sabhlok

The Discernable Interviews

Political Psychology Series Episode 3 - Sanjeev Sabhlok

1 Hour 31 Minutes

Sanjeev Sabhlok resigned in protest from the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance. He has a long history of campaigning for freedom, the individual, happiness and rational thinking.

To know that such an intellect was working within our public service in Victoria is encouraging but also devastating that they lost that intellect.

In this interview we explore not just his thoughts on the illegality and immorality of the lockdowns around the world, but also how he came to his classically liberal philosophy and how that informs his crusade to maximise the happiness of people all over the world.

Business Innovation Series Episode 4 - Nathan Jungwirt

The Discernable Interviews

Business Innovation Series Episode 4 - Nathan Jungwirt

1 Hour 11 Minutes

If you’re old enough to remember the advent of computers – they used to be a specialised device sold in specialised stores for specialised purposes. Somewhere around the 1990s they became commoditised and now the choice of store is mainly determined by price.

Nathan Jungwirt has run a computer store for 6 years in a highly competitive and commoditised sector. Not only that, he has a keen interest in investing, e-commerce and entrepreneurialism.

If you are interested in e-commerce, small business, or investment – Nathan is an inspiring young Australian who is surprisingly well-read. If this is the standard of young Australians, we are in good hands!

VIC Omnibus Bill Neutered

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VIC Omnibus Bill Neutered


The Omnibus Bill in Victoria has been neutered. In this FB live we discussed the latest changes to the Omnibus Bill before Victorian Parliament, the upcoming council elections and the COVID Medical Network.

Empathy Series Episode 2 - Dr Catherine Fyans

The Discernable Interviews

Empathy Series Episode 2 - Dr Catherine Fyans

1 Hour 24 Minutes

Dr Catherine Fyans is a practising G.P. of some 40 years in Melbourne. She was one of the most popular guests in the history of my other show ‘The People’s Project’ where she was able to demonstrate common sense positions on COVID-19, masks and government lockdowns.

Catherine seems to have a great deal of empathy and she agreed to an interview for our EMPATHY SERIES where we sought to explore all things COVID-19 as well as the psychological role that lockdowns (and emerging from them) play in all of our lives.

2:55 Human nature is innocently gullible
5:27 The unprecedented changes to humanity could be positive
7:45 Catherine wanted to run back to Ecuador
8:34 Stockholm Syndrome
10:50 The infantilisation of a population
10:40 Why do people applaud a paternalistic government?
13:32 Reverting to our limbic brain – how do we stay rational?
15:00 Relentless messages of fear
16:50 Breaking people’s minds through prolonged fear states
19:35 The danger of apathy
20:48 The perversion of government support
22:00 Liberty vs a Nanny State
24:29 Time for us to grow up?
25:44 Beach ‘protests’ in Melbourne
26:50 Remembering what freedom is without masks
28:25 Are masks effective?
32:25 The harms of masks
35:20 The masking of children
36:04 Was COVID-19 engineered in a laboratory?
38:24 The subconscious effect of masks
42:55 Children asking to wear masks
45:15 The tribalism of mask wearing
48:15 More pandemics to come
50:37 Face shields are useless
52:35 We are not talking about good health – only sickness
58:37 Calls for health leadership instead of sickness leadership
1:00:40 What is empathy? Sympathy? Pity? Compassion?
1:04:55 Enlightenment and the scientific method in medicine
1:06:40 The Eagle and the Condor Philosophy
1:10:27 The Problem – Reaction – Solution model
1:11:10 Empathy and Compassion is a strength
1:13:15 The dark night of the soul
1:17:25 The value of community
1:18:32 Dobbing in your neighbours
1:20:16 Predictions for the remainder of 2020

Prosecution of the Victorian Government Pending

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Prosecution of the Victorian Government Pending


The Covid-19 Hotel Quarantine Inquiry wrapped up this week with counsel assisting submitting that the Government’s failures were responsible for 768 deaths and the entire second wave in Victoria. Ken Phillips from Self Employed Australia has triggered a prosecution request by writing to the OHS authority – WorkSafe – under section 130 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (Vic).

They are now required by law to take action or detail reasons why they failed to take action, by late December 2020.

Ken asked me to conduct this interview so the true and balanced story could get out. It’s a doozy.

Business Innovation Series Episode 3 - Angela Vithoulkas

The Discernable Interviews

Business Innovation Series Episode 3 - Angela Vithoulkas

1 Hour 33 Minutes

When you think of the word ‘champion’, you probably think of a ‘winner’ -somebody who takes first place. But the true meaning of champion is more than winning a competition.

It’s a 13th Century concept for a person who fights on behalf of another. A champion advocates for something or someone, especially when that someone cannot do it themselves.

This is the noble goal of our political system but I’m sad to say that our parliaments are not necessarily filled with the people’s champions.
That’s why it’s so incredible to have found one in Angela Vithoulkas. It’s unlikely you’ve never heard about before because she is so noisy when it comes to small business being the engine room of our economy.

Angela is a sitting councillor for the City of Sydney, and is the founder and leader of the Small Business Political Party. She’s owned many small businesses, you’ve probably heard her on national television or radio, and she now brings all of that rich experience together into an excellent TV show called SMETV which you can see for free on Youtube. Despite all of this achievement, I think her most impressive feat is catching her first shoplifter at the age of 3.

In today’s conversation we’ll talk about how business can and will rise from the ashes of COVID-19, but what I really hope we discover is – why is Angela our champion? Was it always there? Or was it created by circumstance?