The Discernable Interviews

Conversation with Peter Hitchens on Why We Surrender Freedom

1 Hour 15 Minutes

15 July 2021

Peter Hitchens is the only voice I’ve found who takes a broader wider view on the surrender of freedom to governments around the world.

He sees a long history, from at least 1914, of people preferring safety over freedom and voting for an ever-larger state that assumes the roles previously occupied by now hobbled institutions such as family and faith.

This interview asks ‘Why did this happen?’ and is best viewed as a sequel to the 20min summary video where we asked ‘What happened?’ which you can view at:

We had no planned topics for this ‘Why’ interview and I was genuinely surprised to hear Peter quickly move us onto the footing of Christianity and its role in the success of Commonwealth countries.

He educated and challenged me on concepts like ‘the rule of law’ which I thought I understood from my legal training. I did not understand.