The Discernable Interviews

Kirsten Finger: 20 Year Registered Nurse and Paramedic Goes from Hero to Zero

1hr 17min

25 June 2022

Kirsten is a 20 year veteran in the Victorian health system. Her dream was always to become a paramedic, and after 7 years as a registered nurse in critical care she achieved her goal and went on to serve as a paramedic for a further 13 years.

In late 2021 she was given an impossible choice – submit to Ambulance Victoria’s vaccination mandate for Covid-19 and risk serious consequences due to her pre-existing medical condition, or be fired from the organisation that she loved.

Leading up to the launch of Covid-19 vaccinations in Australia, Kirsten chose to undertake additional training to be ready to assist in the vaccine rollout but despite 20 years of dedication and passion, her termination was cold and sudden.

This is her story.