Professor Ben Mol - Medical Interventions, Lockdowns and Fabricated Research

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Professor Ben Mol - Medical Interventions, Lockdowns and Fabricated Research

1hr 15min

28 October 2022

Ben Mol is a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Monash Health, Melbourne. He focuses deeply on medical interventions: what are they, why are they deployed, are they overused?

He leads the Evidenced based Women’s Health Care Research Group who investigate whether medical interventions around the world are conducted with evidence, are beneficial to patients, and whether they cause harm.

In the course of his research, Ben has uncovered startling evidence such as 30% of peer-reviewed and published randomly controlled trials being completely fabricated.

In this interview we explored the world’s largest health intervention to date: government and public health responses to Covid-19. The professor has been vocal about the injustice and illogic of vaccine mandates, punitive measures against Queensland’s unvaccinated teachers, the deportation of Novak Djokovic from Australia, malfeasance in academic research, and lockdowns as ‘one of the greatest peacetime policy failures in modern history’.

  • An outline of our discussion:
  • What are medical interventions?
  • Brave New World – are we addicted to medical interventions?
  • The incentives driving medical interventions
  • Is Panadol a placebo?
  • The natural rate of caesarean deliveries vs the actual rate
  • Incentives to conduct caesarean sections
  • Charging Australians for IVF and elective caesareans
  • Discrimination in reproductive healthcare
  • Fewer costs with no lockdowns – Sweden vs Denmark
  • Threshold for all new drugs: $50k per life year saved
  • Covid-19 vaccine cost benefit analysis
  • Medical interventions should be measured is saved/lost life years, not purely deaths
  • Traffic accident deaths are more tragic than elderly deaths
  • Young people paid a higher price than old people during lockdowns
  • We ‘went to war’ over Covid-19
  • Was an elimination strategy wise in Australia?
  • ‘Flattening the curve’
  • Should the government also go to war with cancer? Obesity? Smoking? Sugar?
  • The lack of reason in vaccine mandates
  • Extending the logic to banning Coca Cola
  • The lunacy of social distancing at McDonalds
  • C-19 vaccine uptake rates without mandates
  • Mandating healthy lifestyles
  • The medical principle of ‘informed consent’
  • Should we ‘save the health system’ or should it save us?
  • Victorian ambulance and 000 systems overwhelmed
  • Health system capacity crises before Covid-19
  • Hospitals conduct too many health interventions
  • Medical culture in the Netherlands: intervene less often!
  • Interventionists see their own reality
  • False research papers: fabricated data in peer reviewed journals
  • Monash University detects 30% of randomly controlled trials are fake
  • Ivermectin trials built on fake data
  • The Socratic dialogue of medical debate but is it too complex for the public?
  • Detecting false research papers
  • People’s greatest needs: physical safety

The People's Project Season 6 Episode 19: What's the Deal with Cannabis?

The People's Project

The People's Project Season 6 Episode 19: What's the Deal with Cannabis?

1hr 19min

21 October 2022

In this episode of The People’s Project with David Limbrick MP and Corrine from Smoke Dreams:

The conservative view is that cannabis is not only harmful, it’s immoral and ‘ILLEGAL!’. This has been the dominant message in policing, media and politics for nearly 100 years. The progressive view is that it’s harmless and to be celebrated, endorsed and embraced by all. But is it as simple as either side makes out?

When governments spend billions of dollars on drug harm policies, how much do you think actually goes towards harm minimisation, prevention and treatment, as opposed to brute enforcement?


We explore the famous Portugal case study where all drugs were decriminalised 20 years ago. Did it work? What about in Australia – how are we tracking and can we stop the global trend towards decriminalisation and legalisation? This is after the ACT just announced it will be legal to possess drugs like cocaine, heroin and speed.




ORSTED ELECTRICAL (Discernable recommended)
Tim (Melbourne): 0438 306 028




Zuby: Real Talk About Australia

The Discernable Interviews

Zuby: Real Talk About Australia

2hr 19min

15 October 2022

Zuby is an internationally recognised rap and hip hop artist who also achieved fame as the champion British female deadlift record holder (238kg).

Designed to raise awareness of the absurdity of biological men competing against biological women in sport, the stunt eclipsed his music success and he was thrust into the culture wars where he has been offering previously common – but now exceedingly rare – takes on society.

He continues to self publish his music and books, as well as tour internationally as a keynote speaker on a variety of his interests including music, cryptocurrency, culture, and self-improvement.

He kindly agreed to an extended interview with Discernable in the suburbs of Melbourne where we could explore his views in a specifically Australian context.

We discussed:

  • Zuby’s brush with transgenderism
  • Wokeism as a set of ‘goofy’ ideas that fail empirically
  • The valid criticisms that created wokeism
  • The world does not manifest ‘equality’
  • Gender quotas for no purpose
  • Structural and systemic sexism and the lack of female representation
  • What is behind the woke mentality? Pathology? Loneliness? Valid criticisms?
  • Objective and subjective truth
  • The solution to wokeism
  • Internal vs external locus of control the main indicator
  • Defining problems properly
  • The artform of rap music. Is it rhythmic poetry?
  • How to understand rap and hip hop
  • Deconstructing rap lyrics
  • Viewing Australia’s craziness from overseas
  • The politicisation of health
  • The lens of power and money explains everything in every country
  • Why Zuby permanently left the UK
  • Something broke permanently during the pandemic
  • No apologies have been issued
  • The moral bankruptcy of pandemic measures
  • What Zuby thinks of lockdowns
  • Why Zuby came to Australia
  • What Zuby thinks of the Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews
  • What Zuby found when he arrived in Australia
  • How Australia differs from other countries
  • Australian bureaucracy culture
  • Zuby’s life goals
  • Australia ‘The Lucky Country’
  • Zuby’s one wish – The Great Awakening

A Timeline of Essendon Football Club and its Ultimatum to CEO Andrew Thorburn

Discernable® Editorials

A Timeline of Essendon Football Club and its Ultimatum to CEO Andrew Thorburn

Reading Time: 1 Minute

Matt Wong

Chief Writer

6 October 2022

Regardless of which side of the issue you fall on, a significant cascade of events occurred in Australia this week. Here is as accurate a timeline as we could piece together as of 6 Oct 2022.


OCT 3rd: Former CEO of NAB Andrew Thorburn is announced as the new CEO of Essendon Football Club. Essendon's club website says they strive to be “the most successful, inclusive, and respected club in Australian sport both on and off the field.”


OCT 4th: Deputy Mayor or Port Phillip council Tim Baxter (Greens) leads the charge on 3AW to boycott Essendon FC. This was based on discovery that Andrew Thorburn is also Chair of the Board of City on a Hill Movement, a collection of Anglican churches registered under the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne.


Before Thorburn became Chair, the Senior Pastor ("Priest in Charge") Guy Mason delivered a sermon in 2013 espousing the traditional view of Christianity that homosexual 'practice' is a sin. He also compared abortion to concentration camps and called it 'legal murder'.


Andrew Thorburn releases a statement on LinkedIn saying that he does not necessarily agree with everything said at his church, that neither does everyone inside the church, that he has not heard those views since joining as Chair, and that he was proud of his work fostering diversity and inclusiveness throughout his corporate career.


Premier Daniel Andrews publicly attacks Andrew Thorburn & all religious institutions holding such "appalling views" of "hatred", that "dressing it up as anything but bigotry is false".


The President of Essendon gives Thorburn an ultimatum: choose the club or your church.


Andrew Thorburn releases a statement announcing his resignation as Essendon CEO, and laments that he had to choose between his faith and his job. He also extols the virtues of a 'tolerant and diverse' society that he feels may be deteriorating in Australia.


OCT 5th: Thorburn releases another statement warning against the precedent of religious discrimination in Australia.


OCT 6th: The Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne Philip Freier labels Essendon's ultimatum as 'panic'.


The Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne attacks Daniel Andrews for sowing division in faith communities.


Daniel Andrews rejects the criticism and says that as a Catholic with Catholic children going to a Catholic school, he understands what Catholicism is and it guides him in knowing how to lead and what is right and wrong.




At time of publication, the usual sides are warring in the media. One noisy side is cheering on the ousting of clear 'homophobia' and 'intolerance'. The other noisy side is calling it religious discrimination and an attack on every religious Australian's job security. Some more measured quarters are calling the dual leadership positions a 'conflict of interest' that was untenable.


The massive and usually quiet faith communities however are in full backlash with internal Labor sources revealing a panic inside the Premier's office as sentiment turns against Daniel Andrews in those communities.


The head of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission Ro Allen publicly applauded the ousting saying "Good on Essendon for standing to their values" effectively prejudicing any VEOHRC claim or investigation that is brought.

Gay Pride, Identity Making and Ego

The Discernable Interviews

Gay Pride, Identity Making and Ego

1hr 24min

5 October 2022

Stress, anxiety and wellness expert Sam Eddy returns to the studio to talk LGBTQ Pride Month, identity making and how humans all across the ideological spectrum mistakenly live out of ego.

We discussed:

  • Gay Pride
  • Adopting labels for identity and living out of ego
  • Finding peace to overcome anxiety
  • What is peace? what is it based on?
  • Are there foundations to peace and morality?
  • The childhood programming that both hurts and helps us
  • Sam comes out as gay but refuses to become an LGBTQ activist
  • How identity politics invests in your ego
  • ‘What is a woman?’
  • ‘The Middle Way’ and how to avoid extremes
  • The temptation to live in ego
  • Should we celebrate pride?
  • Crisis precipitates change, so pain is often needed
  • The logical conclusion of identity battles
  • Politicians and their egos
  • Comparing Australian politician egos
  • An ego-fuelled society
  • Comparing countries around the world
  • The paradox of Chinese happiness