Geert Vanden Bossche Cross Examined by Bret Weinstein

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Geert Vanden Bossche Cross Examined by Bret Weinstein


Geert Vanden Bossche has been very vocal calling for the complete halt of all COVID-19 vaccinations world-wide. This is based on his [globally-recognised] experience in vaccine creation and what he sees as a grave error that humanity is making during a pandemic.

Evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein interviewed Geert on The Dark Horse Podcast, and cross examined Geert’s warning to the world. They covered both of the 2 major issues Geert is alarmed about:

1. that vaccines without sterilising immunity (the ability to prevent transmission) deployed on a global scale applies too much evolutionary selection pressure on Sars-Cov2; and
2. vaccine-induced antibodies that cannot prevent mutated S-Proteins from causing infection will still bind and outcompete our natural antibodies from our innate immune system.

The full interview between Geert and Bret on The Dark Horse Podcast:

The original Geert Vanden Bossche interview on Discernable:

Naked Media - evidence of manipulative, misleading and increasingly fake news

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Naked Media - evidence of manipulative, misleading and increasingly fake news


Time to explore just how misleading, manipulative and fake our news media can be. Let’s dive into:

1. CNN Technical Director admits to the campaign to remove Trump, the upcoming pivot to climate change fear campaigns, CNN interviewers are manipulating their guests…

2. The ABC doctors footage of the twerking dancers in front of the Royal Australian Navy Ship (the ABC have released a public apology).

3. The ABC fabricates footage of Scomo storming off a press conference.

4. Sky News lies that there were only a few hundred people attending the Nov protests in Melbourne, and that they were violent.

5. Victoria Police incite violence at a protest but selective editing reverses the narrative.

And finally, an analysis of the Australian media landscape and the antidote to media manipulation.

Darren Brady Nelson - Aussie tax, Aussie federalism, Aussie house prices

The Discernable Interviews

Darren Brady Nelson: Aussie tax, Aussie federalism, Aussie house prices

1 Hour 57 Minutes

Darren Brady Nelson is the chief economist at LibertyWorks, writes for Townhall, and is a policy advisor at the Heartland Institute. He is also a regular commentator in traditional and online Australian and American media. His main influences include the Austrian school of economics, common law, and Christian apologetics.

In this episode we discuss:
Big Tech Censorship
The GST was a bad idea
Woke business
Austrian vs Keynesian economics
Christianity and economics
China’s success

Resources we mentioned in the episode:
Human Action by Mises (free):

Economics in One Lesson:

Millennials and the Progressive Movement:


2:12 Banned from LinkedIn!
4:08 Conservative ideology silenced
6:47 Big Tech censorship is a cartel
8:58 Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act 1996 that protects Big Tech
12:50 US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas speaks out against Big Tech
14:45 The Democrats are about to ‘pack the Supreme Court’ by adding more left wing judges
19:54 Forget left vs right, it’s authoritarian vs freedom
24:12 Australian states go to Canberra to beg for money
27:00 GST was a bad thing
28:20 A consumption tax to replace all taxes
29:57 A flat tax
36:25 The Left win the policy wars regardless of who is in charge
38:58 Big business loves tax hikes!
41:00 Wokeism always comes from businesses that have mega profits
42:13 The founder of BLM cashes in
44:40 Competitive federalism – why we need our states to compete
51:23 Increasing power in local governments
55:31 Austrian Economics
1:04:29 What is Keynesian Economics?
1:13:55 Australia loves Big Government
1:17:07 Australia’s housing market – a real boom or just fake inflation?
1:20:00 Income is going down as inflation rises
1:21:15 What should Australians do in this economic climate?
1:23:07 What is good about Keynesian Economics?
1:27:05 What’s the alternative to measuring GDP?
1:30:55 The overlap between Christianity and Economics
1:37:50 Will China’s economic success continue?
1:49:19 Darren doesn’t want a Magic Wand

Who can beat Daniel Andrews? An interview with Brad Battin MP on Politics and the Victorian Liberal Party

The Discernable Interviews

Who can beat Daniel Andrews? An interview with Brad Battin MP on Politics and the Victorian Liberal Party

1 Hour 41 Minutes

Brad Battin MP recently challenged Michael O’Brien for the leadership of the Victorian Liberal Party. I invited him to interview not only on why he took aim at the top job to take on Daniel Andrews, but also to investigate what type of person he is.

He lives with his wife and daughters in Berwick in South East Melbourne and before becoming a parliamentarian Brad worked in the prison system and as a police officer at VicPol.

Disillusioned with the management of Victoria Police Brad later left to open his own Baker’s Delight Bakery before becoming the Member for Gembrook in 2010.

During his time in Parliament he has been the Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment, Shadow Minister for Environment, Emergency Services, Building Industry, Youth Justice, Crime Prevention, Roads (Metropolitan) and Road Safety and the TAC.

2:12 Why Brad left Victoria Police
5:41 Selective policing at protests
10:55 How the government dictates to VicPol
17:00 Brad’s growing political ambitions
18:15 ‘New Australians’ not ‘immigrants’
20:00 What is Harmony Week?
22:38 Michael O’Brien and the leadership spill
28:43 Losing the leadership challenge
32:10 ‘Scotty from Marketing’ and the need for Team in politics
34:15 Gladys – the Queen of COVID-19 Management
39:59 We don’t trust politicians
44:42 Presidential style politics
50:27 Australians like a mummy/daddy government
52:20 Labor States will have to change how they govern
54:46 QLD lockdowns destroying their tourism economy
56:45 Will Dan Andrews pivot re: lockdowns?
57:25 We need to trust Australians
1:01:26 Mask culture in Melbourne
1:11:00 Growth corridors in Melbourne
1:13:58 Don’t be ‘Labor Lite’!
1:15:55 How Brad takes the pulse of the community
1:19:00 MPs should only ask “what is best for my electorate?”
1:20:00 Bring back Jeff Kennett? What about Peta Credlin?
1:26:30 Future plans for Brad
1:28:28 What is Dan Andrews like behind the scenes?
1:34:17 Brad’s Magic Wand is not so magic