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Retarded Ethics - Inability to Determine Right from Wrong


How do you determine right from wrong? It’s a question of normative ethics. This is a critical conversation that nobody is having and yet it is critical as we approach a world full of vaccine passports, government mandates, segregation and a ‘new normal’.

After an Instagram scandal over whether the word ‘Retard’ can EVER be used, it raised an interesting point. Why are people arguing so fervently over the right thing to do?

Is it possible that we have different ways of measuring morality?

In this special on ethics, we look at the two main perspectives of answering this question: deontological ethics vs teleological ethics.

It gives rise to utilitarianism which explains exactly why and how authoritarian governments around the world are crushing populations in the quest to save them.

It also led to considerations around language, offence, Hollywood, The Trolley Problem, and autonomous driving.

Watch this special if you want a framework on which to hang all of those arguments you keep hearing about and how to find a way through the fray.

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