We Are People, Not Numbers. (VIC Hotel Quarantine)

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We Are People, Not Numbers. (VIC Hotel Quarantine)


Gina Castello sat down with The People’s Project to discuss how her opinion of Daniel Andrews (Victorian Premier) has radically shifted after her grandfather died as part of the 801 deaths in Victoria’s Hotel Quarantine fiasco.

Gina is horrified by the way a previously ‘decent Premier’ reveals himself to be above the law and not subject to the same standards demanded of everyone else.

In this interview Gina lays out the incompetence and inhumanity of the Victorian health system under Daniel Andrews’ guidance, and why she will ‘never trust him again’.

A note for Discernable viewers:
On reflection in the edit suite, I am not happy with the way I conducted this episode. We had a volunteer producer prepare the run sheet, and out of my own fear of scaring or insulting my guests and the similar people watching an episode like this, I adopted their attitude ‘I’m starting to wonder if Dan actually didn’t keep us safe at all’.

The truth is, I’ve never waited for a political leader to ‘keep us safe’, and it’s been more than a year since I gave up trying to justify Daniel Andrews’ motivations. It may have been a true sentiment of mine from the very beginning of Discernable 2 years ago, but it certainly isn’t now.

Thankfully about halfway through this episode I threw off the run sheet in my mind and became more genuine. Moving forward, I will be more involved in the production of our news shows, and when in front of guests I will find my balls and be a man again. I’m embarrassed by my behaviour, but the story of what Gina and Angelo went through thanks to the Victorian government is too important to miss.

The People's Project Season 6 Episode 2: Floods, Masks, Crypto and Fear

The People's Project

The People's Project Season 6 Episode 2: Floods, Masks, Crypto and Fear


In this episode of The People’s Project:

The community of Northern NSW stepped up and saved themselves when their government abandoned them for over 10 days.

Incoming NYC Mayor tries to justify keeping masks mandated on just one group: young children. Channel 9 tries to do the same in Australia. Florida does the exact opposite and calls out the theatre.

Governments do exactly as predicted and try to control your cryptocurrency

Emperor McGowan tries to keep WA rattled by fear when his PPE charade is unmasked.


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To apply, email us
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The People's Project: God Mode, Racists, Bills and Joe Rogan

The People's Project

God Mode, Racists, Bills and Joe Rogan

1hr 12min

In this episode of The People’s Project:

The Australian Government exercises its ‘God-like powers’ to kick Djokovic out of the country and ban him for 3 years, even after admitting that he did not break any rules.

The Prime Minister of Canada says that ‘anyone who disagrees with vaccination’ are usually ‘racists’, ‘misogynists’, and questions whether society should ‘tolerate’ them any longer.

The Liberal Party are not the ‘good stewards of the economy’ that they claim to be. In the end, the people will pay the bill…through INFLATION.

Joe Rogan has proved by a factor of 5-10x that the ‘mainstream media’ is not so mainstream after all. There are many, many more eyeballs watching New Media than anything on television.

Discuss: 'Daniel Andrews Will Lose the Next Election'

The People's Project

Discuss: 'Daniel Andrews Will Lose the Next Election'

1hr 31min

In this special episode of The People’s Project, Matt is joined by Dr Brendan Moloney from Parallel Movement, and Ken Phillips from Not Above The Law.

We gathered to consider the bold prediction: ‘Daniel Andrews Will Lose The Next Election’.

Along the way we examined:
1. corporate polling
2. our own internal Discernable polls
3. the political wind shifting in Victoria
4. the segmentation of voters and the failure of political parties to keep pace
5. the unethical segregation of society and deliberate division
6. the fall of the Rule of Law and why it must be restored
7. why Australians are protesting
8. court cases to fight for the integrity of the ‘system’
9. movements to disconnect from the ‘system’ altogether and start over.

In case you are wondering why my forehead is so swollen in this episode, it’s because a bee STUNG ME IN THE FACE! That was fun. I’m either bald and red headed fresh from surgery, or my stomach is hanging out of my shirt, or in this case my head is swollen like an alien. I think we’ve demonstrated what you get on Discernable might not always be pretty, but it’s authentic.

VIC: State of Emergency Forever

The People's Project

VIC: State of Emergency Forever

31 Minutes

Shadow Minister for Local Government and Resources Richard Riordan MP spoke to us today on the outrageous dictatorial powers Daniel Andrews is forcing through parliament.

Richard also reassured us of the Liberal Party’s commitment to scrap these totalitarian laws if elected.

Discernable will be studying Bill and making a complete explainer video as soon as possible, so we can all understand exactly what is happening in Victoria.

In the meantime, you can read a draft bill here: https://www.smh.com.au/interactive/hub/media/tearout-excerpt/4025/591316B.D12-(1).pdf

#LetUsPlay with Matthew Guy MP

The People's Project

#LetUsPlay with Matthew Guy MP

22 Minutes

Matthew Guy MP is the former leader of the Liberal Party in Victoria. Today he accepted an invitation to visit an outdoor children’s playground with me and explain why politicians are not standing up for our kids over the immoral, unscientific and – until they release health evidence – illegal closure of playgrounds across Melbourne.

We discussed the crisis in mental health, the stupidity of closing outdoor playgrounds, the legality of such disproportionate actions, and the evidence that schools should safely open NOW, long before any vaccination targets are reached.

Discernable’s report into the crashing mental health of children in Australia due to Lockdowns: https://discernable.io/what-about-the-children-the-looming-epidemic-in-our-young

Twiggy vs Swoop Digital Part 2: Goliath Strikes Back!

The People's Project

Twiggy vs Swoop Digital Part 2: Goliath Strikes Back!

19 Minutes

This is a follow up on the David and Goliath story of Swoop Digital vs Twiggy Forrest.

We previously called it ‘a story of theft, dishonesty and moral hypocrisy’ well now we can add aggression. Ray Poole – the founder of Swoop Digital and owner of the registered trademark – has been countersued by the legal team from Twiggy Forrest’s companies.

Ray claims that after our initial expose, Twiggy’s company changed their counterfeit logo within days and then threatened a court order ‘security for costs’ which would force the underdog (Ray) to unfairly stump up a massive sum of cash to proceed. We can confirm that this threat was made, and was made based erroneously on a comment Ray made to us previously that he was ‘putting it all on the line’.

Ray contends that this amounts to a denial of right to litigate, and entrenches the cancer in Australia’s judicial system that reserves justice for the considerably wealthy and nobody else.

Ray’s hope is that Twiggy Forrest himself is not aware of the shady practices of his companies and when it does eventually come to his attention that he will live up to not only his reputation, but the ethical standards that his companies overtly demand on their websites and policy documents.

Special Episode: NOT ABOVE THE LAW

The People's Project

Special Episode: NOT ABOVE THE LAW

1hr 21min

In this special episode of The People’s Project we peek behind the curtain of the NOT ABOVE THE LAW campaign.

Rohan Wenn wrote many of the campaign ads we have been watching, and has a long career in television and politics. He worked for more than a decade as a television news reporter for two major commercial networks as well as hosting an ABC public affairs program. He went on to act as Policy and Media advisor to various Federal Members of Parliament and is also part of the strategy team behind the #SlugGate investigations to uncover endemic corruption in Victoria.

He has a particular interest in ‘Sally from the Suburbs’ and crafts narratives that resonate with mainstream Australia, believing that the best narrative is ‘the truth’.

Season 5 Finale: The Silence is Deafening with Andrew Bogut

The People's Project

Season 5 Finale: The Silence is Deafening with Andrew Bogut

1hr 21min

In Episode 9 (Season 5 Finale) of The People’s Project:

  1. Bogut goes on a rant and starts a fire for the working class
  2. The elite cement their privileged place in society
  3. Influencers get paid to support government lockdowns
  4. Reversing the onus of lockdowns – isolate the sick, free everyone else

Season 5 Episode 8 with Paul Dimattina: So Many Lies...but we aren't buying it

The People's Project

Season 5 Episode 8 with Paul Dimattina: So Many Lies...but we aren't buying it

1hr 9min

In episode 8 of The People’s Project:

  1. Political Policing – is VicPol really just an arm of the Labor Party?
  2. #LetUsPlay WINS – but what it really did was teach civil disobedience to millions of parents
  3. Victoria’s CHO Brett Sutton is unravelling – and it’s not just his handling of Covid-19
  4. The Media Turns on Dan Andrews – the pressure mounts on a failed Premier
  5. Australia is lost. Paul Dimattina’s cry to restore what she was.