Political Psychology Series Episode 8: Professor William M. Briggs

The Discernable Interviews

Political Psychology Series Episode 8: Professor William M. Briggs

1 Hour 4 Minutes

Professor William M. Briggs is a statistician and scientist. Previously a Professor at the Cornell Medical School he specialized in Mathematical Statistics amongst other academic pursuits such as cryptology, atmospheric physics and meteorology.

Former Australian Treasury Official: Gene Tunny

The Discernable Interviews

Former Australian Treasury Official: Gene Tunny

1 Hour 24 Minutes

Gene Tunny is a former official at the Australian Treasury. As an economist and director of Adept Economics, Gene is frequently sought for his views on economics and policy. In this interview Gene canvasses a number of economic and tax issues ultimately settling on recommendations for a return to a cabinet-led, consensus approach to sound policy that is built on a multitude of counsel.

Political Psychology Series Episode 6 - Dr Dan Mitchell

The Discernable Interviews

Political Psychology Series Episode 6 - Dr Dan Mitchell

1 Hour 13 Minutes

Dr Dan Mitchell is the Chairman of the U.S. Center for Freedom and Prosperity. A self-proclaimed ‘swamp creature’ Dan has been working as a public economist to drain the swamp his entire life and is one of the nation’s leading experts on tax reform and regularly explains the complexities of politics in easy-to-understand terms.

Read Dan’s incredibly rich blog: https://danieljmitchell.wordpress.com/

Dan’s Center for Freedom and Prosperity: https://freedomandprosperity.org/

Special Guest: Ivan Ray - Inspector (Retired) Victoria Police

The Discernable Interviews

Special Guest: Ivan Ray - Inspector (Retired) Victoria Police

1 Hour 45 Minutes

Ivan Ray is the Chief Executive Officer of the Community Advocacy Alliance and a retired Inspector from Victoria Police. He leads an organisation that fights for the restoration of community policing and is excited at the direction the new Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police is charting – a return to a more friendly and helpful police ‘service’.

The Community Advocacy Alliance: www.caainc.org.au

The CAA’s petition for Recall Elections:

Follow the CAA: https://www.facebook.com/CAAgroup

To donate to the CAA in their efforts to restore community-based policing such as their schools programs: https://caainc.org.au/how-to-become-a-donor/

Business Innovation Series Episode 6 - Bill Lang

The Discernable Interviews

Business Innovation Series Episode 6 - Bill Lang

1 Hour 46 Minutes

5 million Australians rely on small business. As a group, small business is the largest employer and biggest contributor to the national economy but it remains fragmented because small business owners by their nature run their own race with little time or will to organise politically.

Enter Small Business Australia – an organisation founded by Bill Lang two decades ago to represent all small businesses in this country and bring attention to their role as community hubs and the heart of our economy.

Join Small Business Australia for FREE: www.smallbusinessaustralia.org
Let’s Be Open campaign: www.sosbiz.com.au

Follow Bill: