Jay Vidanage: Employers are Liable for Mandates

The Discernable Interviews

Jay Vidanage: Employers are Liable for Mandates

1hr 21min

28 February 2024

Jay Vidanage is a barrister and solicitor from Old Port Chambers in Adelaide, Australia. Jay believes that it’s only a matter of time before the wheels of justice come down on vaccine mandates. He points to recent wins in court that demonstrate a shift in judicial tone around Covid-19, vaccines, and vaccine mandates.

Most concerning is the way mandates and directions are being declared unlawful by courts, for varying reasons, leaving employers exposed for any harms they may have caused their employees by enforcing what they thought were valid government mandates.

Jay delivers a message of responsibility and warning for all employers to ensure they have covered their own backsides in the way they enforced increasingly unlawful mandates.

Iain Walker: How to Stop Playing Politics

The Discernable Interviews

Iain Walker: How to Stop Playing Politics

1hr 13min

17 February 2024

Something in politics is broken. We all know it. Politicians have become masters of getting elected whilst getting nothing done in the real world. Is there a way to get them to focus on solving actual problems rather than chasing polls and keeping their jobs?

Iain Walker is the Executive Director of the New Democracy Foundation, an independent research organisation that designs and implements ‘citizen juries’ to various levels of government around the world.

In this interview we explored how citizen assemblies are making an impact globally, gradually becoming a viable and accepted method of decision making.

Tune in to this interview to hear about how politicians are being incentivised to ‘stop playing politics’ by this new form of public governance.