Season 5 Episode 4: The 2-Tiered Society

The People's Project

Season 5 Episode 4: The 2-Tiered Society

1hr 22min

In episode 4 of The People’s Project:

  1. Australia Returns to a Penal Colony – Australian Army deployed to South West Sydney to enforce lockdown
  2. The 2-Tiered Society – Scomo backs in extra lockdowns for the unvaccinated
  3. Behavioural Bilingualism – protestors are getting more strategic



SPECIAL: #SlugGate Part 2 - Why Did They Plant The Slug?

The People's Project

#SlugGate Part 2 of 2 - Why Did They Plant The Slug?

28 Minutes

The People’s Project bringing you what traditional media outlets don’t want you to see.

This is Part 2 of #SlugGate: Why did they plant the slug at iCook foods, and how are Daniel Andrews and Brett Sutton implicated?

There is a developing story that Brett Sutton is not who he appears to be. Bambi may in fact be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Watch Part 1 of #SlugGate on how council doctored photos suggesting the slug was deliberately planted:

Making Sense of Australia's Freedom Protests with Cr Angela Vithoulkas

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Making Sense of Australia's Freedom Protests with Cr Angela Vithoulkas

49 Minutes

City of Sydney Councillor Angela Vithoulkas joins me to help make sense of the Freedom Protests across Australia. Angela is a lonely voice reading the protests as a desperate cry of ordinary workers and small business owners who have been driven to the brink and feel there is only one channel remaining for them to be heard: protest.

1:30 ‘Hunting Down’ our fellow Australians
2:56 Desperate and driven to protest
4:50 Premiers and Police losing control of their states
6:53 Return Jobkeeper to calm the people
9:10 ADF deployed on our streets against citizens
11:17 tightening the screws on South West Sydney
12:46 Politicians blame the people
14:44 ‘NSW Police cannot stop another protest’
18:35 NSW Government backing down
20:50 City of Sydney not helping small business
23:00 Small businesses can actually vote for the Sydney Mayor
24:23 City of Sydney doesn’t want small business to vote
28:10 80,000 small businesses in Sydney employing 600,000 people, 75,000 of whom live in the LGA
29:46 The Liberal Party is useless
30:00 The media bias against small business
32:26 Small business is not the same as big business
35:34 Misunderstanding small business profits
36:27 Boycotting the Sydney Morning Herald
39:06 Mayor of Sydney Angela Vithoulkas?
43:03 The new Small Business Advocate at The City of Sydney
45:55 Small Business – register to vote for the Dec election

Season 5 Episode 3 with David Limbrick MP: Freedom Day

The People's Project

Season 5 Episode 3 with David Limbrick MP: Freedom Day


In episode 3 of The People’s Project with guest David Limbrick MP:

  1. Human Rights Don’t Matter – mask exemptions, brutal policing, SW Sydney pariahs
  2. Freedom Day – Time to End the Madness
  3. Shut Up and Get Vaccinated – vaccine passports for all!
  4. Humans Left Behind – discriminated against for just being human



Dr Gary Fettke - The Science of Nutrition and the Crusade for a Plant-Based Diet

The Discernable Interviews

Dr. Gary Fettke - The Science of Nutrition and the Crusade for a Plant-Based Diet

1 Hour 31 Minutes

Dr Gary Fettke is an orthopaedic surgeon famous for taking a stand against the meteoric rise of fructose, industrial seed oils and processed foods in our dietary guidelines. In both his own life and his own practice, he has seen lives turned around by embracing a low carbohydrate, healthy fat (LCHF) way of eating based on what is available locally and seasonally.

With his wife Belinda, they have been shining a light on the hidden influences in our nutrition industry which includes nefarious collusion and regulatory capture in western countries including Australia.

For example, did you know that the alternative meat movement in Australia is entirely owned by cereal producing, vegetarian promoting Sanitarium? Or that Sanitarium’s mission is to make Australia vegetarian? Seriously, go check out to see the proselytsing. Or that Sanitarium regularly sponsors projects and announcements by the Australian Medical Association (AMA)?

In this discussion we covered the crusade against animal foods (where it started and why, who is running it now), the nutritional science behind carbohydrate metabolism, the lies levelled at saturated fats, the incestuous regulatory capture of dietetics, the impossibility of mass produced, distributed healthy foods, and the truth about animals farming and climate change/habitat destruction.

This interview was sponsored by Chief Nutrition, one of only 2 packaged food companies that I trust. Chief Nutrition products are based on grass fed, regeneratively farmed cows that deliver the animal-based nourishment that has fueled humans for hundreds of thousands of years, not the processed fare that has destroyed human health over the last fifty.

Use discount code TRY10 for $10 off at


Follow Gary and Belinda Fettke

03:10 The genesis of plant-based diets
10:25 Humans never had access to such volume of carbohydrates
13:06 The Kreb’s cycle in the body has no biochemical requirement for carbohydrates
14:47 Plant-based super foods for micronutrients
17:50 Fructose metabolism
21:35 Low sugar/Low GI carbohydrates trigger the same pathways
22:37 Why high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) won against other sugars
25:06 KFC used to be healthier than it is now
26:39 Not all trans-fats are evil
28:14 The assassination of saturated fat
29:38 Saturated fats are healthy
32:55 The real author of our dietary guidelines
37:02 The Australian Medical Association sponsored by Sanitarium
41:13 Profit drives the medical, health and nutrition industry
42:53 How the truth of nutrition can be suppressed for decades
46:15 Censored for curing diabetes
49:58 It’s too hard to make money from fresh food
51:32 The anti-meat propaganda machine
56:22 Animal based agriculture sector vs plant-based agriculture sector
58:20 Sanitarium owns the alternative meat market
1:02:42 Animal based agriculture is better for the environment
1:03:18 Making a difference for the planet and for humanity
1:07:20 Regenerative farming vs extractive farming
1:16:10 The Snack Food war
1:19:00 School curriculums now based on fluctuating energy levels
1:20:23 Naturally drawn to fat and dense foods
1:22:24 Feeling sorry for vegans
1:24:10 Magic wand question

Season 5 Episode 1: Exposing Victoria's Curfew with David Davis MP

The People's Project

Season 5 Episode 1: Exposing Victoria's Curfew with David Davis MP


In tonight’s show with special guest David Davis MP (former Health Minister of Victoria):

  1. The fight in VCAT to force Victoria’s Labor government to release the health advice on Victoria’s curfew
  2. Either the Department of Premier and Cabinet is lying, or the Health Department is lying
  3. How FOI requests work and how the Victorian government is denying them



Season 5 Episode 2 with Dr Thomas Cade: The Ministry of Truth

The People's Project

Season 5 Episode 2 with Dr Thomas Cade: The Ministry of Truth


In episode 2 of The People’s Project with guest Dr Thomas Cade:

  1. NSW (and now VIC) in Prison
    Is there any other option for states besides lockdown?
  2. The Ministry of Truth
    Governments would have you believe that there is only 1 source of truth (themselves) but the stories of Ignaz Semmelweis and The Great Barrington Declaration serve as a warning.
  3. Planning for Lockdowns
    There were many pandemic plans around the world that were thrown away as soon as the pandemic hit (Mar 2020). Governments like the states of Australia have pursued an aggressive elimination strategy with obscured access to any supporting health advice or evidence.
  4. Trust Your Government
    Sydney is being subjected to a ‘grim reaper’ style campaign with many medical inaccuracies. Is this the government we are meant to trust blindly?

The French government has announced vaccine passports from August for anyone 12 years and older, will be required to access all cafes, restaurants and shopping centres. The reaction has revealed that most trust the government’s messaging.

Conversation with Peter Hitchens on Why We Surrender Freedom

The Discernable Interviews

Conversation with Peter Hitchens on Why We Surrender Freedom

1 Hour 15 Minutes

15 July 2021

Peter Hitchens is the only voice I’ve found who takes a broader wider view on the surrender of freedom to governments around the world.

He sees a long history, from at least 1914, of people preferring safety over freedom and voting for an ever-larger state that assumes the roles previously occupied by now hobbled institutions such as family and faith.

This interview asks ‘Why did this happen?’ and is best viewed as a sequel to the 20min summary video where we asked ‘What happened?’ which you can view at:

We had no planned topics for this ‘Why’ interview and I was genuinely surprised to hear Peter quickly move us onto the footing of Christianity and its role in the success of Commonwealth countries.

He educated and challenged me on concepts like ‘the rule of law’ which I thought I understood from my legal training. I did not understand.

The Slow Death of Freedom with Peter Hitchens

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The Slow Death of Freedom with Peter Hitchens


Before our interview with Peter Hitchens later in the week, here is a summary of his excellent interview on Unlocked.

Of all the voices critical of lockdowns around the world, Peter Hitchens takes a wider view and sees a historical momentum of free people surrendering their liberty to ever more benevolent governments.

You can watch the full interview on Unlocked’s page:

Watch our interview with Peter Hitchens:

The Culture Series: Fashion Influencers TWICE BLESSED

The Discernable Interviews

The Culture Series: Fashion Influencers TWICE BLESSED

1 Hour 21 Minutes

Bec and Marissa Karagiorgos are fashion influencers with large followings for both their classic style and their outspoken stance on faith in a heavily secular industry. Their fashion label TWICE BLESSED is making waves and has collaborated with global brands such as Dyson, Polo Ralph Lauren, David Jones and Lexus.

As genetically identical twins, Bec and Marissa have a deep understanding of identity and where it comes from. Through their own childhood experience as identical twins and what they later discovered in the modelling and fashion industries, Bec and Marissa developed a keen interest in the formation and expression of healthy identity.

In this discussion we explored: the spectacle of being a genetic clone and how that affects childhood development, the mission of their label TWICE BLESSED, being a social media influencer, the future of men’s fashion and the foundation of Christianity in their lives.

2:30 Finding your own identity as a genetic clone
7:59 Do identical twins need an external faith for a unique identity?
9:29 The bond of identical twins
12:25 Bec’s panic attacks when separated from Marissa
14:39 Quantum entanglement of identical twins?
18:48 The fashion label TWICE BLESSED
21:49 Advice for leaving your job and starting a business
24:08 Shaking up women’s fashion
27:07 The role of fashion in your identity
31:20 Modelling trending beyond simple looks
33:35 Toxic self-esteem in modelling and fashion
41:19 Posting for likes and clicks
44:15 Navigating the fashion industry as Christians
48:25 The TWICEBLESSED strategy
54:08 Are people’s fashion sense thwarted by budget?
56:34 What is the future of fashion?
59:05 Does fashion need to push boundaries to remain relevant?
1:01:10 Men’s Fashion is rubbish
1:04:20 The sandwich method of outfit design
1:06:13 Do people want to blend in or stand out?
1:09:30 An expansion of men’s fashion
1:11:25 Minimising differences between genders in the name of equality
1:17:25 The Magic Wand Question