Making a new Australian state: REXIT with Tim Quilty MP, Classical Liberalism and Negative Rights vs Positive Rights

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Making a new Australian state: REXIT with Tim Quilty MP, Classical Liberalism and Negative Rights vs Positive Rights

1 Hour 5 Minutes

Tim Quilty MP is the Member for Northern Victoria in the Legislative Council. He joined me for a live watch party of Acting Premier Dan Merlino’s lockdown 4.0 announcement for Melbourne.

Throughout this interview Tim advocated for the creation of a new state in the Federation of Australia – ‘Murray’ which is to be comprised of regional VIC and regional NSW.

The plan is being called ‘Rexit’ for ‘Regional Exit’ and arose after regional populations felt that state governments are increasingly urban-centric which causes a collapse of regional centres.

0:26 Victoria’s Lockdown 4.0
3:43 Border closures and how rural communities are affected
6:35 Learning to live with Covid-19
9:25 What is Rexit?
12:18 How to create this new state
17:08 Timeline for Rexit
18:45 Irrigation along the Murray River
25:50 ‘Flyover states’
27:43 Raising country speed limits to 140kmh
29:25 Negative Rights vs Positive Rights
34:46 Does Tim like being a politician?
37:53 The alcohol culture in parliament
40:15 Sci-fi and Tim’s favourites
44:45 LDP putting forward new bill to limit SOE powers
47:10 Penalties for breaches of the SOE powers
50:33 Why put up a bill if it is going to lose?
51:08 How to support the new LDP Bill to limit SOE powers
53:28 What are the crossbenchers like behind the scenes?
56:07 Is Classical Liberalism dying in Australia?
58:20 Urbanised populations love regulation
1:00:35 What is the strongest argument against Rexit?
1:02:35 Suburban house prices vs regional house prices
1:04:03 What would Tim do with a magic wand?

Dissecting Victoria's Budget with Ryan Smith MP

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Dissecting Victoria's Budget with Ryan Smith MP


We looked at Victoria’s Budget and tried to see behind the numbers. Why was it prepared this way? What effect will it have on the community?

We went deep and into the philosophical underpinnings of safety, opportunity and the unknown when it comes to governing a population. I had a revelation about feeling ‘untethered’ by what Ryan was telling me. To be honest it was a little scary and I’m still processing the idea. I suspect a lot of my generation has become accustomed to living in a ‘zoo’ of safety (but not freedom). Joined by my local Member of Parliament Ryan Smith.

02:22 ABC reports on the budget
04:00 Poor management or not enough revenue?
09:00 Throw the money at the problems!
12:40 Giving with one hand and taking with another
19:25 Scaring business and investment away from Victoria
25:25 This budget is designed for individuals, not business, investment or future generations
26:25 The effect on small business
28:08 Economic recovery will be driven by small business, not government programs
32:13 What would Ryan’s budget would have looked like
35:25 The temptation of a patriarchal government
38:06 The aspirational message we need to hear instead
40:30 We should expect more from government
42:20 The Warrandyte area and the Yarra Trails
44:00 Does every MP want to be the boss? Does Ryan?
47:25 What would Ryan do if he were Premier

Dick Smith - Dangerous Australian Airspace and a Dying Industry

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Dick Smith - Dangerous Australian Airspace and a Dying Industry

30 Minutes

Aussie icon Dick Smith joined me to discuss dangerous airspace and a dying aviation industry in Australia.

After news broke that John Anderson (former Deputy Prime Minister and Transport Minister) is running for parliament again, Dick Smith wrote an open letter ( laying out the deaths caused by a failure to fully implement the National Airspace System (NAS) announced in 2002 by John Anderson.

We also spoke about what happened to Dick Smith Foods.

Dick Smith is not only an Aussie iconic entrepreneur (Dick Smith Electronics) but also a lifelong aviator and former Chairman of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Read Dick’s open letter to John Anderson:

2:25 The National Airspace System (NAS) that was never implemented
3:32 People are dying in airplanes
4:13 Massive roadblocks in the sky
8:23 Dick wrote this letter for the National Library to document aviation in Australia
9:31 The demise of Australia’s small airports
14:26 Privately owned air traffic control towers and aviation firefighting
16:15 Why write an open letter instead of a private conversation?
17:19 Dick Smith in politics
18:37 Dick’s philanthropy and charity work
19:48 Was Dick Smith Foods too early?
21:20 Matt explains the technicalities around Dick’s airspace concerns

COVID NORMAL with Richard Riordan MP

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COVID NORMAL with Richard Riordan MP


Now we are entering ‘Covid Normal’, what do we want it to be? Do we even have a choice?

Richard Riordan MP joined me to discuss as many aspects of Covid Normal as possible:

Medical martial law
States running out of money
Businesses choosing Sydney and Adelaide over Melbourne
A 2-tiered society (mandatory vaccinations)
Making life easy for government (but not for you)
VicRoads being flogged off

1:46 Shifting Goalposts – ‘the beach is unsafe…go to Bunnings’
3:00 Anzac Day Hypocrisy 2021
5:05 The Colac Community Beat Covid-19 without Government
5:53 Shifting Goalposts – vaccines no longer our saviour
9:26 Medical Martial Law
12:27 States running out of money
14:58 Pulling out of Victoria – it’s not safe for business
16:18 COVID-23 (The Songbird Movie)
22:37 NSW Hotel Quarantine Sets the Standard
23:33 A 2-tiered society (mandatory vaccinations)
28:14 Disenfranchised citizens
29:34 Easy for Government (But Not For You)
32:35 Service NSW vs VicRoads
35:01 Vaccine Passports Around The World
39:25 Getting rational with Australia’s state borders
42:28 Liberals suck at elections
44:52 Calling for Smarter Government
47:06 Richard’s Magic Wand
47:42 Geelong’s Rebound Proves you Don’t Need Government to Succeed
51:53 How We Should Get to ‘Covid Normal’