'Flinders University Attacks Cancer Research' - Professor Nikolai Petrovsky

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'Flinders University Attacks Cancer Research' - Professor Nikolai Petrovsky

1hr 15min

13 July 2024

Professor Nikolai Petrovsky claims that Flinders University in South Australia is destroying its reputation and embracing itself as ‘the university that hates research’ with ‘no time for developing treatments for cancer patients’.

In this interview I questioned the professor on his cancer vaccine research, how and why Flinders University is thwarting that research, and whether his vaccine will be any better than mRNA products.

Professor Petrovsky shares his expert opinion on mRNA safety, whether he and his family would ever take them, and what the future holds.

Flinders University was contacted for comment and provided the following statement:

Dr Petrovsky has not been affiliated with Flinders University since November 2022.

The cancer trial in question is entirely a matter for Vaxine Pty Ltd, which is a privately owned company with no association with Flinders University.

Securing suitable accommodation to pursue its commitments is entirely a matter for Vaxine Pty Ltd.

The New Stolen Generation: Australia Traffics Its Children for Profit

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The New Stolen Generation: Australia Traffics Its Children for Profit

1hr 21min

13 June 2024

Filmmaker Dee McLachlan investigates the ‘open market’ of child trafficking that operates in Australia. Through her films (that have gone as far as the United Nations) and her online news network, Dee raises the alarm over the way Australian governments, judiciaries and departments coordinate to create a market for children being removed from one or both parents, sustaining a massive bureaucracy that is not incentivised in any way to reunite or restore children to their families.

Listen to this interview to learn what sort of parents are targeted, how they are targeted, and what we must do to clean up the legal but heinous market for officially trafficked children in Australia.

Dr Cameron Murray - The Great Housing Hijack

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Dr Cameron Murray - The Great Housing Hijack

1hr 8min

30 March 2024

What is the deal with our obsession with house prices? Is it right that a basic need has been turned into a speculative investment?

Are rocketing house prices real or just inflation by another name?

Property expert Dr Cameron Murray was one of the only economists to correctly predict a 20% surge in house prices would occur during the Covid years. He returned to Discernable to lay out future trajectories of housing prices and rents and explain what we are seeing in 2024.

The Cancelled Professor - Nikolai Petrovsky the Vaccine Inventor

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The Cancelled Professor - Nikolai Petrovsky the Vaccine Inventor


13 March 2024

  • Professor Nikolai Petrovsky invented a Covid-19 vaccine.
  • He took his own vaccine.
  • He was fired and cancelled for refusing and calling out the potential dangers of competing technologies (mRNA).

He has been labelled a conspiracy theorist and an ‘antivaxxer’ in a stunning display of ignorance and doublespeak.

Jay Vidanage: Employers are Liable for Mandates

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Jay Vidanage: Employers are Liable for Mandates

1hr 21min

28 February 2024

Jay Vidanage is a barrister and solicitor from Old Port Chambers in Adelaide, Australia. Jay believes that it’s only a matter of time before the wheels of justice come down on vaccine mandates. He points to recent wins in court that demonstrate a shift in judicial tone around Covid-19, vaccines, and vaccine mandates.

Most concerning is the way mandates and directions are being declared unlawful by courts, for varying reasons, leaving employers exposed for any harms they may have caused their employees by enforcing what they thought were valid government mandates.

Jay delivers a message of responsibility and warning for all employers to ensure they have covered their own backsides in the way they enforced increasingly unlawful mandates.

Iain Walker: How to Stop Playing Politics

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Iain Walker: How to Stop Playing Politics

1hr 13min

17 February 2024

Something in politics is broken. We all know it. Politicians have become masters of getting elected whilst getting nothing done in the real world. Is there a way to get them to focus on solving actual problems rather than chasing polls and keeping their jobs?

Iain Walker is the Executive Director of the New Democracy Foundation, an independent research organisation that designs and implements ‘citizen juries’ to various levels of government around the world.

In this interview we explored how citizen assemblies are making an impact globally, gradually becoming a viable and accepted method of decision making.

Tune in to this interview to hear about how politicians are being incentivised to ‘stop playing politics’ by this new form of public governance.

Ps Braam Botha - The End of the World: Ethics, Ego and Conflict

The Discernable Interviews

Ps Braam Botha - The End of the World: Ethics, Ego and Conflict

1hr 32min

31 October 2023

With so much of our world in seeming flux, decay and upheaval, it is becoming popular to ask if we are witnessing the death of the world we always knew.

Why do our cultures and institutions pursue relentless ‘change’ with such zeal? Why are we redefining language and logic to support subjective views?

Are we destined for a societal train wreck?

Senior Pastor of Berwick Church of Christ, Braam Botha, discusses ethics, homosexuality, egoism, utilitarianism, government, conflict and morality in this 90 min interview.

This episode is for you if you’re interested in a perspective that takes aim at the aggrandisement of ‘SELF’ and calls for a radical departure from the momentum of popular culture.

Topics discussed:

  • The plague of ‘Ethical Egoism’
  • The cult of Self-Actualisation
  • Redefining culture on the search for purpose
  • The perverse elite who want to control the narrative
  • Ethics are often limited to the temporal, not the eternal
  • What is morality?
  • What about ‘Love is Love’?
  • The Woke definition of Love
  • Homosexual marriage
  • Generational love and transcending lifetimes
  • When standing against culture paint a target on your back
  • True ethics found in transformational experiences
  • Laws that conflict with morality
  • Utilitarianism is not ethical
  • Affirming gay marriage and non-traditional lifestyles
  • Disobeying the government
  • Covid oppression of the church
  • Political activism by Christians
  • Experimental vaccines that divided the church
  • Fighting for your own rights
  • Why are Christians so docile?
  • Die by the sword or die by the cross?
  • The war That ends humanity will not be physical
  • Elites will only keep alive the ‘useful’ who share their beliefs
  • Christianity is a ‘Weak’ religion

Dr James Stewart: The Truth About Cannabis

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Dr James Stewart: The Truth About Cannabis

1hr 28min

13 August 2023

Dr James Stewart is an Australian doctor at the forefront of plant-based medicine and medical cannabis.

As a General Practitioner he found pharmaceutical solutions frustrating in their narrow focus and lengthy side effect profiles and began to incorporate plant-based treatments in his practice. He is now sought out by celebrities and business leaders who are looking for expert advice and care when it comes to medical cannabis and other plant-based treatments.

He joined Discernable to educate us on how cannabis works from a chemical, legal, and practical point of view.


  • Why cannabis was demonised
  • How Big Pharma cashed in on the fear
  • Legalising cannabis properly
  • USA case study (California and Colorado)
  • How THC and CBD works
  • Practical use cases of cannabis
  • What does it mean to be ‘high’?
  • The body’s natural endocannabinoid system
  • ADHD, migraines, allergies, autism, fibromyalgia associated with a decline in endocannabinoid systems
  • The threat to pharmaceutical companies
  • Addictions to cannabis
  • Comparisons with endone and opioids
  • Matt’s story of addiction
  • GPs keeping patients
  • Why alcohol is more dangerous than cannabis
  • When you can’t drink alcohol
  • Getting legal cannabis in Australia
  • The attitude of Australian regulators
  • Kickbacks from Big Pharma
  • Busy but ignorant doctors captured by industry reps
  • Mistaking acute medicine for chronic and lifestyle care
  • How to take cannabis – oils, wafers, capsules, vapes, bongs
  • How vapes work
  • Vaporising vs burning
  • The pandemic of nicotine vaping
  • CBD isolates vs broad spectrum
  • Driving while using cannabis

Nick Karamouzis: Why The Fascists Will Fail (and Humanity Will Win)

The Discernable Interviews

Nick Karamouzis: Why The Fascists Will Fail (and Humanity Will Win)

1hr 28min

15 June 2023

Nick Karamouzis is a retired lawyer who regained his practising certificate to start defending Australians he feels are being marginalised by their governments.

He is also the Chair of Self Employed Australia, and has a successful post-law career in business.

In this interview he shares his hatred of woke culture, the obsession with racism and transgenderism, why he believes Australian governments are acting like ‘fascists’, and why he believes ‘humanity’ will ultimately win.

Daniel Lopez on the Irresistible Rise of Socialism

The Discernable Interviews

Daniel Lopez on the Irresistible Rise of Socialism

1hr 35min

12 June 2023

Daniel Lopez is the contributor editor overseeing Australia for U.S. based Jacobin magazine which offers a socialist perspective on politics, economics and culture. He is an active member of the ‘Victorian Socialists’ party which achieved a remarkable result in the 2022 state election.

Daniel visited the Discernable studio to explore the evils that neo-liberalism has wrought on the world, where it came from, and what points of agreement a socialist perspective might have with a free-market libertarian perspective. Of particular concern was generational inequality, with a growing resentment among younger Millennial and GenZ cohorts who feel they are being left behind in a declining world.