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Dr James Stewart: The Truth About Cannabis

1hr 28min

13 August 2023

Dr James Stewart is an Australian doctor at the forefront of plant-based medicine and medical cannabis.

As a General Practitioner he found pharmaceutical solutions frustrating in their narrow focus and lengthy side effect profiles and began to incorporate plant-based treatments in his practice. He is now sought out by celebrities and business leaders who are looking for expert advice and care when it comes to medical cannabis and other plant-based treatments.

He joined Discernable to educate us on how cannabis works from a chemical, legal, and practical point of view.


  • Why cannabis was demonised
  • How Big Pharma cashed in on the fear
  • Legalising cannabis properly
  • USA case study (California and Colorado)
  • How THC and CBD works
  • Practical use cases of cannabis
  • What does it mean to be ‘high’?
  • The body’s natural endocannabinoid system
  • ADHD, migraines, allergies, autism, fibromyalgia associated with a decline in endocannabinoid systems
  • The threat to pharmaceutical companies
  • Addictions to cannabis
  • Comparisons with endone and opioids
  • Matt’s story of addiction
  • GPs keeping patients
  • Why alcohol is more dangerous than cannabis
  • When you can’t drink alcohol
  • Getting legal cannabis in Australia
  • The attitude of Australian regulators
  • Kickbacks from Big Pharma
  • Busy but ignorant doctors captured by industry reps
  • Mistaking acute medicine for chronic and lifestyle care
  • How to take cannabis – oils, wafers, capsules, vapes, bongs
  • How vapes work
  • Vaporising vs burning
  • The pandemic of nicotine vaping
  • CBD isolates vs broad spectrum
  • Driving while using cannabis