Adam Creighton: 'Most Journalists Fell for the Hysteria'

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Adam Creighton: 'Most Journalists Fell for the Hysteria'


24 May 2023

Adam Creighton is an award-winning journalist and now Washington Correspondent for The Australian. He has been a vocal critic of lockdown policy by governments around the world back when it was dangerous to stand out from the journalist crowd

He joined Discernable to discuss:

  • Insane Covid-19 policies that wrecked the world
  • Is there pressure in mainstream media to take a particular stance?
  • Did the Australian ‘larrikin’ ever really exist?
  • TRUMP the frontrunner for the Presidential race
  • Democrats can’t stop Biden
  • Biden’s cognitive decline
  • Why is DeSantis’ popularity waning?
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr would beat Biden
  • Did Bernie Sanders sell his soul?
  • Massive salaries for Inclusion and Diversity Officers
  • Keynesian economics may just work after all
  • Forecasts and models are ‘fake’ and pointless
  • Living standards are declining
  • You can’t appeal to ‘the ordinary man’ anymore
  • The threat of New Media

A Nation of Serfs? Australia's Destiny, with Rob McMullan

The Discernable Interviews

A Nation of Serfs? Australia's Destiny, with Rob McMullan

1hr 41min

18 May 2023

Rob McMullan returns to Discernable to discuss the ongoing drift in society toward ’empathising’ and ‘caretaking’ which ultimately leads to mass dependence. Is Australia destined to become a nation of compliant serfs who are comfortably satiated but totally without agency?

Rob foresees a two-tiered society of Elites and Serfs…a ‘dependent mass’ and an ‘inner city elite’ as opposed to a mixed and dominant middle class.

Unless and until an inevitable retaliation takes place.

Medical Censorship of Australian Doctors and Health Professionals

The Discernable Interviews

Medical Censorship of Australian Doctors and Health Professionals

1hr 59min

5 May 2023

Three cancelled medical professionals joined us to tell their stories of censorship by the Australian medical system. All three were de-registered by their professional licensing bodies for expressing views divergent from the ‘allowed’ opinion.

Since their expulsion from medicine, many of their views have become accepted fact though that does little to restore their careers.

Dr Paul Oosterhuis practiced Critical Care medicine for more than 32 years in Sydney, Australia. On 3rd September 2021, the Medical Council of NSW suspended his medical registration based on four anonymous complaints submitted to the regulator in relation to his Facebook posts.

Dr Robert Brennan taught anatomy and biomedical sciences for a decade before entering medical school and forging a career in mental health care. On 20th September 2021, the Medical Council of NSW suspended his medical registration based on five complaints (four named and one anonymous) in relation to distributing flyers/pamphlets warning about concomitant harms of lockdowns and other Covid-19 measures.

Ros Nealon-Cook was a registered psychologist with more than 20 years’ experience until 23rd September 2021 when the Psychology Council of NSW suspended her psychology registration, citing 10 anonymous complaints, related to a video she had released outlining serious concerns around harms to children due to the government pandemic response measures.

Watch this joint interview to hear about alarming adverse event signals, nudge units and medical manipulation, groupthink and peer pressure, medical ethics and faulty science, population psychology, and the state of Australia’s medical fraternity.

John Pesutto - The Identity of Victoria's Liberal Party

The Discernable Interviews

John Pesutto - The Identity of Victoria's Liberal Party


1 May 2023

John Pesutto is the State Liberal Member for Hawthorn, Liberal Leader of the Victorian Opposition and Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs. He lost his seat in 2018 but re-won it in the Nov 2022 state election, before quickly being elected as party leader.

He joined Discernable to answer questions around what the Liberal Party actually stands for, why they made moves against their own MPs Moira Deeming, Renee Heath and Bernie Finn, what they will do about housing affordability, energy availability and equity programs, and ultimately why younger voters should consider voting for the Liberal Party.