Business Innovation Series Ep7: Pia Therese Returns! Gyms, Lockdowns and Health

The Discernable Interviews

Business Innovation Series Ep7: Pia Therese Returns! Gyms, Lockdowns and Health

1 Hour 40 Minutes

Pia Therese returns! In September 2020 we spoke to Pia about her gym MFW Fitness which was closed due to Victorian lockdowns. 4 months later we caught up on how the fitness industry is travelling post lockdowns, as well as covering body image, gym culture, mental health and PTSD.

3:01 Pia goes undercover in competitor gyms
6:36 Why gyms are ‘essential businesses’
9:30 Our bodies require stimulation
11:30 Automatic exercise
13:27 Different motivations for working out
15:17 Negative body image
18:01 Pia growing up
22:30 Current beauty standards
24:59 Instagram body image
29:08 Take a break from Social Media
31:01 Pia and Matt love reality shows
32:43 MFW Fitness during lockdown
36:49 How many gyms failed?
42:03 Pia’s brand: MFW Fitness
45:16 Building a better gym culture
49:17 Why do people go to the gym?
50:11 Matt’s new love for running
51:48 Don’t talk about health!
57:53 Conditioned to accept government restrictions
1:04:10 Dan Andrews is mirroring patterns of an abuser
1:08:30 Individual freedom is no longer represented
1:12:28 The most dangerous type of leader
1:13:49 Pia’s goes to Cuba
1:18:58 Is obesity as a measure of wealth?
1:20:00 Convenience undermine health
1:23:19 Kayla Itsines and the Bikini Body Guide
1:25:18 The psychology behind actions
1:31:04 Self-censorship to protect your business

#FreeMelbourne with David Limbrick MP on Freedom, Human Rights and Vic Govt's Response to Covid-19

The Discernable Interviews

#FreeMelbourne with David Limbrick MP on Freedom, Human Rights and Vic Govt's Response to Covid-19

1 Hour 16 Minutes

David Limbrick MP is a member of Victoria’s Legislative Council (the upper house). A long-time member of the LDP ( he has risen to fame during Victoria’s COVID-19 lockdowns for being one of the only politicians to stand for basic human rights such as school children returning to school.

David has also been providing scrutiny on the government’s State of Emergency laws through the PAEC (Parliamentary Accounts and Estimates Committee) where he has argued that the Victorian Labor government is not following the laws that require proportionality in any restrictions imposed.

02:15 Our rights have been under attack for a long time
04:17 Why David entered politics
06:43 Why libertarianism
08:45 The criticism of free markets
10:17 Big companies love regulation
12:53 Freedom is fragile
15:12 Australia takes freedom for granted
16:33 State of Emergency powers
20:58 The Public Health and Wellbeing Act (Vic)
22:53 The lockdown of public housing towers
23:31 Victorian Governments actions are not in line with the Public Health and Wellbeing Act (Vic)
24:10 Governments refuse to release scientific evidence
27:45 Covid-19 vaccine
33:04 Mandating through coercion
36:25 The disproportionate mask mandate
40:01 Should people or the Government be responsible for a person’s health?
42:24 Decentralising power to the people who are on the ground
46:02 How history will remember human rights breaches
47:25 What the political centre think
50:25 Do lockdowns work?
51:08 What is going to happen in the colder months March/April?
55:55 David’s protest experience on the steps of parliament
1:03:19 COVID-19 fines and if they’ll even make it to court
1:05:59 Governmental sledgehammer: making everything mandatory
1:08:03 Global embrace of big government
1:10:37 Political champions
1:12:23 There is no reason to extend the Victorian State of Emergency

Culture Series Episode 1 - Alice Blake (Singer/Songwriter)

The Discernable Interviews

Culture Series Episode 1 - Alice Blake (Singer/Songwriter)

1 Hour 7 Minutes

Alice Blake is a Melbourne based singer/songwriter who has been writing under the mentorship of Jon Hume (Evermore, New Tribe Music) and has penned successful releases on Dami Im’s debut album and ‘Song for Everyone’ which was performed by New Zealand artists Stan Walker, Vince Carter et al.

Since 2015 Alice has been part of the writing team at Shout!Publishing cowriting successful releases in Australia and overseas. Her own 2020 debut album has aired nationally on the Hit Radio Network, JJJ Unearthed Radio.