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It's Not Always About You

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June 2022 was a tumultuous month for western culture. ‘Pride Month’ delighted some, enraged others, but in my estimation revealed a sickness in our minds and souls: the agrandisement of the ‘self’. In an effort to counter the shame experienced by the LGBT community society reached for the opposite force and mistakenly grabbed on to ‘pride’ (which is certainly not the opposite of shame).

Confusing self-esteem and self-worth the terrible sickness of pride, we raised flags, emojis and profile pictures to celebrate a cancer in the modern world. Pride is an unhealthy preoccupation with self and manifests in both the haughty and the self-pitying. The true opposite force – humility – is much more difficult to define but it has been said that ‘humility is not thinking less of yourself…it is thinking of yourself less’.

Hot on the heels of Pride Month was the US Supreme Court leak and subsequent overturning of Roe v Wade, unwinding the judicial activism of 1973 and returning abortion rights to the democratically elected legislature of the states instead of unaccountable justices. 50 years of case law, policy and culture was violently thrown out the window and some states immediately legislated restrictions or bans on abortion, whilst other states increased access and lowered the bar of entry to abortion services. Corporations piled on to declare their financial support of any employee needing to travel interstate for an abortion.

Protests erupted with cries of ‘MY choice’ and you know what? Maybe it is ‘their choice’ but even if that were true, are we all so blind as to miss what is happening to our society? Every viral new technology, every marketing campaign in business, every new convenience, every new law, every preacher in a modern church…EVERYTHING is targeted at satisfying the self. Improving the self. Protecting the self. Rewarding the self.

Myself, Myself, Myself. Me, me, me. I, I, I.

To even mention that old virtue – denial of self – seems antiquated and unwelcome in our world of ever fragmenting identities, broken family units, and empowered individuality. As mental illnesses explode in our modern world we offer ever more myopic and prideful ‘solutions’ to a population already sick from an overdose of pride.

Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate this self-harm we inflict, and chart a new course to a healthy society of interdependence, not independence. To be dependent on one another requires great humility and the laying down of prideful mantras like ‘I am _____; affirm me!’ and ‘I have the right to do _____; respect me!’.

Let’s resist the propaganda of self and swim against the current. After all, ‘He who turns back soonest is most progressive’.

This excerpt of Jordan Peterson is from a video on his ban from Twitter:

The People's Project Season 6 Episode 7: 'Labor is a Cult', Uncomfortable Speech, Weak Liberals, Roe v Wade, Resisting Tyrants

The People's Project

The People's Project Season 6 Episode 7: 'Labor is a Cult', Uncomfortable Speech, Weak Liberals, Roe v Wade, Resisting Tyrants

1hr 3min

In this week’s episode of The People’s Project:

PRGuy17 and Aussie Cossack – do they both deserve our protection? Praise? Condemnation?

Why is it that the left wing of politics in Australia continually win the policy war? Do Liberals need to show the same arrogance as the ALP and just refuse to quit even in the face of scandal?

We cover the simple legal reality of federalism both in the USA and in Australia, and why the ROE v WADE decision may be good no matter your view on abortion

The true power of a tyrant is in the people. We the people actually have incredible power over our politicians, but we are collectively condoning their conduct.






Jab Injuries Australia - Real Australians Tell Their Stories of Post-Vaccine Injury

The Discernable Interviews

Jab Injuries Australia - Real Australians Tell Their Stories of Post-Vaccine Injury


Many Australians have experienced injury after a Covid-19 vaccination and had their cases sidelined, minimised or ignored. jab_injuries_australia has carefully incubated a feed and a community that puts the spotlight purely on the victims and their stories…not on the science and not on the politics.

Ultimately we are witnessing the creation of a qualitative dataset that documents what others refuse to document, and what some pages sensationalise for their own political agendas.

Matt from Jab Injuries Australia joined Matt from Discernable to explain the types of stories that are being sent to him, the pushback he’s received, and the patterns evident in their data. Discernable was also interested in exploring motivations, dangers of censorship, false reports of injury, and conflicts of interest.

Tim Cudmore: Living with a Traumatic Brain Injury and Predicting the Future

The Discernable Interviews

Tim Cudmore: Living with a Traumatic Brain Injury and Predicting the Future

1hr 41min

Tim Cudmore suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in childhood and now lives with a unique brain structure. Tim is sought out by organisations and government departments in a consulting capacity to understand human behaviours and lived experiences.

In this interview Tim shared his thoughts on behavioural foundations in humans, and how he extrapolates those observations to make future predictions. We then went on a deep dive into a horror flu season in the southern hemisphere, the next world war, and athletes collapsing on the field.

Along the way, Matt challenged Tim to substantiate the logic behind his predictions and explored the realities of addiction and childhood trauma.

Kirsten Finger: 20 Year Registered Nurse and Paramedic Goes from Hero to Zero

The Discernable Interviews

Kirsten Finger: 20 Year Registered Nurse and Paramedic Goes from Hero to Zero

1hr 17min

Kirsten is a 20 year veteran in the Victorian health system. Her dream was always to become a paramedic, and after 7 years as a registered nurse in critical care she achieved her goal and went on to serve as a paramedic for a further 13 years.

In late 2021 she was given an impossible choice – submit to Ambulance Victoria’s vaccination mandate for Covid-19 and risk serious consequences due to her pre-existing medical condition, or be fired from the organisation that she loved.

Leading up to the launch of Covid-19 vaccinations in Australia, Kirsten chose to undertake additional training to be ready to assist in the vaccine rollout but despite 20 years of dedication and passion, her termination was cold and sudden.

This is her story.

The People's Project Season 6 Episode 6: Blackrock Controls Culture, History Wars, Corrupt Australia

The People's Project

The People's Project Season 6 Episode 6: Blackrock Controls Culture, History Wars, Corrupt Australia

1hr 22min

In this week’s episode of The People’s Project:

‘It doesn’t even keep up with inflation!’

The latest on the threat emerging in NSW

How Blackrock controls our culture with ESG scores, and how Netflix is finally fighting back

Ken describes it as ‘a bunch of hypocrites calling another bunch of hypocrites…hypocrites’

‘History is written by the victor’ and is that what we are witnessing right now in as Zelensky bans political opposition in Ukraine and nationalises all media? Is Topher Field’s documentary Battleground Melbourne a shot in the history wars?

Australia could never be corrupt right? Right?

Aussie voters hand the balance of power in the federal senate to the green agenda

A weekly wrap up of stories that didn’t make it into our runsheet.









NSW Teacher Strike
Sibling of Omicron Strikes
Chris Evans ‘Dinosaurs’
BlackRock and ESG Controlling America
Why Netflix is Collapsing
China Calls Out Assange Hypocrisy
Ben Stiller meets Zelensky
Zelensky Goes Authoritarian
Victorian Corruption IBAC
Worksafe Must Investigate Daniel Andrews
Greens Hold The Balance of Power

Kate Wand - The Planned Collapse of the Old World

The Discernable Interviews

Kate Wand - The Planned Collapse of the Old World

1hr 12min

Canadian social commentator Kate Wand joins Discernable to discuss the decline of old world values and systems in favour of a ‘Brave New World’ where human autonomy is sacrificed in pursuit of a utopia dreamed up by societal elites and bankers.

Her creative work in Canada interviewing prominent figures and producing short films highlights historical similarities between the current moment and dark periods in history.

Her work is of unusually high quality and intellectual depth and therefore comes highly recommended by Discernable.

"The Secret Ingredient is Crime"

Discernable® News and Editorials

"The Secret Ingredient is Crime"

6 sec video, 2min read

2 years ago when I first took notice of Victoria’s Premier (Daniel Andrews) I spent quite a lot of time defending his motives.

When I interviewed the retired Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police and he called Daniel inept and corrupt, I struggled to keep a straight face.

Corruption is not something this Australian millennial associated with Australia. That only happens ‘overseas in 3rd world countries’. Right?

Coming up on 2 years now of interviewing as broadly as I can (whoever will accept my invitations) and I am saddened to report that corruption is just as widespread in Australia, but it looks different. Conflicts of interest abound in Australian politics and big business, and often outright regulatory capture of government departments.

From health, to education, to justice, the western world has a problem with ‘white collar’ corruption where somehow being dodgy is less smelly because…you know, at least we’re not taking bags of cash (or are we #SussexSt?) but rest assured, opportunists are drawn to the trough of big business or big government. We certainly do have corruption.

It probably doesn’t get clearer than the story of #SlugGate but there are many, on all sides of politics.

And it’s encouraging to see the likes of 3AW’s Neil Mitchell finally calling a spade a spade when it comes to the heartless Daniel Andrews because we will not likely get a better historical case study than the decline of the State of Victoria over the last 20 years.

It’s a story of good but misguided intentions, a particularly caring population primed to be taken advantage of, and what investigators assure me in private: outright criminality by Daniel Andrews over decades.

Daniel is not a dictator. Dictators go off the deep end but often in a misguided pursuit of the welfare of their subjects. Daniel just doesn’t care about us the way we thought. He’s heartless. He’s cold. He’s opportunistic. He’s fake.

Why do you think he tries so, so hard to emphasise that he ‘cares’ about all Victorians? It’s because we know – from his actions – that no caring Premier would take the public for a ride like he does, or drive the health department into the dirt whilst hiding all health advice, shutting down inquiries and blaming everyone (including Victorians) but himself for any failure that comes to light.

I am aware that such malfeasance in office is not unique to the Labor Party, and I do not have much good to say about the Liberals (or most independents) at this time.

But I can say that I’ve ‘lost my virginity’ when it comes to corruption awareness in this country, and there’s no going back. I have Daniel Andrews to thank for making it so plain…the heartless Premier who taught us what a captured state looks like.

Captured bureaucracy. Captured police force. Captured education department. Captured and crumbling health department. A captured judiciary. Captured politicians – many of whom are too scared to speak against their leader. A captured people, endlessly bashed by propaganda designed to make Daniel look good, and the people bad.

That’s probably the most outrageous part – it feels like Daniel’s war is not against his political opponents. His war is with the people of Victoria. Every announcement he makes pits Victorians against Victorians, cheering one group and demonising the other.

Or his war of propaganda – not designed to make the Liberals look bad – but designed to make us forget certain truths, and believe other half-truths. A propaganda war on ourselves.

Why is he so angry with us? Did we not deliver him repeated electoral wins and positive opinion polls for handling the pandemic?

I grew up in an abusive household, and dallied with abusive religions. I know what this is. But occasionally, like a good victim, I forget and start wondering whether I’m simply misinformed. Maybe Daniel is telling the truth about #SlugGate, the Red Shirt Rorts, hotel quarantine deaths, branch stacking, the health advice, the VIC firefighter’s union…

Maybe the rumours of his alcoholism, of his driving the car that ran over the cyclist, of his bullying and glass jaw are completely unfounded. But to enter into his world and believe its physics requires too great an effort to maintain.

The meme offers a simpler explanation: ‘the secret ingredient is crime’.

We wish him all the best for the upcoming state election in November 2022.

Tom Goodwin: We Are Addicted to New Technology

The Discernable Interviews

Tom Goodwin: We Are Addicted to New Technology

1hr 11min

Why are humans so addicted to new technology? We race to embrace that latest technological development even when it makes a task more difficult. We ignore the inefficiency we just created whilst marvelling at our engineering prowess!

Tom Goodwin points out and corrects these errors in judgement in his work as a consultant, speaker, author and presenter to organisations where the C Suite are at risk of burning resources on adolescent implementations of technology. In a way it’s understandable because being more outlandish is the only way futurists and technologists gain enough attention and they have captured boardrooms of companies everywhere.

Tom has a foundational belief of ‘human first’ and in this discussion we explored:

  • The attraction of technological hyperbole
  • Media is geared for attention seeking and outrage
  • Commonwealth countries resist following the USA into divisive politics
  • The road-centric society
  • When a technology succeeds too rapidly
  • Techno geeks and their brains that took over the world
  • Building empathy into technology
  • Restaurants that ruin themselves with technology
  • Covid-19 excuses in call centres
  • Are cryptocurrencies just technological indulgences?
  • Elon Musk’s enormous ego and dedication to free speech
  • Twitter is not a traditional ‘public square’
  • The New Normal
  • The pandemic lasted for different lengths of time for different people
  • Questioning reality – are we all just Sims?
  • The importance of working in an office (not from home)
    Fashionable ‘tolerance’
  • Beauty, difference and class structures

The People's Project Season 6 Episode 5: Blackouts, Mass Psychosis, PRGuy17, & Facial Recognition

The People's Project

The People's Project Season 6 Episode 5: Blackouts, Mass Psychosis, PRGuy17, & Facial Recognition

1hr 29min

In this week’s episode of The People’s Project:

The NSW Government tells everyone to stop washing their dishes at night time to keep the electricity running

PM Anthony Albanese gets his wish. After demanding a rise in the minimum wage greater than inflation (5.1%), the Fair Work Commission delivers a rise of 5.2%.

Mattias Desmet releases his book ‘The Psychology of Totalitarianism’. Is it a plausible explanation to what the world is going through? How do we explain doctors losing their minds and manifesting extreme anxiety (Dr Greg Kelly’s child isolation devices) , or professors flipping data to support pre-decided conclusions (the esteemed Professor Erwin Loh)?

Matt explains why he can’t abandon his principles when it’s convenient (like the pile-on to PRGuy17’s unmasking): governmental attacks on anonymity and privacy are a long trend, and virtues like personal responsibility and fortitude in the face of trolls should not be forgotten.

China stops a protest before it even begins…by flipping citizen’s digital health pass from green to red and stranding them with no access to their bank accounts or public transport. Bunnings, The Good Guys and KMart roll out facial recognition in their store entrances, capturing unique faceprints of everyone who enters…all for our safety of course.

A personal story of a grandmother who laid on the floor of Fountain Gate Shopping Centre (Narre Warren VIC) for 4 hours, unable to move, waiting for an ambulance that never arrived.



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