Mandate Hell - a Review of Legal Challenges with Banga Legal

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Mandate Hell - a Review of Legal Challenges with Banga Legal

1hr 37min

21 February 2023

This is the story of John – a Queensland Health worker at Gold Coast Hospital (non-patient facing) who is facing dismissal for not taking a second dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, despite booking an appointment and trying to have it.

John was advised by multiple medical practitioners including a vaccine expert that he should definitely not take a second dose considering the severe adverse reaction he had after the first, which included paralysis.

He is now both unable to receive a second dose and unable to work at Gold Coast Hospital who are erroneously claiming, amongst other things, that he has not received a first dose.

John has multiple valid medical exemptions including from the Federal Government. As John waits in limbo, his job has already been advertised and has reportedly been filled internally on a permanent basis.

John is represented by Samir Banga from Banga legal who joined us to discuss both the case and the status of legal challenges to vaccine mandates in Australia more broadly.

Why do so many fail? Will they continue to fail? Are lawyers simply profiteering on the suffering of fired or injured workers?

Redefining Sales in the Modern World with Sales Psychology Expert James Michael

The Discernable Interviews

Redefining Sales in the Modern World with Sales Expert James Michael

1hr 22min

17 February 2023

James Michael is an expert in the psychology of sales and is on a mission to debunk the myths surrounding the sales and recruitment industry.

The companies he founded in The Justified Talent Group are known for taking a scientific and data-driven approach in an industry often steered by legend, folklore and fallacy.

In this interview he shared insights into the true nature of sales, its role in society, various perceptions of salespeople, and how the landscape is changing to meet new needs in a new world.

James’s expertise sheds light on the importance of sales psychology in the modern business world, and how it can be used to build strong relationships with customers, rather than simply pushing products.

This is a must-listen for anyone looking for a deeper understanding of sales psychology and its impact on a sales career, and on hiring staff to grow your business.

Lipid Nanoparticles: The Real Danger of mRNA Vaccines?

The Discernable Interviews

Lipid Nanoparticles: The Real Danger of mRNA Vaccines?

1hr 43min

8 February 2023

Christie Grace is a specialist in RNA and lipid nanoparticles and was a project manager at the top plasmid company in the world manufacturing recombinant proteins such as monoclonal antibodies, CRISPR, SpCas9, gene editing, and IVT mRNA production.

For two years Christie has been raising the alarm over harms that can be caused by lipid nanoparticles and has concerns over cold chain management, vaccine production quality assurance/control and the medical community’s unwillingness to look at the scientific data.

This is a deep and specific conversation delving into the science of lipid nanoparticles which may become the next target for scientific investigation of vaccination injuries and death.

*Apologies for the host repeatedly slipping and calling LNPs ‘liquid nanoparticles’.

We discussed:

  • Lipid nanoparticles (LNP)
  • The structure of an LNP
  • Mass manufacturing LNPs
  • Zeta potential of LNPs leading to leakage into the vascular system and the heart
  • Are lipid nanoparticles safe?
  • The Ostwald effect on lipids
  • How to cause clots and aneurysms
  • Dying suddenly in the absence of metals means lipid growth
  • Why harms were immediately obvious years ago
  • Fibrin, protease reactions and photos of rapid clotting
  • Claims from morticians of long, stringy clots
  • Photos of branching clots in lungs
  • Why clots are only associated with AstraZeneca and not Pfizer
  • Excess of negatively charged mRNA resulting in clots
  • CDC issues new warning advisory for clots
  • Why adverse reactions are rare
  • ‘Death batches’ and TGA (Aust) FOI releases showing fragments of junk mRNA
  • How cold chain transport of mRNA vaccines works
  • How to make a vaccine
  • Protein misfolding in the lab and in the body
  • What is the definition of ‘vaccine’?
  • Genetic therapeutics
  • How do our cells know when to stop producing spike protein?
  • Finding spike protein around the body
  • Gaslighting women over disruptions to their menstrual cycles
  • Japanese FOI data on lipids concentrating in organs
  • Cardiac myocytes that take up lipids
  • How the vaccine rollout could have been done better
  • Steel-manning the other side
  • Extrapolating LNP damage into the future
  • Linearised DNA (helix straightened) that could cause long term impacts
  • Lean body composition associated with higher risk of inflammation response
  • Distinguishing Long Covid from vaccine injury
  • ‘The spawning pit of degradation’
  • ‘The amygdala of the internet’
  • Malfeasance and culture inside Big Pharma
  • Silencing of scientists
  • The Fauci emails
  • Directed evolution and the Pfizer leaks
  • Is Chinese CCP propaganda correct for once?
  • Confirmation bias, self reflection and epistemological query
  • Comparing the scientific honesty of both sides
  • How does science progress if it won’t question itself?
  • Hope for the future of medicine


LINKS TO REFERENCES,be%20protonated%20at%20low%20pH.,activity%20and%20multi%2Dorgan%20injury’s%20Triad%2C%20first%20described%20in,cause%20thrombus%20formation%20(8).

Lauren Dry: Why People Can't Let Go of the Pandemic

The Discernable Interviews

Lauren Dry: Why People Can't Let Go of the Pandemic

1hr 39min

4 February 2023

Lauren Dry is a specialist in nervous system and unconscious-driven behaviours. She joined Discernable to explore why so many people are ‘stuck’ post-pandemic and acting emotionally and unconsciously.

Serving as case study is the paradoxical treatment of Novak Djokovic by angry Australians, and the way humans descend into groupthink, social norms and reactionary grasps for ‘safety’.

Steered by media and opportunistic governments, populations swing from one ‘villain’ to another, with some ultimately finding themselves in the arms of ‘freedom’ movements that are just as manipulative and fear-driven.

Is there a way to break free and live aware of our unconscious triggers, motivations and vulnerabilities?

We discussed:

  • The groupthink that condemned Novak Djokovic
  • The Asch conformity experiments
  • Creating social norms that contain no logic
  • The man from Nunawading who can’t let go
  • Allowing the ‘protector’ part of ourselves to take over
  • Fight, Flight, Fawn or Freeze
  • Physical somatic practices before, during and after stress
  • Novak Djokovic made the lightning rod for all threats to our safety
  • Dividing internal ‘self’ in order to survive
  • Anger over dirty dishes
  • Connecting in uncomfortable conversations
  • Pixar’s Inside Out
  • Allowing partial personalities to take over
  • Media and politics needs you in a state of fear
  • Red flag: lack of complexity
  • The ‘freedom’ movement exploiting people’s fears
  • Making self-awareness great again
  • Most of the population is not conscious of their actions
  • Exuding an atmosphere of safety
  • Finding idols and role models
  • Treat your triggers like you treat your children
  • What is authenticity?
  • The Liver King
  • Is Jacinda Ardern authentic?
  • Is Justin Trudeau authentic?
  • Is Oprah authentic?
  • How to understand Andrew Tate
  • How to determine authenticity
  • What’s the deal with Jordan Peterson?
  • Female role models
  • Teal Swan ‘the cult leader’
  • Long dead heroes
  • Finding an anchor for your soul
  • Adopting a posture of surrender and humility