The Discernable Interviews

Lauren Dry: Why People Can't Let Go of the Pandemic

1hr 39min

4 February 2023

Lauren Dry is a specialist in nervous system and unconscious-driven behaviours. She joined Discernable to explore why so many people are ‘stuck’ post-pandemic and acting emotionally and unconsciously.

Serving as case study is the paradoxical treatment of Novak Djokovic by angry Australians, and the way humans descend into groupthink, social norms and reactionary grasps for ‘safety’.

Steered by media and opportunistic governments, populations swing from one ‘villain’ to another, with some ultimately finding themselves in the arms of ‘freedom’ movements that are just as manipulative and fear-driven.

Is there a way to break free and live aware of our unconscious triggers, motivations and vulnerabilities?

We discussed:

  • The groupthink that condemned Novak Djokovic
  • The Asch conformity experiments
  • Creating social norms that contain no logic
  • The man from Nunawading who can’t let go
  • Allowing the ‘protector’ part of ourselves to take over
  • Fight, Flight, Fawn or Freeze
  • Physical somatic practices before, during and after stress
  • Novak Djokovic made the lightning rod for all threats to our safety
  • Dividing internal ‘self’ in order to survive
  • Anger over dirty dishes
  • Connecting in uncomfortable conversations
  • Pixar’s Inside Out
  • Allowing partial personalities to take over
  • Media and politics needs you in a state of fear
  • Red flag: lack of complexity
  • The ‘freedom’ movement exploiting people’s fears
  • Making self-awareness great again
  • Most of the population is not conscious of their actions
  • Exuding an atmosphere of safety
  • Finding idols and role models
  • Treat your triggers like you treat your children
  • What is authenticity?
  • The Liver King
  • Is Jacinda Ardern authentic?
  • Is Justin Trudeau authentic?
  • Is Oprah authentic?
  • How to understand Andrew Tate
  • How to determine authenticity
  • What’s the deal with Jordan Peterson?
  • Female role models
  • Teal Swan ‘the cult leader’
  • Long dead heroes
  • Finding an anchor for your soul
  • Adopting a posture of surrender and humility