SPECIAL: #SlugGate Part 1 - Was The Slug Planted?

The People's Project

The People's Project SPECIAL: Slug Gate Part 1 of 2

32 Minutes

This is the story of Slug Gate. It’s a true tale of a family catering business targeted by an unethical council and destroyed with the help of Brett Sutton, Dan Andrews and a mysteriously appearing slug.

On the back of an 86 year old woman’s death, iCook foods was publicly accused of infecting a Knox Private Hospital patient with listeria.

What is less well known is that the Dandenong Council (who led the investigation) had a CEO who was shareholder and on the board of iCook’s competitor Community Chef. Coincidentally, the hospital contract went straight to Community Chef after iCook was shut down on the orders of Brett Sutton.

New security camera footage shows just how implausible and politically motivated this closure could be, and warns that if they can do this to family owned iCook Foods, then no food business in Victoria is safe.

There is much we couldn’t fit into this report, such as the Dandenong Council whistleblower who usually inspected iCook foods. She brought evidence that the Council pressured her to alter previous reports on iCook foods to support the council’s new claim of lysteria:


Part 1 host: Emily from Voice for Victoria

Watch Part 2 ‘Why Did They Plant the Slug?’ at https://discernable.io/sluggate-part-2

The Cancelled Artist - Bindi Cole Chocka converts to Christianity and Apologises to Andrew Bolt

The Discernable Interviews

The Cancelled Artist - Bindi Cole Chocka converts to Christianity and Apologises to Andrew Bolt

1 Hour 35 Minutes

Bindi Cole Chocka became ‘The Cancelled Artist’ after coming out as Christian in the art world. Initially a wildly successful artist on the back of her edgy work around race and Aboriginality, especially her black face work ‘Not Really Aboriginal’.

Despite being lauded nationally as a left-wing hero in Australia, Bindi was ‘cancelled’ after her political and religious conversion. She also publicly apologised to columnist Andrew Bolt, whom she successfully sued using s18C of the Racial Discrimination Act – a high profile case.

1:25 Bindi’s art work that started the Andrew Bolt controversy
2:17 Bindi’s Aboriginal heritage
4:48 The political correctness of race
6:58 Andrew Bolt and his infamous articles
8:49 Taking Andrew Bolt to court
11:42 Bindi’s conversion to Christianity
17:18 Andrew Bolt GUILTY
19:35 Would Bindi do it again?
21:00 Bindi is cancelled
25:18 Critical Theory and progressive movements
34:11 Lifechanging forgiveness
35:34 Bindi finds Jesus in Jail
40:16 What is the core of Christianity?
41:25 Leaving behind victimhood
43:30 The left wing doesn’t own compassion
46:35 How to reach those with on the left with grievances
49:22 Reconciling with Andrew Bolt?
59:23 Christianity has ceded the arts
1:01:54 How should conservatives approach progressives?
1:08:24 Bindi’s political transformation
1:17:06 Removing Christian ethics from government
1:22:28 Christianity’s impact on the world
1:23:29 Is Christianity like a virus?
1:24:17 The persecution of the Church

Chief Commissioner (Retired) of Victoria Police - Kelvin Glare AO APM on Corruption, Victoria Police and Recall Elections

The Discernable Interviews

Chief Commissioner (Retired) of Victoria Police - Kelvin Glare AO APM on Corruption, Victoria Police and Recall Elections

1 Hour 57 Minutes

Kelvin Glare AO APM was the Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police from 1987-1992 and has a long career history of fighting crime and corruption both within and outside police forces.

He was a fingerprint expert at the Fingerprint Bureau before quickly rising to Detective and then Sergeant before studying law and being admitted to the Victorian Supreme Court as Barrister and Solicitor.

Rising through the ranks of Senior Sergeant, Inspector and Chief Inspector, Kel then created the Victoria Police Prosecutions Division training prosecutors in legal matters to secure convictions for the most gruesome of crimes.

Then, as the first Assistant Commissioner (Internal Investigations Department), Kel rooted out corruption within Victoria Police including spending $42m chasing one corrupt officer over 2.5 years which he claims was ‘worth it’ because it ‘demonstrated that criminality wouldn’t be tolerated and will be chased to the very end’.

Kel was eventually promoted to Deputy Commissioner, Operations where he took charge of the entire force of uniformed police, traffic officers and detectives in Victoria.

Ultimately, his time as Chief Commissioner has been remembered fondly by the public for his no-nonsense and apolitical approach to policing, and his focus on community initiatives such as the Police in Schools program which seeks to prevent crime before it happens.

Kel is now Chairman of the Community Advocacy Alliance and is calling for recall elections to be introduced in Victoria to bring accountability to ‘out of control governments’.

Kerry Chikarovski - misbehaving politicians, #MeToo, women in sport

The Discernable Interviews

Kerry Chikarovski - misbehaving politicians, #MeToo, women in sport

53 Minutes

Kerry Chikarovski was the first woman to lead a major political party in NSW. In this interview we explored the changes in politics, lifestyle and flexible workplaces, the #MeToo movement, ceding governance to the private sector, and the gender pay gap in sport.

Kerry’s book ‘Chika’ is available at your local library if you are lucky or in person at the National Library of Australia in Canberra: