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The Cancelled Artist - Bindi Cole Chocka converts to Christianity and Apologises to Andrew Bolt

1 Hour 35 Minutes

Bindi Cole Chocka became ‘The Cancelled Artist’ after coming out as Christian in the art world. Initially a wildly successful artist on the back of her edgy work around race and Aboriginality, especially her black face work ‘Not Really Aboriginal’.

Despite being lauded nationally as a left-wing hero in Australia, Bindi was ‘cancelled’ after her political and religious conversion. She also publicly apologised to columnist Andrew Bolt, whom she successfully sued using s18C of the Racial Discrimination Act – a high profile case.

1:25 Bindi’s art work that started the Andrew Bolt controversy
2:17 Bindi’s Aboriginal heritage
4:48 The political correctness of race
6:58 Andrew Bolt and his infamous articles
8:49 Taking Andrew Bolt to court
11:42 Bindi’s conversion to Christianity
17:18 Andrew Bolt GUILTY
19:35 Would Bindi do it again?
21:00 Bindi is cancelled
25:18 Critical Theory and progressive movements
34:11 Lifechanging forgiveness
35:34 Bindi finds Jesus in Jail
40:16 What is the core of Christianity?
41:25 Leaving behind victimhood
43:30 The left wing doesn’t own compassion
46:35 How to reach those with on the left with grievances
49:22 Reconciling with Andrew Bolt?
59:23 Christianity has ceded the arts
1:01:54 How should conservatives approach progressives?
1:08:24 Bindi’s political transformation
1:17:06 Removing Christian ethics from government
1:22:28 Christianity’s impact on the world
1:23:29 Is Christianity like a virus?
1:24:17 The persecution of the Church