The People's Project

Discuss: 'Daniel Andrews Will Lose the Next Election'

1hr 31min

In this special episode of The People’s Project, Matt is joined by Dr Brendan Moloney from Parallel Movement, and Ken Phillips from Not Above The Law.

We gathered to consider the bold prediction: ‘Daniel Andrews Will Lose The Next Election’.

Along the way we examined:
1. corporate polling
2. our own internal Discernable polls
3. the political wind shifting in Victoria
4. the segmentation of voters and the failure of political parties to keep pace
5. the unethical segregation of society and deliberate division
6. the fall of the Rule of Law and why it must be restored
7. why Australians are protesting
8. court cases to fight for the integrity of the ‘system’
9. movements to disconnect from the ‘system’ altogether and start over.

In case you are wondering why my forehead is so swollen in this episode, it’s because a bee STUNG ME IN THE FACE! That was fun. I’m either bald and red headed fresh from surgery, or my stomach is hanging out of my shirt, or in this case my head is swollen like an alien. I think we’ve demonstrated what you get on Discernable might not always be pretty, but it’s authentic.