Dr Leland Stillman MD - Medical Freedom, Groupthink, and the pharmaceutical industry

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Dr. Leland Stillman MD - Medical Freedom, Groupthink, and the pharmaceutical industry

1 Hour 5 Minutes

Dr. Leland Stillman MD has a strong interest in functional medicine and human performance. This led him to specialise in Internal Medicine and he is a strong voice calling for rationality and transparency when it comes to medical freedom, groupthink and the pharmaceutical industry.

3:58 The history of medicine – mavericks vs institutions
7:57 Discussions around vaccines are too simplistic
11:00 Is medical totalitarianism ok if the risk is great enough?
12:02 Would the pharmaceutical industry lie to increase profits?
15:05 Medical group think and herd mentality
16:51 Are governments and corporations malevolent or benevolent in pushing vaccines?
20:35 Dr Stillman’s experience with vaccines
22:07 Risk management that allows for human rights and personal freedom
23:50 Legal indemnity for vaccine manufacturers
25:02 Adverse reactions to vaccines are difficult to pinpoint
27:44 Basic rational questions are not being answered
28:50 Are people dropping dead in the USA and UK?
32:28 2020 Mortality rate adjusted for population is identical to 2005
34:40 COVID-19 wiped out old people like a forest fire
39:20 The medical technocracy
41:58 The problem with mandatory medical treatments
44:45 The struggle for medical freedom
46:53 Catholic objections to aborted foetal cell lines in vaccines
48:46 How many Americans want to be vaccinated?
50:21 Is the sky really falling?
51:30 Global discontent against the elite class
53:59 The Magic Wand Question
58:30 From autopsy to delivery suite – Ignaz Semmelweis proves antiseptics are critical and becomes the ‘saviour of mothers’
1:01:41 Rediscovering our health after COVID-19

SPECIAL: Freedom From the Madness ft. Damian Coory and Matt Wong on Culture Wars, Media and PR

The Discernable Interviews

SPECIAL: Freedom From the Madness ft. Damian Coory and Matt Wong on Culture Wars, Media and PR

1 Hour 40 Minutes

A discussion full of irreverence, politically incorrect topics like: ‘do gingers have souls?’, Matt the ‘chink’ and Damian the ‘wog’ and growing up with racism), the dark arts of Public Relations, the fall of Hong Kong, waiting for ABC viewers to die…

2:50 New Media will win
4:18 The Other Side Australia
6:54 Damian’s politics
10:50 Matt’s politics
12:17 ‘Invasion Day’ protests and writing off protesters
16:38 Matt presses Damian on ‘Invasion Day’ protests
21:23 Classical Liberalism is the way forward
29:55 The Culture Wars – Scott Morrison has given up
33:18 Ghosted by left-wing friends
36:13 Killing the ABC
42:18 Newscorp vs the ABC
46:30 Misleading labels the media loves to use
47:40 Why Damian became a conservative and joined the right-wing
50:20 We love free markets – the ultimate democracy
58:00 The fall of Hong Kong was a fait accompli
1:02:55 Matt and Damian get racist
1:04:00 Matt is a pilot, amongst other things
1:06:27 Stop pointing guns at my head!
1:09:13 The logical fallacy of ‘appeals to authority’
1:11:31 The dark arts of PR – can anything save Meghan Markle?
1:14:00 A typical PR consult
1:19:20 Public relations – twist the truth or amplify the truth?
1:25 00 Unravelling the lies
1:28:30 Fixing the weak Liberal Party
1:32:04 Damian’s childhood obsession with radio
1:34:44 The magic wand question
1:37:27 Matt’s listened to Damian when in the womb

Explaining the Facebook Ban on News

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Explaining the Facebook Ban on News


This is a meta view – a wide perspective and simplified explainer of the Facebook News Ban in Australia.

What is it? Why is it? What does it mean?

Dr Niall McCrae on Woke Ideology, Lockdowns and the role of the Media

The Discernable Interviews

Dr Niall McCrae on Woke Ideology, Lockdowns and the role of the Media

1 Hour 22 Minutes

Dr. Niall McCrae is a senior lecturer in mental health at King’s College London. He is a prolific academic researcher and was one of the few academics to publicly support Brexit to leave the European Union.

He co-authored Moralitis: a Cultural Virus with Robert Oulds of The Bruges Group in the U.K., where they posit woke ideology as a virus that has infected the West.

His special interest is the dynamics in the child/teen/young adult population and he has been a vocal critic of COVID-19 lockdowns due to the mental health harms caused, as well as the long term impacts on their careers and lives.

Follow Dr. Niall McCrae: https://gab.com/Niall_McCrae

2:44 Why do people catch Moralitis (wokeness and lockdowns)?
6:06 Woke ideology is damaging to their very own arguments
9:40 Invasion Day Protest
11:34 Anti-lockdown protests in London
13:03 BLM protests were contrived by the global establishment
15:12 Police targeting minority groups at anti-lockdown protests
16:24 Prescribed plan by the global elite or simply emergent?
17:39 The globalists have exploited the pandemic and BLM
20:00 Why there has been such a large acceptance of BLM and lockdowns
21:39 Did lockdowns work in New Zealand?
25:12 The psychology of lockdown acceptance
28:08 The media has been purchased by government
31:06 The UK media regulator’s ban on publishing misinformation
33:47 The mental health crisis in younger generations
39:32 Why are young people so compliant?
43:55 Predictions of when the younger people will begin to push back
46:35 Using empathy to communicate
54:39 How do you communicate with people who have opposite views?
58:11 Battling the official narrative and fact-checkers
1:00:06 How should pro-lockdown supporters speak with anti-lockdown supporters?
1:03:18 The questionable ethics from the pro-lockdown camp
1:05:32 Dangers of rushed vaccines
1:12:09 The changing political views of Gen Z
1:17:36 The challenge humanity faces

Creator of COVAX-19: Professor Nikolai Petrovsky on Protein-Based vs mRNA Vaccines, Influenza and Mandates

The Discernable Interviews

Creator of COVAX-19: Professor Nikolai Petrovsky on Protein-Based vs mRNA Vaccines, Influenza and Mandates

54 Minutes

Professor Nikolai Petrovsky is the Director of Endocrinology at Flinders Medical Centre with a conjoint position as Professor of Medicine at Flinders University. He is Vice-President and Secretary-General of the International Immunomics Society.

Nikolai is the founder of Vaxine, a company funded by the US National Institutes of Health to develop novel vaccine technologies. in 2009 Vaxine won the Amp Innovation Award at the Telstra Business Awards and Australia’s Coolest Company award from Australian Anthill Magazine.

During his career Nikolai has developed vaccines against influenza, hepatitis b, sting allergy, malaria, Japanese Encephalitis, rabies and HIV, and has authored over 90 papers and academic chapters.

Nikolai’s company Vaxine which developed COVAX-19: https://vaxine.net/ 

1:47 SPIKOGEN receives a provisional determination from Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)
3:25 How does SPIKOGEN compare to NovaVax?
6:22 SPIKOGEN approved in New Zealand
14:17 The safety of protein based vaccines
15:10 Adverse events with protein vaccines
17:22 The scientific data on SPIKOGEN
23:30 The historic crowdfunding of a vaccine
25:54 What are ‘breakthrough infections’?
30:09 Protein vaccines can be as fast as mRNA therapies
33:26 How to make spike proteins for different variants – genomic sequences
36:43 Injecting ready made spike proteins vs injecting mRNA
39:39 The different types of spike proteins
40:59 Why are mRNA vaccines causing thrombosis, myocarditis, pericarditis etc?
45:34 How does natural immunity compare to vaccinal immunity?
52:08 Omicron variant is not necessarily ‘less severe’ – we don’t know yet
54:17 Why viral attenuation is a myth
59:54 Nikolai Petrovsky vs Geert Vanden Bossche – antibody dependent enhancement
1:03:27 Population wide vaccination vs vulnerable vaccination
1:07:47 Should we vaccinate young children with SPIKOGEN?
1:09:56 The problem with comparing Covid-19 to influenza
1:16:46 SPIKOGEN is NOT a life-long prescription
1:22:30 How doctors used to weigh up risk vs benefit
1:25:46 COVAX is NOT COVAX-19…this is the difference
1:26:57 The professor took his own vaccine but it wasn’t good enough for government
1:29:53 The financial deal between Vaxine and Discernable to promote SPIKOGEN
1:30:18 EOI for SPIKOGEN clinical trials