Greg Barns SC - The Slow Death of Human Rights

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Greg Barns SC - The Slow Death of Human Rights

46 Minutes

Greg Barns SC is the Spokesman for the Australian Lawyers Alliance and author of Rise of the Right: The War on Australia’s Liberal Values (2019).

Admitted to the Victorian Bar in 1986, Greg has been very vocal against human rights abuses and has called for Australia to adopt a Bill of Rights to protect both its citizens and journalists who are tasked with scrutinising governments. He continues to practise as a barrister, lecture in law at RMIT and write for various publications.

In this interview we discussed the erosion of human rights by powerful executive governments in their desperation to respond to Covid-19. Importantly, Greg stresses that the decline in human rights we are witnessing in Australia started long before and pandemic.

'OPEN YOUR CHURCH' - Pastor Jesse Newman of Eternity Church

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'OPEN YOUR CHURCH' - Pastor Jesse Newman of Eternity Church

1 Hour 22 Minutes

‘OPEN YOUR CHURCH’ is the bold cry from Christian pastor, Jesse Newman from Eternity Church in Iowa, USA. Jesse is an Aussie who grew up in Queensland, NSW and Victoria and is dismayed at the lack of courage displayed by Australian churches.

In this interview he delivers something Australians don’t often get – outside perspective – and we currently are looking very weak indeed.

We covered the police and governmental response to Covid-19 and the binds it places on churches because of the way their faith clashes with vaccine mandates, extended lockdowns and any form of segregation.

Anarchy in Victoria

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Anarchy in Victoria


Anarchy on the streets of Melbourne as we inch toward a failed state.

This is a comprehensive overview of the Melbourne protests on Saturday 18th Sept 2021, Victoria Police inciting violence and punishing a 70 year old woman, the violent CFMEU protests on 20 Sept 2021, and the state of Victoria as Australians tear apart the fabric of their society.

Deputy Prime Minister of Australia the Hon. John Anderson AO

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Deputy Prime Minister of Australia the Hon. John Anderson AO

1 Hour 14 Minutes

The Hon. John Anderson AO, the former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia now hosts an incredible podcast where he hosts guests such as Jordan Peterson, Douglas Murray, Dan Crenshaw, Prof Stephen Hicks, Helen Pluckrose, and so many more.

We talked about many things but unfortunately ran out of time before I could get to the second part of my questions which we will hopefully cover in another interview: how he chooses guests, what makes a good interview, the monetisation of podcasting…

Since recording Australia has announced the acquisition of United States designed nuclear submarines. National security was a pressing concern of John’s in this interview and I suspect he would be pleased after the submarine announcement.

1:00 John’s 2021 failed run for the Australian Senate
3:01 The importance of conversations – John’s Podcast
5:24 Australia needs to be an ‘outward looking nation’
8:25 Is there a diminishing appetite for deeper conversations?
11:31 The celebrity effect in John’s podcast
15:47 Young people love quality content
18:22 How does Australian culture compare?
21:43 Australia’s ‘lucky’ ride
25:22 Can Australia rely on luck?
29:44 The outworking of ideas
36:00 Preserving the wisdom of previous generations
38:07 Socialist policies hurt young people in the long run
40:20 Australia has become soft in its decision making
43:48 Australia’s response to Covid-19
48:06 The ethics of vaccine passports and the need to allow conscientious objection
55:33 Governments to give up emergency powers gained through Covid
59:18 Resisting the corruption of power
1:04:06 John’s ethos to approaching being an interviewer
1:06:11 The cycles of history
1:09:53 Trading feeling for thinking

Season 5 Finale: The Silence is Deafening with Andrew Bogut

The People's Project

Season 5 Finale: The Silence is Deafening with Andrew Bogut

1hr 21min

In Episode 9 (Season 5 Finale) of The People’s Project:

  1. Bogut goes on a rant and starts a fire for the working class
  2. The elite cement their privileged place in society
  3. Influencers get paid to support government lockdowns
  4. Reversing the onus of lockdowns – isolate the sick, free everyone else

VICTORIA: Matthew Guy Topples Michael O'Brien. It's now GUY vs ANDREWS in Nov 2022

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VICTORIA: Matthew Guy Topples Michael O'Brien. It's now GUY vs ANDREWS in Nov 2022


Matthew Guy MP has been elected as the leader of the Liberal Party in Victoria, replacing an often criticised Michael O’Brien.

That means it will be Matthew Guy vs Dan Andrews in November 2022 for who rules Victoria.

I’m keen to see the electorate (and Matthew Guy) wake to the fact that we no longer want to be ‘ruled’, and we simply want a supportive government who puts us first by allowing us to go about our lives.

Interesting part of this exclusive conversation with Richard Riordan MP on the leadership spill, is that voting for all of the minor parties we love ahead of Liberals is fine in his view – as long as we put Labor last.

This makes sense – with our preferential voting system the only real win the Liberals need is for people to put them above the ALP – even if that’s putting Liberals second last, and Labor last. Personally, I will enjoy giving minor parties a whole lot more power in the next Victoria election to break the duopoly.

Retarded Ethics - Inability to Determine Right from Wrong

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Retarded Ethics - Inability to Determine Right from Wrong


How do you determine right from wrong? It’s a question of normative ethics. This is a critical conversation that nobody is having and yet it is critical as we approach a world full of vaccine passports, government mandates, segregation and a ‘new normal’.

After an Instagram scandal over whether the word ‘Retard’ can EVER be used, it raised an interesting point. Why are people arguing so fervently over the right thing to do?

Is it possible that we have different ways of measuring morality?

In this special on ethics, we look at the two main perspectives of answering this question: deontological ethics vs teleological ethics.

It gives rise to utilitarianism which explains exactly why and how authoritarian governments around the world are crushing populations in the quest to save them.

It also led to considerations around language, offence, Hollywood, The Trolley Problem, and autonomous driving.

Watch this special if you want a framework on which to hang all of those arguments you keep hearing about and how to find a way through the fray.

Previously, we asked the question ‘What Is Legal?’ in our exploration of Natural Law vs Positive Law:

Season 5 Episode 8 with Paul Dimattina: So Many Lies...but we aren't buying it

The People's Project

Season 5 Episode 8 with Paul Dimattina: So Many Lies...but we aren't buying it

1hr 9min

In episode 8 of The People’s Project:

  1. Political Policing – is VicPol really just an arm of the Labor Party?
  2. #LetUsPlay WINS – but what it really did was teach civil disobedience to millions of parents
  3. Victoria’s CHO Brett Sutton is unravelling – and it’s not just his handling of Covid-19
  4. The Media Turns on Dan Andrews – the pressure mounts on a failed Premier
  5. Australia is lost. Paul Dimattina’s cry to restore what she was.

Dr. Cameron Murray - Tribal Signalling, Emergent Corruption and Game Theory

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Dr. Cameron Murray - Tribal Signalling, Emergent Corruption and Game Theory

1 Hour 31 Minutes

Dr Cameron Murray is an expert in environmental economics, corruption and property markets. As a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the Henry Halloran Trust at the University of Sydney, Cameron’s PHD on the economics of corruption reveals how endemic and emergent it is to the human condition, which explains so much of the Covid-19 response we are seeing around the world today.

Most startling about this interview was his game theory experiments testing and demonstrating corrupt behaviour emerging through social pressure and group/tribe dynamics. In conversation we analysed social conformity to lockdowns through the lens of his research findings.

I particularly enjoyed exploring the manipulation of groups and how politicians and other leaders take advantage of populations.

His book ‘Game of Mates: How Favours Bleed the Nation’ will ‘open your eyes to how Australia really works’.


His appearance on QandA:

1:15 What economics really is
5:38 Economics is about human welfare and money is only an indicator
8:40 Politicians are shopping around for advice that matches their agenda
9:20 The Health and Wellbeing Cake
13:55 Overcoming the ‘Let It Rip’ stigma
16:23 Myth Making – facts don’t matter in politics
19:12 Why people follow the mass groupthink we are seeing
23:15 How people justify corruption
30:40 Social pressure doesn’t alter corrupt behaviour
33:00 Breaking down tribal groups of loyalty
34:08 Democracy isn’t what we think it is
36:56 Our anti-corruption strategies are only reinforcing corruption
38:05 How conspiracy theories emerge
39:55 the 4 ingredients of corruption
47:04 How institutions have lasted so long
49:05 The social signalling of mask wearing
52:24 The 4 ingredients of corruption summary
55:26 What is the real-world antidote to corruption?
58:26 What happens to group dynamics when they reach snapping point
59:36 Politicians do what is best for their group
1:05:16 The best way to counter groupthink is to create a counter group
1:08:00 How to create a successful movement
1:08:55 Competition between groups
1:11:18 Real-world examples of groupthink mastery
1:14:55 – Dr Cameron Murray’s book
1:16:02 House prices booming through Lockdown
1:23:43 Real house prices or hidden inflation?
1:26:50 House prices for future generations