Melbourne Protest Time Lapse - 27 Nov 2021

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Melbourne Protest Time Lapse - 27 Nov 2021


This 3min time lapse shows the 1 hour and 8 minutes it took for the protest march to walk through Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne, Australia on 27 Nov 2021.

There is always conjecture over protest size, so here it is in full for all to see.

It was large. You can make your own estimations.


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Will we see another ‘counter protest’ tomorrow?

Daniel Andrews has maintained all week that 90% of Victoria is with him, not the protestors, and the ‘evidence’ is the 90% double dose rate.

I think we all need to take some math lessons, an eyesight test, and an MRI to ascertain proper brain function.

This is a segment from a full interview with Acting Senior Sergeant Krystle Mitchell of Victoria Police:

Dr Brendan Moloney - Parallel Societies and Abusive Psychology

The Discernable Interviews

Dr Brendan Moloney - Parallel Societies and Abusive Psychology

1 Hour 49 Minutes

Dr Brendan Moloney is the CEO of edutech company Darlo and the founder of Parallel Movement – a global collection of leaders from all parts of society who are creating the structures, institutions and resources to live in a parallel world that delivers freedom and choice.

Professor Russell Strong - Human Organ Harvesting in China

The Discernable Interviews

Professor Russell Strong - Human Organ Harvesting in China

1hr 31min

12 November 2021

Professor Russell Strong is a world-renowned transplant surgeon who pioneered liver transplant techniques that are now used around the world, saving countless lives.

Throughout his distinguished career, he noticed a strange refusal by Chinese institutions and trainee doctors to commit to abstaining from organ harvesting. Ultimately Professor Strong fears that his techniques and his profession are being appropriated into the immoral organ harvesting market in China.

He also believes that his profession is remaining silent and complicit with the Chinese regime, and has therefore called for countries in the West to place a form of ‘sanction’ on China by refusing to train their surgeons unless they can demonstrate a stand against organ harvesting.

Dr Ben Saunders - Human Rights and Constitutional Law

The Discernable Interviews

Dr Ben Saunders - Human Rights and Constitutional Law

1 Hour 4 Minutes

Dr Ben Saunders is a senior lecturer in constitutional law at Deakin University who recently wrote a piece for the ABC on the human rights implications of mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations.

This exclusive interview was the first time he appeared on video as an academic.