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Mandate Hell - a Review of Legal Challenges with Banga Legal

1hr 37min

21 February 2023

This is the story of John – a Queensland Health worker at Gold Coast Hospital (non-patient facing) who is facing dismissal for not taking a second dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, despite booking an appointment and trying to have it.

John was advised by multiple medical practitioners including a vaccine expert that he should definitely not take a second dose considering the severe adverse reaction he had after the first, which included paralysis.

He is now both unable to receive a second dose and unable to work at Gold Coast Hospital who are erroneously claiming, amongst other things, that he has not received a first dose.

John has multiple valid medical exemptions including from the Federal Government. As John waits in limbo, his job has already been advertised and has reportedly been filled internally on a permanent basis.

John is represented by Samir Banga from Banga legal who joined us to discuss both the case and the status of legal challenges to vaccine mandates in Australia more broadly.

Why do so many fail? Will they continue to fail? Are lawyers simply profiteering on the suffering of fired or injured workers?