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Lipid Nanoparticles: The Real Danger of mRNA Vaccines?

1hr 43min

8 February 2023

Christie Grace is a specialist in RNA and lipid nanoparticles and was a project manager at the top plasmid company in the world manufacturing recombinant proteins such as monoclonal antibodies, CRISPR, SpCas9, gene editing, and IVT mRNA production.

For two years Christie has been raising the alarm over harms that can be caused by lipid nanoparticles and has concerns over cold chain management, vaccine production quality assurance/control and the medical community’s unwillingness to look at the scientific data.

This is a deep and specific conversation delving into the science of lipid nanoparticles which may become the next target for scientific investigation of vaccination injuries and death.

*Apologies for the host repeatedly slipping and calling LNPs ‘liquid nanoparticles’.

We discussed:

  • Lipid nanoparticles (LNP)
  • The structure of an LNP
  • Mass manufacturing LNPs
  • Zeta potential of LNPs leading to leakage into the vascular system and the heart
  • Are lipid nanoparticles safe?
  • The Ostwald effect on lipids
  • How to cause clots and aneurysms
  • Dying suddenly in the absence of metals means lipid growth
  • Why harms were immediately obvious years ago
  • Fibrin, protease reactions and photos of rapid clotting
  • Claims from morticians of long, stringy clots
  • Photos of branching clots in lungs
  • Why clots are only associated with AstraZeneca and not Pfizer
  • Excess of negatively charged mRNA resulting in clots
  • CDC issues new warning advisory for clots
  • Why adverse reactions are rare
  • ‘Death batches’ and TGA (Aust) FOI releases showing fragments of junk mRNA
  • How cold chain transport of mRNA vaccines works
  • How to make a vaccine
  • Protein misfolding in the lab and in the body
  • What is the definition of ‘vaccine’?
  • Genetic therapeutics
  • How do our cells know when to stop producing spike protein?
  • Finding spike protein around the body
  • Gaslighting women over disruptions to their menstrual cycles
  • Japanese FOI data on lipids concentrating in organs
  • Cardiac myocytes that take up lipids
  • How the vaccine rollout could have been done better
  • Steel-manning the other side
  • Extrapolating LNP damage into the future
  • Linearised DNA (helix straightened) that could cause long term impacts
  • Lean body composition associated with higher risk of inflammation response
  • Distinguishing Long Covid from vaccine injury
  • ‘The spawning pit of degradation’
  • ‘The amygdala of the internet’
  • Malfeasance and culture inside Big Pharma
  • Silencing of scientists
  • The Fauci emails
  • Directed evolution and the Pfizer leaks
  • Is Chinese CCP propaganda correct for once?
  • Confirmation bias, self reflection and epistemological query
  • Comparing the scientific honesty of both sides
  • How does science progress if it won’t question itself?
  • Hope for the future of medicine


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