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Adam Creighton: 'Most Journalists Fell for the Hysteria'


24 May 2023

Adam Creighton is an award-winning journalist and now Washington Correspondent for The Australian. He has been a vocal critic of lockdown policy by governments around the world back when it was dangerous to stand out from the journalist crowd

He joined Discernable to discuss:

  • Insane Covid-19 policies that wrecked the world
  • Is there pressure in mainstream media to take a particular stance?
  • Did the Australian ‘larrikin’ ever really exist?
  • TRUMP the frontrunner for the Presidential race
  • Democrats can’t stop Biden
  • Biden’s cognitive decline
  • Why is DeSantis’ popularity waning?
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr would beat Biden
  • Did Bernie Sanders sell his soul?
  • Massive salaries for Inclusion and Diversity Officers
  • Keynesian economics may just work after all
  • Forecasts and models are ‘fake’ and pointless
  • Living standards are declining
  • You can’t appeal to ‘the ordinary man’ anymore
  • The threat of New Media