The Discernable Interviews

Business Innovation Series Episode 3 - Angela Vithoulkas

1 Hour 33 Minutes

When you think of the word ‘champion’, you probably think of a ‘winner’ -somebody who takes first place. But the true meaning of champion is more than winning a competition.

It’s a 13th Century concept for a person who fights on behalf of another. A champion advocates for something or someone, especially when that someone cannot do it themselves.

This is the noble goal of our political system but I’m sad to say that our parliaments are not necessarily filled with the people’s champions.
That’s why it’s so incredible to have found one in Angela Vithoulkas. It’s unlikely you’ve never heard about before because she is so noisy when it comes to small business being the engine room of our economy.

Angela is a sitting councillor for the City of Sydney, and is the founder and leader of the Small Business Political Party. She’s owned many small businesses, you’ve probably heard her on national television or radio, and she now brings all of that rich experience together into an excellent TV show called SMETV which you can see for free on Youtube. Despite all of this achievement, I think her most impressive feat is catching her first shoplifter at the age of 3.

In today’s conversation we’ll talk about how business can and will rise from the ashes of COVID-19, but what I really hope we discover is – why is Angela our champion? Was it always there? Or was it created by circumstance?