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Microsoft: How to Woke


Have you seen the new ‘intersectional’ introductions being embraced by Microsoft presenters? In November 2021 at Microsoft’s ‘Ignite’ conference, speakers began their presentations with a description of their race, gender, pronouns and physical appearance.

At first glance it appears to be an accessibility measure to assist the visually impaired but it turns out that is not why intersectionality is being encouraged at Microsoft.

Nic Fillingham from Microsoft (who appears in the video) directed the Washington Free Beacon Newspaper’s inquiries to an explanatory video claiming that stating your race and visual appearance before speaking will ‘help fight racism, sexism and classism’.

Lengthy land acknowledgements were included at Ignite, having come into vogue in previous decades at institutions. Stating gender pronouns have also gained popularity in recent years at institutions and are now taking off in the corporate world.

The entire Microsoft Ignite recording: