The Discernable Interviews

Empathy Series Episode 2 - Dr Catherine Fyans

1 Hour 24 Minutes

Dr Catherine Fyans is a practising G.P. of some 40 years in Melbourne. She was one of the most popular guests in the history of my other show ‘The People’s Project’ where she was able to demonstrate common sense positions on COVID-19, masks and government lockdowns.

Catherine seems to have a great deal of empathy and she agreed to an interview for our EMPATHY SERIES where we sought to explore all things COVID-19 as well as the psychological role that lockdowns (and emerging from them) play in all of our lives.

2:55 Human nature is innocently gullible
5:27 The unprecedented changes to humanity could be positive
7:45 Catherine wanted to run back to Ecuador
8:34 Stockholm Syndrome
10:50 The infantilisation of a population
10:40 Why do people applaud a paternalistic government?
13:32 Reverting to our limbic brain – how do we stay rational?
15:00 Relentless messages of fear
16:50 Breaking people’s minds through prolonged fear states
19:35 The danger of apathy
20:48 The perversion of government support
22:00 Liberty vs a Nanny State
24:29 Time for us to grow up?
25:44 Beach ‘protests’ in Melbourne
26:50 Remembering what freedom is without masks
28:25 Are masks effective?
32:25 The harms of masks
35:20 The masking of children
36:04 Was COVID-19 engineered in a laboratory?
38:24 The subconscious effect of masks
42:55 Children asking to wear masks
45:15 The tribalism of mask wearing
48:15 More pandemics to come
50:37 Face shields are useless
52:35 We are not talking about good health – only sickness
58:37 Calls for health leadership instead of sickness leadership
1:00:40 What is empathy? Sympathy? Pity? Compassion?
1:04:55 Enlightenment and the scientific method in medicine
1:06:40 The Eagle and the Condor Philosophy
1:10:27 The Problem – Reaction – Solution model
1:11:10 Empathy and Compassion is a strength
1:13:15 The dark night of the soul
1:17:25 The value of community
1:18:32 Dobbing in your neighbours
1:20:16 Predictions for the remainder of 2020