Anarcho Capitalism: not what you think it is with Kris Borer

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Anarcho Capitalism: not what you think it is with Kris Borer

1hr 8min

28 September 2022

Kris Borer is the author of ‘The Ethics of Anarcho Capitalism’ and I invited him on the show for an extended exploration of what libertarianism, capitalism, libertarianism etc actually is and whether Australians should take notice or simply go on living ignorant of these ideologies.

Is taxation theft? Are government subsidies unethical? Is it ok to do some harm to avoid even greater harm?

We discussed anarchism, capitalism, libertarianism, ethics, societal conflicts, the robot apocalypse, cronyism, morality and values.

Free Julian Assange! With Julian's father John Shipton and ADF whistle-blower David McBride

The Discernable Interviews

Free Julian Assange! With Julian's father John Shipton and ADF whistle-blower David McBride

1hr 43min

7 September 2022

Father of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, John Shipton, and whistle-blower David McBride join Discernable for an exclusive deep dive into government secrets.

Do we still believe that Western governments are more noble than Chinese, Russian and other world governments? Who exactly are ‘the good guys’ and ‘the bad guys’ on the world stage? Are government secrets and warmongering the price to pay for our free democracies?

David McBride served in both the British and Australian armed forces and is currently facing jail for leaking classified information to the ABC and alleging war crimes by Australian soldiers in the Middle East.

John Shipton continues to fight for his son’s freedom, and notes massive cross-party support in parliaments around the world calling for his freedom.

In this joint interview we discussed:

  • How governments are incentivised to start and prolong wars
  • How governments use fear and anxiety to sell their policies
  • The war crimes in the leaked ‘collateral damage’ video and other leaked cables
  • War crimes committed by Australia and the USA targeting civilian water supplies and using depleted uranium rounds
  • Allied air strikes designed to cover evidence of war crimes
  • When media won’t report against government
  • Why are the crimes Julian Assange revealed not being prosecuted?
  • The duty to report a crime
  • Why will Australia not defend an Australian citizen?
  • All political parties are adopting a ‘free Assange platform’
  • The cult of ‘Five Eyes’ controlled by the USA
  • David McBride reveals war crime cover-ups
  • Do Aussies care about principles or not?
  • Refreshing and renewing parliaments with cross-party groups
  • The future for Millennials and GenZ fighting for truth
  • FriendlyJordies behind the scenes

Box Hill to Return to the Liberal Party: Candidate Nicole Werner

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Box Hill to Return to the Liberal Party: Candidate Nicole Werner

1hr 27min

27 August 2022

Box Hill is the Chinese capital of Melbourne, much like Hurstville in Sydney. Traditionally a Liberal seat (1955-1982 and 1992-2018), it is tipped to return to the Liberals in the Nov 2022 election with Malaysian candidate Nicole Werner.

Daughter of working class migrants from Malaysia in 1987, Nicole is a lifelong local of Box Hill whose career has been managing charities in the not-for-profit sector (foodbanks).

We discussed:

  • A working class migrant family arrives in Box Hill
  • Point Cook Rd and why Labor won’t double it
  • How SW-Sydney suburbs were treated differently during lockdown
  • The ‘super station’ being built in Box Hill
  • Mont Albert residents denied access to the secret Union Station plans
  • Why media won’t accept a young, Asian female running for the Liberal Party
  • Affirmative action and racism in Australia
  • Is Daniel Andrews popular on the street?
  • Monte Carlo Pizza in Noble Park
  • Foodbanks overwhelmed in 2020
  • How would the Liberals have done any better?
  • Vulnerable Victorians should leave the state
  • Media blackouts
  • Equality of opportunity, outcome and effort
  • Motivations to work for the community
  • Where do values comes from?
  • The foundation of faith
  • Compromising values for the political party
  • Friends outside of politics
  • What Millennials are talking about
  • Minority groups over represented in media
  • The personality of Nicole Werner
  • Great food in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs
  • Crossfit and F45
  • Participating in school sport

Robert Barwick: Banks That Run The World

The Discernable Interviews

Robert Barwick: Banks That Run The World

2hr 8min

24 August 2022

Robert Barwick is the Research Director of the Australian Citizens Party and has been revealing the influence of big banks at the core of our politics for decades.

In this interview we explored:

  • How lobbyists control the direction of Australia’s politics
  • How Australia’s cash ban was defeated
  • Australia’s ‘bail in laws’ that steal the savings of Australians
  • The immorality of Uber
  • The kind of protest that works
  • Banks have a goal of eliminating cash
  • Australia won’t survive without cash
  • The true extent of bank branch closures in Australia
  • How ‘bail in’ laws work by shifting accountability from the banks to the customers
  • Glass-Steagall laws and Obama’s fake regulation after the GFC
  • The corporate assassination of AusPost’s CEO Christine Holgate
  • The dysfunction of Australia Post
  • The machinery of political parties
  • Decentralised finance and cryptocurrency
  • Are Australian house prices a giant bubble?
  • How to keep banks accountable and fix the property market
  • Choose your medicine: crash, hyperinflation or depression
  • Are ‘renters’ still ‘losers’?

Professor Norman Fenton: Lying With Statistics - The World Has Been Conned

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Professor Norman Fenton: Lying With Statistics - The World Has Been Conned

1hr 31min

20 August 2022

Norman Fenton is a professor of Risk Information Management at Queen Mary University of London and director of Agena – a company focused on uncertainty quantification, probabilistic models and smart data.

He has spoken out loudly and often against ‘statistical illusions’ that, though convincing, are in complete mathematical error.

The professor believes these statistical illusions have been used by governments to falsely justify many policies, and that even his fellow statisticians who see the error are too afraid to speak out.

Professor Fenton test the voracity of mortality statistics, vaccination statistics, infection/case statistics et al and in this interview he gives both the theory and calculations behind his claims that the world has been conned by bad statistical analysis.

Mattias Desmet: The Why and How of Mass Formation

The Discernable Interviews

Mattias Desmet: The Why and How of Mass Formation

1hr 7min

19 August 2022

Professor Mattias Desmet is the author of The Psychology of Totalitarianism – a book that describes a world in the grips of ‘mass formation’.
Under the correct conditions, the professor believes that a specific type of group formation can emerge, and has emerged in 2020. He cites historical examples where masses formed such as ‘concentration camps to deal with the Jews, crusades to deal with the Muslims and witch-hunts to deal with the witches’ but makes the distinction that in a technocratic era it ushers in totalitarianism.

Professor Desmet notes that totalitarianism, understood as a ‘diabolical pact between the elite and the masses’, is not the same as dictatorships where power is exercised in one direction. Totalitarianism always starts with an ‘obsession and illusionary idea that a new society should be created according to a certain pseudo-scientific theory. It will create a new technologically, scientifically based paradise’.

We covered:

  • What is the difference between dictatorships and totalitarianism?
  • Is Trump Derangement Syndrome, or Trump is Our Saviour sentiment, related to totalitarianism?
  • Will there be future mass formations?
  • Is the climate change movement a mass formation?
  • A new, technocratic totalitarianism
  • Real problems with climate
  • Criticisms of mass formation theory
  • Rational, mechanist materialism that creates a new ‘elite’
  • The result of violent revolution
  • Klaus Schwab, the W.E.F. and the W.H.O
  • Destroying the elite will not work
  • Proof that the madness exists
  • It is never safer to remain silent
  • Where should ethics come from?
  • The problem of religions and dogmas
  • How mass formations end
  • Non-conformists will bring the solution
  • The greatest risk of all: silence and violence
  • How to survive the next mass formation
  • Who influences Mattias Desmet?
  • Mattias’ message to Australia

Amar Singh: Sikhism and Turbans 4 Australia

The Discernable Interviews

Amar Singh: Sikhism and Turbans 4 Australia


18 August 2022

Amar Singh is the founder of Turbans 4 Australia and a practising Sikh. Growing up in the same area as Matt (Campbelltown, NSW) he sat down with Discernable to discuss what it was like growing up in South West Sydney and his embrace of Sikhism and everything it represents.


Professor Joseph Camilleri - China, Nuclear War and the Failure of The Academy

The Discernable Interviews

Professor Joseph Camilleri - China, Nuclear War and the Failure of The Academy

1hr 23min

15 August 2022

Professor Joseph Camilleri is one of Australia’s leading International Relations scholars, publishing over 15 books and contributing hundreds of chapters and refereed articles in academic journals.

He joined Discernable to explain where Australia sits in the world, and whether Australians perceive their place in the world.

We explored:

  • Whether and how China would invade Australia
  • Why China wants Taiwan back (and what will happen)
  • Why Australians are unaware of international politics
  • The influence of UK and USA anglo-centric culture
  • The failure of the Academy to educate Australians
  • The failure of Australian politics
  • The Doomsday Clock
  • The spectre of nuclear war
  • Human rights in lockdowns
  • Balancing the rights of the individual against the rights of the collective
  • Chinese society as a cultural role model
  • The values of competing societies


Ryan Smith MP: Do the Victorian Liberals Actually Stand for Anything?

The Discernable Interviews

Ryan Smith MP: Do the Victorian Liberals Actually Stand for Anything?

1hr 41min

14 August 2022

Ryan Smith MP was the Minister for Environment and Climate Change and Minister for Youth Affairs in Victoria between 2010 and 2014. He remains a sitting member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly as the Shadow Minister for Finance, Planning & Heritage and Suburban Recovery. He will be contesting to retain the seat of Warrandyte in the November 2022 election.

He joined Discernable to face the popular accusation that the Liberal Party ‘doesn’t stand for anything’. With no time limits and no topic limits, we asked Ryan about:

  • Climate change policy
  • Failures of Liberal leader Matthew Guy MP
  • The Coate Inquiry into Hotel Quarantine
  • The health and hospital crisis in Victoria
  • The Operation Watts report into corruption inside the Labor Party
  • High-taxing and high-wasting
  • Election swings when people get sick of arrogant, corrupt governments
  • Balancing the competing demands of Victorians
  • Left wing party hypocrisy
  • How the Liberals would have handled lockdowns
  • The obvious weakness of Daniel Andrews
  • The secret of long term Liberal governments
  • The future quality of politicians
  • Government contracts for small businesses
  • Speed camera revenue raising in Victoria
  • The stacked bureaucracy in Victoria
  • The biggest weakness of Daniel Andrews: ridicule

Clare Pain: Medical Journalist Writing For Doctors Throughout the Pandemic

The Discernable Interviews

Clare Pain: Medical Journalist Writing For Doctors Throughout the Pandemic

1hr 51min

11 August 2022

Clare Pain is a medical journalist. During the first two years of the pandemic her work involved writing up scientific papers for doctors in Australia – to keep them up to date with the science.

She started to notice some strange changes to the culture of the medical profession and medical journalism in Australia and had increasing doubts about the way the pandemic was being handled by governments. She was particularly disturbed by mandates for vaccination and the TGA’s approach to ivermectin. She left her job in December 2021 which freed her to carry out the Australian Survey of Reasons for COVID-19 Vaccination – a survey of nearly 27,000 people.

Clare’s personal journey includes being laughed at in an Australian hospital in February 2020 for wearing too much PPE (masks and gloves), and anxiously awaiting Covid-19 vaccinations, to January 2022 in Sheffield, England where she tried – unvaccinated – to catch COVID-19 to acquire immunity. It was three months before she was successful.

In this interview we discussed:

  • Behind the scenes of medical journalism throughout the pandemic
  • The differences between UK and Australian culture
  • The Australian ban on Ivermectin for COVID-19
  • Pharmaceutical companies’ conflicts of interest
  • The Australian Survey of Reasons for COVID-19 Vaccination

Note: The 25 minute long credits to this interview display raw statements from Clare’s survey where Australians shared why they received a C-19 vaccination. The statements on screen are uncensored and do not necessarily represent the views of Discernable or Clare Pain.