Voice for Victoria: Reality in a world of spin, with Emily Coltraine

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Voice for Victoria: Reality in a world of spin, with Emily Coltraine

1hr 46min

27 January 2023

Emily Coltraine founded Voice for Victoria – a new media channel that grew to approximately 200,000 Victorian subscribers. Initially conceived as a mental health coping project for Emily, it quickly grew in popularity as many turned to ‘Voice’ for news and commentary that couldn’t be found on legacy or new media channels.

Voice for Victoria continues to publish news and educational pieces on Victoria, voting, Australian politics and political culture in general.

We discussed:

  • The origins of Voice for Victoria
  • Coping mechanisms
  • Lying data
  • Fear based campaigns
  • NSW Premier not scared enough
  • Trump not scared enough
  • Risks for the immunocompromised
  • The Victorian election result
  • Greens party are ‘infants’
  • Making people care about politics
  • Ian Cook and the fight against corruption
  • Authenticity and Fiona Patten (Sex Party, Reason Party)
  • Liberals can’t even win their religious minority base
  • John Howard is frozen in time
  • Being recognised in public
  • Taking viewer questions: recessions, mental health, work ethic, education reform, surveillance, memes, dating, future of politics.

6 News: Dethroning The Old News Guard with Leonardo Puglisi

The Discernable Interviews

6 News: Dethroning The Old News Guard with Leonardo Puglisi

1hr 42min

19 January 2023

As New Media takes off around the world, sometimes it actually scoops legacy media…and with only a fraction of the budget, staff, experience and resources of giant media conglomerates. 6 News is one of those New Media players with their news coverage being syndicated by Australia’s national broadcaster (the ABC) as well as commercial networks.

The founder of 6 News, Leonardo Puglisi, makes regular appearances on major shows such as The Drum. Despite being only 15 years old, he now leads a national news organisation staffed by young volunteer reporters across Australia, sometimes being the only news organisation to provide rolling coverage of breaking news, as was the case with the Dec 2022 shooting in Queensland where 2 police officers were killed.

We sat down with Leo to find out how 6 News came to be, how they achieve ‘unbiased’ coverage, and how to reach his generation through media.

From Prison to Pastry: A Fresh-Baked Redemption Story (with Jordan Dittloff)

The Discernable Interviews

From Prison to Pastry: A Fresh-Baked Redemption Story (with Jordan Dittloff)

2hr 50min

16 January 2023

This is a true tale of theft, drugs and a bakery. Jordan Dittloff made headlines in 2015 for stealing $277,993.58 from 47 clients of his travel agency Ace Travel in Victoria.

As an award winning travel agency and a community leader in regional Victoria, Jordan’s crimes rocked the Colac community. Many, including his 70 year old future mother in law, lost thousands of dollars saved up for their ‘trip of a lifetime’. Trading insolvent, Jordan effectively ran a travel ponzi scheme relying on future holiday bookings to pay for past holiday bookings.

Eventually the scheme collapsed and Jordan disappeared, sparking media attention. After 2 weeks he handed himself into police and was bailed pending a court hearing for his crimes.

At the same time, Jordan ran a second business: drug dealing in Melbourne, profits from which he used to fund his own drug habit. Whilst on bail, Jordan was arrested as part of Victoria Police drug sting operation in a Melbourne alleyway.

In the end the court sentenced Jordan to jail 3 years (20 months non-parole) as well as granting compensation orders for his victims to be repaid.

In prison Jordan completed a business degree and in the five years since release is completing a post-graduate law degree and has repaid ~$35,000 to victims. He has worked at the same bakery since release.

He now credits his time in prison as a catalyst for reform and is building a drug and alcohol free life of discipline and responsibility unlike his behaviour displayed before prison.

Other issues we discussed:

  • What prison is really like
  • Criminal justice reform
  • How the different generations see criminal justice
  • How governments respond to community feelings
  • Why we must reject the progressive narrative ‘blame the system’ for crime
  • Why we must not ban criminal record checks
  • Practising radical honesty
  • The political system self-selects for dishonesty
  • The potential for an honest politician
  • What is freedom? Do we understand it?
  • Which media represents average people?
  • Supporting the right to protest
  • Removing enlightenment values from institutions renders democracies as tyrannies
  • The future for humanity: Wall-E
  • The death throes of the state
  • Rising corporate power
  • Friendly Jordies and Michael West Media
  • Taking the pulse of the community
  • Embracing fragmentation
  • The AI revolution: ChatGPT

Luke Donnellan MP - Labor Minister in the Daniel Andrews Government

The Discernable Interviews

Luke Donnellan MP - Labor Minister in the Daniel Andrews Government

1hr 24min

2 December 2022

For 20 years, Luke Donnellan was the Victorian Labor MP for the outer suburban electorate of Narre Warren. He served as the Minister for Roads and Road Safety and Minister for Ports (2014-2018) and then as the Minister for Child Protection and the Minister for Disability, Ageing and Carers (2018-2021).

Before the Nov 2022 state election, the Labor Party denied Luke preselection for his seat, and was thus pushed out of parliament altogether.

Luke joined Discernable for an open conversation about the lives of everyday Victorians. What do they care about? Why do they keep electing Labor governments?

We also delved into the ethics of protests, social justice, and the corruption tendencies of long term governments. As the Minister for the most vulnerable cohort of Victorians during Covid-19 (the elderly), we also explored his thinking on vaccine mandates, segregation and community safety.

Watch the full interview at:

  • We discussed:
  • The grass roots instincts of Daniel Andrews
  • Door knocking your electorate
  • Pandering to minorities in the electorate
  • Labor/Liberal comes in cycles
  • Where the Liberal Party went wrong
  • Door knocking is the key to success
  • The future for both political parties: the outer suburbs
  • Why the north and west of Melbourne have underdeveloped infrastructure
  • Who Victorians voted for – the rise of minor parties
  • The baseball bats for Daniel Andrews never came
  • Everyday Australians don’t care about corruption
  • The dismissal of Casey Council which is still in caretaker mode
  • Regulatory capture and systemic ‘grey corruption’ in Victoria
  • Stale governments become corrupt governments
  • Renewal inside the Labor Party of Victoria
  • Factional wars: Labor Socialist Left vs Labor Right
  • Liberals are stuck in the Baby Boomer generation
  • Australians have moved left
  • The Victorian Socialists’ weird success in the election
  • Greens taking over country electorate of Polwarth
  • Labor Party surprised at the election result
  • The internal mood toward Daniel Andrews
  • How Luke was pushed out of parliament
  • Driven by Social Justice
  • Rugby as early intervention against crime
  • Pacific Islanders: God and Rugby
  • Child Protection: Foster Care, Kinship Care and interventions
  • A billion dollars for wire rope barriers on highways
  • Irrational objections from the Country Fire Authority
  • In politics you write your own rules
  • The Victoria crackdown on protests
  • Chinese protests vs Melbourne protests
  • Relative ethics: what the people want they get
  • Are lockdowns morally good or bad?
  • Are mandates morally good or bad?
  • Daniel Andrews’ victory speech double speak
  • The impending economic recession
  • Why the left wing won’t do longform media
  • Labor Party communications discipline

How the Left Wing Thinks: Empathy and Caretaking with Rob McMullan

The Discernable Interviews

How the Left Wing Thinks: Empathy and Caretaking with Rob McMullan

1hr 53min

1 December 2022

How do left-wing/progressive/woke people think? Is there a way for the right wing to speak to the left? Why do they misunderstand one another?

Rob McMullan joins us to discuss the psychological differences of those loosely defined as politically left and right wing. Ultimately, Rob’s hope is that the moderates on either side will find a way to communicate and cooperate.

Watch the full interview at:

We discussed:

  • What is ‘the collective good’?
  • The left have no interest in cooperation
  • Claims of ‘hate speech’
  • Each side is blind to the other
  • Left Wing Caretaking vs Right Wing Capitalising
  • Case study: what is marriage?
  • Fairy tale thinking on world politics
  • How conservatives should talk to the left wing
  • Interpersonal empathy does not scale
  • A dysfunctional marriage between the left and the right
  • Case study: would Dan Bilzerian care about a speech on moralism?
  • Gina Rinehart calls out Netball Australia
  • Conservatives in power are too comfortable
  • How to speak to the left: emotional validation
  • The lack of social consensus = pain for the left
  • Differentiating the ‘woke left’ from the sensible left wing
  • Freedom from the law of scarcity
  • ‘Boomerservatives’
  • The left has a greater verbal ability than conservatives
  • Wokeism is the evolution of religion
  • The Star Trek reality
  • The life of a Twitter worker: caretaking beyond reason
  • How conservatives should speak to the left
  • Powerful conservatives have checked out
  • The left will double down even when it ‘hits their hip pockets’
  • Empathetic Thinking vs Systematic Thinking
  • Daniel Andrews’ hypocrisy of excluding some Victorians
  • The long arc of social technology created by the empathy brains
  • The empathetic herd
  • How women speak to one another
  • ‘Herds vs packs’ and the differing strategies and moralities
  • ‘Individuals vs the collective’ is incorrect
  • Purity spirals
  • We need a new aristocracy to balance the left
  • The left should pay with ‘gratitude’
  • Solutions for the future of Australia
  • A new strategy: Separate and Co-operate
  • Vaccine mandates driven by social and herd consensus

The Origin of Human Rights and Self Determination with Human Rights Lawyer Peter Fam

The Discernable Interviews

The Origin of Human Rights and Self Determination with Human Rights Lawyer Peter Fam

2hr 1min

16 November 2022

Peter Fam is a human rights lawyer from Sydney, Australia. He believes that today’s society has become detached from the principles our species has upheld and respected for thousands of years.

We took a particularly deep dive into the origin of human rights, natural law and how that is evolving in today’s post-modern society that is reimagining the human rights landscape. It forced us to ask deep epistemological questions to trace the authority of self-determination and the origin of truth.

Watch the full interview at:

We discussed:

  • Fasting and food shortages
  • Human rights law based in ancient Egyptian society
  • Greco-Roman natural law
  • Society’s attempt to enshrine natural law
  • When governments create exceptions to human rights
  • Can human rights ever be granted?
  • Post modernism and the erosion of natural rights
  • Vaccine mandates and human rights
  • Australian peer pressure and its convict past
  • Contact tracing through Woolworths supermarket loyalty cards
  • Privacy as a lightning rod for human rights
  • Schools requiring fingerprints to enter bathrooms
  • Australians don’t value human rights
  • Collapse in trust for medical system
  • Parallel systems always arise under absolutism
  • Lockdown attitudes are not sustainable
  • The psychotic on both sides who are consumed by fear
  • The crash that western societies must have
  • The inevitable collapse of societies when human rights are trampled
  • Blue Zones on earth
  • Lifespan vs Healthspan
  • Empires that succeed – the British Empire?
  • The longest human society – the Indigenous Australia
  • How should we measure human ‘success’?
  • Objective truth and human values
  • Self-determination a modern cross-cultural value, aka ‘Free will’
  • What normal people want – comfort
  • Useless international conventions on human rights
  • When only 10% of population dissent, societies change
  • The fires that bring renewal
  • How to survive long cycles
  • Is there a God?
  • Doesn’t take long for bad times to change anymore
  • Human rights cases in Australia
  • Legal actions claiming false imprisonment in hotel quarantine
  • The High Court ‘Australian Babies Case’
  • Mehdi Ali, the lying refugee
  • Why the left wing refuse to interview

Mulgrave Candidate Aidan McLindon: 'Jobs, Homes, Families'

The Discernable Interviews

Mulgrave Candidate Aidan McLindon: 'Jobs, Homes, Families'

1hr 38min

14 November 2022

Aidan McLindon was an elected Liberal politician in Queensland before establishing The Queensland Party, merging with Katter’s Australian Party. He now lives in Victoria and is running for the Freedom Party of Victoria in the seat of Mulgrave against Premier Daniel Andrews.

We discussed:

  • Why Aidan has been involved in so many different political parties in Australia
  • ‘Jobs, Homes, Families’
  • Reclaiming the word ‘freedom’
  • Do Australians value freedom?
  • The lure of the ‘nanny state’ in Australia
  • Who should own Australia’s power and energy production assets?
  • Queensland toll roads that milk the public purse
  • Who are the candidates of the Freedom Party of Victoria?
  • Why the Liberal Demorats (LDP) don’t understand ‘freedom’
  • Menzies 2.0
  • Parties by Pauline Hanson, Bob Katter, Clive Palmer ‘don’t have longevity’
  • The media has trashed the word ‘freedom’
  • Parties are capitalising on the word ‘freedom’
  • Glen Druery ‘the preference whisperer’
  • Refunding all GST for all small business 2023-2024
  • Outlawing gender transitions
  • Gender dysphoria a symptom of other issues?
  • Limiting spending through legislation and copying corporate oversight
  • Tax cuts to landlords who keep rents low
  • $330 to change a light bulb
  • Breaking up the Coles/Woolworths duopoly
  • Schools only give students 60min per day of solid education
  • Prioritising life skills in school curriculums
  • Daniel Andrews’ fake religious signaling
  • Hypocrisy of Woke
  • Nuclear energy policy
  • Why Morgan C Jonas performed poorly in the federal election
  • Australians do want freedom but haven’t been offered it
  • Who makes up the supporters of the Freedom Party?
  • Labor voters turning to the Freedom Party
  • Parties knifing themselves internally
  • Chances of defeating Premier Daniel Andrews in Mulgrave
  • Preferences and deals across Victoria
  • Are deals with the devil worth making?
  • Aidan McLindon’s attraction to politics
  • We need to stop focusing on ourselves and the ‘stuff’ we acquire

Professor Ben Mol - Medical Interventions, Lockdowns and Fabricated Research

The Discernable Interviews

Professor Ben Mol - Medical Interventions, Lockdowns and Fabricated Research

1hr 15min

28 October 2022

Ben Mol is a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Monash Health, Melbourne. He focuses deeply on medical interventions: what are they, why are they deployed, are they overused?

He leads the Evidenced based Women’s Health Care Research Group who investigate whether medical interventions around the world are conducted with evidence, are beneficial to patients, and whether they cause harm.

In the course of his research, Ben has uncovered startling evidence such as 30% of peer-reviewed and published randomly controlled trials being completely fabricated.

In this interview we explored the world’s largest health intervention to date: government and public health responses to Covid-19. The professor has been vocal about the injustice and illogic of vaccine mandates, punitive measures against Queensland’s unvaccinated teachers, the deportation of Novak Djokovic from Australia, malfeasance in academic research, and lockdowns as ‘one of the greatest peacetime policy failures in modern history’.

  • An outline of our discussion:
  • What are medical interventions?
  • Brave New World – are we addicted to medical interventions?
  • The incentives driving medical interventions
  • Is Panadol a placebo?
  • The natural rate of caesarean deliveries vs the actual rate
  • Incentives to conduct caesarean sections
  • Charging Australians for IVF and elective caesareans
  • Discrimination in reproductive healthcare
  • Fewer costs with no lockdowns – Sweden vs Denmark
  • Threshold for all new drugs: $50k per life year saved
  • Covid-19 vaccine cost benefit analysis
  • Medical interventions should be measured is saved/lost life years, not purely deaths
  • Traffic accident deaths are more tragic than elderly deaths
  • Young people paid a higher price than old people during lockdowns
  • We ‘went to war’ over Covid-19
  • Was an elimination strategy wise in Australia?
  • ‘Flattening the curve’
  • Should the government also go to war with cancer? Obesity? Smoking? Sugar?
  • The lack of reason in vaccine mandates
  • Extending the logic to banning Coca Cola
  • The lunacy of social distancing at McDonalds
  • C-19 vaccine uptake rates without mandates
  • Mandating healthy lifestyles
  • The medical principle of ‘informed consent’
  • Should we ‘save the health system’ or should it save us?
  • Victorian ambulance and 000 systems overwhelmed
  • Health system capacity crises before Covid-19
  • Hospitals conduct too many health interventions
  • Medical culture in the Netherlands: intervene less often!
  • Interventionists see their own reality
  • False research papers: fabricated data in peer reviewed journals
  • Monash University detects 30% of randomly controlled trials are fake
  • Ivermectin trials built on fake data
  • The Socratic dialogue of medical debate but is it too complex for the public?
  • Detecting false research papers
  • People’s greatest needs: physical safety

Zuby: Real Talk About Australia

The Discernable Interviews

Zuby: Real Talk About Australia

2hr 19min

15 October 2022

Zuby is an internationally recognised rap and hip hop artist who also achieved fame as the champion British female deadlift record holder (238kg).

Designed to raise awareness of the absurdity of biological men competing against biological women in sport, the stunt eclipsed his music success and he was thrust into the culture wars where he has been offering previously common – but now exceedingly rare – takes on society.

He continues to self publish his music and books, as well as tour internationally as a keynote speaker on a variety of his interests including music, cryptocurrency, culture, and self-improvement.

He kindly agreed to an extended interview with Discernable in the suburbs of Melbourne where we could explore his views in a specifically Australian context.

We discussed:

  • Zuby’s brush with transgenderism
  • Wokeism as a set of ‘goofy’ ideas that fail empirically
  • The valid criticisms that created wokeism
  • The world does not manifest ‘equality’
  • Gender quotas for no purpose
  • Structural and systemic sexism and the lack of female representation
  • What is behind the woke mentality? Pathology? Loneliness? Valid criticisms?
  • Objective and subjective truth
  • The solution to wokeism
  • Internal vs external locus of control the main indicator
  • Defining problems properly
  • The artform of rap music. Is it rhythmic poetry?
  • How to understand rap and hip hop
  • Deconstructing rap lyrics
  • Viewing Australia’s craziness from overseas
  • The politicisation of health
  • The lens of power and money explains everything in every country
  • Why Zuby permanently left the UK
  • Something broke permanently during the pandemic
  • No apologies have been issued
  • The moral bankruptcy of pandemic measures
  • What Zuby thinks of lockdowns
  • Why Zuby came to Australia
  • What Zuby thinks of the Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews
  • What Zuby found when he arrived in Australia
  • How Australia differs from other countries
  • Australian bureaucracy culture
  • Zuby’s life goals
  • Australia ‘The Lucky Country’
  • Zuby’s one wish – The Great Awakening

Gay Pride, Identity Making and Ego

The Discernable Interviews

Gay Pride, Identity Making and Ego

1hr 24min

5 October 2022

Stress, anxiety and wellness expert Sam Eddy returns to the studio to talk LGBTQ Pride Month, identity making and how humans all across the ideological spectrum mistakenly live out of ego.

We discussed:

  • Gay Pride
  • Adopting labels for identity and living out of ego
  • Finding peace to overcome anxiety
  • What is peace? what is it based on?
  • Are there foundations to peace and morality?
  • The childhood programming that both hurts and helps us
  • Sam comes out as gay but refuses to become an LGBTQ activist
  • How identity politics invests in your ego
  • ‘What is a woman?’
  • ‘The Middle Way’ and how to avoid extremes
  • The temptation to live in ego
  • Should we celebrate pride?
  • Crisis precipitates change, so pain is often needed
  • The logical conclusion of identity battles
  • Politicians and their egos
  • Comparing Australian politician egos
  • An ego-fuelled society
  • Comparing countries around the world
  • The paradox of Chinese happiness