The Discernable Interviews

Zuby: Real Talk About Australia

2hr 19min

15 October 2022

Zuby is an internationally recognised rap and hip hop artist who also achieved fame as the champion British female deadlift record holder (238kg).

Designed to raise awareness of the absurdity of biological men competing against biological women in sport, the stunt eclipsed his music success and he was thrust into the culture wars where he has been offering previously common – but now exceedingly rare – takes on society.

He continues to self publish his music and books, as well as tour internationally as a keynote speaker on a variety of his interests including music, cryptocurrency, culture, and self-improvement.

He kindly agreed to an extended interview with Discernable in the suburbs of Melbourne where we could explore his views in a specifically Australian context.

We discussed:

  • Zuby’s brush with transgenderism
  • Wokeism as a set of ‘goofy’ ideas that fail empirically
  • The valid criticisms that created wokeism
  • The world does not manifest ‘equality’
  • Gender quotas for no purpose
  • Structural and systemic sexism and the lack of female representation
  • What is behind the woke mentality? Pathology? Loneliness? Valid criticisms?
  • Objective and subjective truth
  • The solution to wokeism
  • Internal vs external locus of control the main indicator
  • Defining problems properly
  • The artform of rap music. Is it rhythmic poetry?
  • How to understand rap and hip hop
  • Deconstructing rap lyrics
  • Viewing Australia’s craziness from overseas
  • The politicisation of health
  • The lens of power and money explains everything in every country
  • Why Zuby permanently left the UK
  • Something broke permanently during the pandemic
  • No apologies have been issued
  • The moral bankruptcy of pandemic measures
  • What Zuby thinks of lockdowns
  • Why Zuby came to Australia
  • What Zuby thinks of the Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews
  • What Zuby found when he arrived in Australia
  • How Australia differs from other countries
  • Australian bureaucracy culture
  • Zuby’s life goals
  • Australia ‘The Lucky Country’
  • Zuby’s one wish – The Great Awakening