The Discernable Interviews

Professor Joseph Camilleri - China, Nuclear War and the Failure of The Academy

1hr 23min

15 August 2022

Professor Joseph Camilleri is one of Australia’s leading International Relations scholars, publishing over 15 books and contributing hundreds of chapters and refereed articles in academic journals.

He joined Discernable to explain where Australia sits in the world, and whether Australians perceive their place in the world.

We explored:

  • Whether and how China would invade Australia
  • Why China wants Taiwan back (and what will happen)
  • Why Australians are unaware of international politics
  • The influence of UK and USA anglo-centric culture
  • The failure of the Academy to educate Australians
  • The failure of Australian politics
  • The Doomsday Clock
  • The spectre of nuclear war
  • Human rights in lockdowns
  • Balancing the rights of the individual against the rights of the collective
  • Chinese society as a cultural role model
  • The values of competing societies