The Discernable Interviews

Mulgrave Candidate Aidan McLindon: 'Jobs, Homes, Families'

1hr 38min

14 November 2022

Aidan McLindon was an elected Liberal politician in Queensland before establishing The Queensland Party, merging with Katter’s Australian Party. He now lives in Victoria and is running for the Freedom Party of Victoria in the seat of Mulgrave against Premier Daniel Andrews.

We discussed:

  • Why Aidan has been involved in so many different political parties in Australia
  • ‘Jobs, Homes, Families’
  • Reclaiming the word ‘freedom’
  • Do Australians value freedom?
  • The lure of the ‘nanny state’ in Australia
  • Who should own Australia’s power and energy production assets?
  • Queensland toll roads that milk the public purse
  • Who are the candidates of the Freedom Party of Victoria?
  • Why the Liberal Demorats (LDP) don’t understand ‘freedom’
  • Menzies 2.0
  • Parties by Pauline Hanson, Bob Katter, Clive Palmer ‘don’t have longevity’
  • The media has trashed the word ‘freedom’
  • Parties are capitalising on the word ‘freedom’
  • Glen Druery ‘the preference whisperer’
  • Refunding all GST for all small business 2023-2024
  • Outlawing gender transitions
  • Gender dysphoria a symptom of other issues?
  • Limiting spending through legislation and copying corporate oversight
  • Tax cuts to landlords who keep rents low
  • $330 to change a light bulb
  • Breaking up the Coles/Woolworths duopoly
  • Schools only give students 60min per day of solid education
  • Prioritising life skills in school curriculums
  • Daniel Andrews’ fake religious signaling
  • Hypocrisy of Woke
  • Nuclear energy policy
  • Why Morgan C Jonas performed poorly in the federal election
  • Australians do want freedom but haven’t been offered it
  • Who makes up the supporters of the Freedom Party?
  • Labor voters turning to the Freedom Party
  • Parties knifing themselves internally
  • Chances of defeating Premier Daniel Andrews in Mulgrave
  • Preferences and deals across Victoria
  • Are deals with the devil worth making?
  • Aidan McLindon’s attraction to politics
  • We need to stop focusing on ourselves and the ‘stuff’ we acquire