The Discernable Interviews

Matt Fox - Charged by Police for #LetUsPlay

34 Minutes

Matt Fox is a former pro athlete, personal trainer and ‘Fitness Influencer of the Year 2020’. He publicly threw away a council ‘play ground closed’ sign to much applause but unfortunately QLD Police turned up on his doorstep the following morning and have now charged him with ‘stealing’ which carries a maximum sentence of 5 years in jail.

I interviewed Matt to find out why he did what he did, whether he regrets it, and the ramifications. We also explore fitness and diet during lockdowns.

1:45 Matt Fox has been liberating playgrounds
2:20 The offending video
3:35 Speaking up for the children
5:00 Charged by QLD Police
5:46 Police rummaging through our bins
7:06 10,000 calls to Kid’s Helpline
8:54 #LetUsPlay is about more than playgrounds
10:54 Matt Fox did not pull down the sign
12:00 Up to 5 years in prison
15:00 The world is laughing at Australia
15:40 People fleeing Melbourne
18:15 The upcoming court case
20:51 Why is Matt still fat?
21:43 Giving up on gyms
24:15 Eating what you want to eat
25:22 Diet vs Exercise
26:38 Why do people fail their body goals?
28:44 The psychology of going from overweight to shredded
33:13 An example of real fatherhood