The Discernable Interviews

Jeffrey A. Tucker - The Birth of The Great Barrington Declaration

1hr 23min

19 July 2022

Jeffrey A. Tucker is a prolific author who has written many thousands of articles in the scholarly and popular press. He founded the Brownstone Institute which is the self-described ‘spiritual child of the Great Barrington Declaration’ where you can find a cacophony of rational voices spanning the entire political and academic spectrum. His books are widely published in multiple languages on topics of economics, technology, cryptocurrency, social philosophy, capitalism, Covid-19, government bureaucracy, and culture.

Jeffrey was responsible for the founding of the Great Barrington Declaration and, in my estimation, sits at a nexus of the world’s greatest minds who have the courage to speak truth in the face of overwhelming opposition.

Today he speaks with Discernable about how his worldview has radically changed over the last two years as we all come to realise the extraordinary lengths of time that a crowd madness can last, and the ease with which governments can manipulate their citizens for political gains.

We covered:

  • How the response to Covid-19 blew up our worldviews
  • The marionettes called ‘politicians’ and how real power is in the bureaucracy
  • Who journalists and the media go after and who they ignore
  • Gangs of people with the monopoly on violence
  • Australian ‘fake science’ that the world laughs at
  • Safety and gun culture in the USA
  • Australians have a weird and dangerous trust of their government
  • Why propaganda works
  • How the religious stood firm
  • Scott Morrison’s demonisation of non-compliance
  • Government propaganda that invades pop culture
  • The Libertarian ‘apostates’ who sold out to government
  • Revisionist history
  • The evolution of viruses and battle between severity and prevalence
  • Australian and New Zealand delaying the inevitable
  • The birth of the Great Barrington Declaration
  • Regrets of the great covid panic era
  • The only early voice against lockdowns
  • 3 ways humanity destroyed data on the severity of Covid-19
  • The perfect setup to manufacture a panic
  • Imagining a super virus that would actually justify tyranny
  • Hollywood imaginations of pandemics
  • Trading freedom for safety
  • The most dangerous threat to humans in history: naive immune systems
  • Australian and New Zealand leaders are negligent
  • The laptop class and the return of castes
  • Isolation and self preservation is the height of immorality
  • The revolution before us and the spectre of a right-wing dictatorship