The Discernable Interviews

Dr. Leland Stillman MD - Medical Freedom, Groupthink, and the pharmaceutical industry

1 Hour 5 Minutes

Dr. Leland Stillman MD has a strong interest in functional medicine and human performance. This led him to specialise in Internal Medicine and he is a strong voice calling for rationality and transparency when it comes to medical freedom, groupthink and the pharmaceutical industry.

3:58 The history of medicine – mavericks vs institutions
7:57 Discussions around vaccines are too simplistic
11:00 Is medical totalitarianism ok if the risk is great enough?
12:02 Would the pharmaceutical industry lie to increase profits?
15:05 Medical group think and herd mentality
16:51 Are governments and corporations malevolent or benevolent in pushing vaccines?
20:35 Dr Stillman’s experience with vaccines
22:07 Risk management that allows for human rights and personal freedom
23:50 Legal indemnity for vaccine manufacturers
25:02 Adverse reactions to vaccines are difficult to pinpoint
27:44 Basic rational questions are not being answered
28:50 Are people dropping dead in the USA and UK?
32:28 2020 Mortality rate adjusted for population is identical to 2005
34:40 COVID-19 wiped out old people like a forest fire
39:20 The medical technocracy
41:58 The problem with mandatory medical treatments
44:45 The struggle for medical freedom
46:53 Catholic objections to aborted foetal cell lines in vaccines
48:46 How many Americans want to be vaccinated?
50:21 Is the sky really falling?
51:30 Global discontent against the elite class
53:59 The Magic Wand Question
58:30 From autopsy to delivery suite – Ignaz Semmelweis proves antiseptics are critical and becomes the ‘saviour of mothers’
1:01:41 Rediscovering our health after COVID-19