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Darren Brady Nelson: Aussie tax, Aussie federalism, Aussie house prices

1 Hour 57 Minutes

Darren Brady Nelson is the chief economist at LibertyWorks, writes for Townhall, and is a policy advisor at the Heartland Institute. He is also a regular commentator in traditional and online Australian and American media. His main influences include the Austrian school of economics, common law, and Christian apologetics.

In this episode we discuss:
Big Tech Censorship
The GST was a bad idea
Woke business
Austrian vs Keynesian economics
Christianity and economics
China’s success

Resources we mentioned in the episode:
Human Action by Mises (free):

Economics in One Lesson:

Millennials and the Progressive Movement:


2:12 Banned from LinkedIn!
4:08 Conservative ideology silenced
6:47 Big Tech censorship is a cartel
8:58 Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act 1996 that protects Big Tech
12:50 US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas speaks out against Big Tech
14:45 The Democrats are about to ‘pack the Supreme Court’ by adding more left wing judges
19:54 Forget left vs right, it’s authoritarian vs freedom
24:12 Australian states go to Canberra to beg for money
27:00 GST was a bad thing
28:20 A consumption tax to replace all taxes
29:57 A flat tax
36:25 The Left win the policy wars regardless of who is in charge
38:58 Big business loves tax hikes!
41:00 Wokeism always comes from businesses that have mega profits
42:13 The founder of BLM cashes in
44:40 Competitive federalism – why we need our states to compete
51:23 Increasing power in local governments
55:31 Austrian Economics
1:04:29 What is Keynesian Economics?
1:13:55 Australia loves Big Government
1:17:07 Australia’s housing market – a real boom or just fake inflation?
1:20:00 Income is going down as inflation rises
1:21:15 What should Australians do in this economic climate?
1:23:07 What is good about Keynesian Economics?
1:27:05 What’s the alternative to measuring GDP?
1:30:55 The overlap between Christianity and Economics
1:37:50 Will China’s economic success continue?
1:49:19 Darren doesn’t want a Magic Wand