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Anka Sahin - How Novak Djokovic Defeated the Australian Government

1 Hour 18 Minutes

11 January 2022

As we warned in this interview, the Federal Minister for Immigration Alex Hawke possesses the emperor-like powers to unilaterally cancel visas and deport people.

He has now exercised that power and Novak Djokovic has been booted from Australia because: his presence in Australia ‘may put lives and civil order at risk by increasing anti-vax sentiment and disregard for COVID rules’.


Novak Djokovic defeated the Australian Government and has been released into the Australian community. How exactly did he and his legal team pull this off?

Going deep on the law and procedures of visas and migration, immigration law professional Anka Sahin sat down with Discernable to lay out exactly what unfolded, from the airport detention, to the court case.

We also discussed the political machinations behind the scenes and how the Australian Government postures endlessly, finally ending our discussion on the plight of many people stuck inside the Australian migration system, often for years at a time.