The Discernable Interviews

'Always be critical': Barrister Mahmoud Mando


27 April 2022

Barrister at law Mahmoud Mando believes that vaccine mandates are immoral and that the Australian spirit of distrusting authority must be protected. He regularly calls for people to remain ‘critical thinkers’ in all matters even when fear and panic take over.

Mahmoud practises from Edmund Barton Chambers, Sydney.

2:24 The legal system is in a unique position to keep checks on the political class
5:07 What are the views amongst the legal professionals?
6:51 Are people thinking critically right now?
10:11 Employer mandates vs government mandates in the High Court
12:39 The science doesn’t support vaccine mandates for ‘reasonable precautions’
14:34 Has there been any successful cases against these mandates?
16:19 Will there be future cases against vaccine mandates?
18:23 Justice is not always served
20:40 Society is becoming much more complex needing better legal professionals
22:59 We need to change how we approach the law – keep an open mind and not just clinging to a specific ideology
26:25 Australia’s Common Law is a safeguard for its citizens
29:23 Legality vs morality of recent executive pandemic laws
31:54 People were rattled by the pandemic and the government ‘reacted’
33:32 How we should think about the legal system in bringing change to our society
38:26 Judicial activism needs to be respected
41:15 How does Australia compare to the rest of the world in terms of rights and the justice system
42:37 The need for free thinking and the danger of submitting to dogma and ideologies