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6 News: Dethroning The Old News Guard with Leonardo Puglisi

1hr 42min

19 January 2023

As New Media takes off around the world, sometimes it actually scoops legacy media…and with only a fraction of the budget, staff, experience and resources of giant media conglomerates. 6 News is one of those New Media players with their news coverage being syndicated by Australia’s national broadcaster (the ABC) as well as commercial networks.

The founder of 6 News, Leonardo Puglisi, makes regular appearances on major shows such as The Drum. Despite being only 15 years old, he now leads a national news organisation staffed by young volunteer reporters across Australia, sometimes being the only news organisation to provide rolling coverage of breaking news, as was the case with the Dec 2022 shooting in Queensland where 2 police officers were killed.

We sat down with Leo to find out how 6 News came to be, how they achieve ‘unbiased’ coverage, and how to reach his generation through media.