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We Are People, Not Numbers (VIC Hotel Quarantine interview with Gina Haitidis)


Gina Haitidis (Castello) sat down with The People’s Project to discuss how her opinion of Daniel Andrews (Victorian Premier) has radically shifted after her grandfather died as part of the 801 deaths in Victoria’s Hotel Quarantine fiasco.

Gina is horrified by the way a previously ‘decent Premier’ reveals himself to be above the law and not subject to the same standards demanded of everyone else.

In this interview Gina lays out the incompetence and inhumanity of the Victorian health system under Daniel Andrews’ guidance, and why she will ‘never trust him again’.

A note for Discernable viewers:
On reflection in the edit suite, I am not happy with the way I conducted this episode. We had a volunteer producer prepare the run sheet, and out of my own fear of scaring or insulting my guests and the similar people watching an episode like this, I adopted their attitude ‘I’m starting to wonder if Dan actually didn’t keep us safe at all’.

The truth is, I’ve never waited for a political leader to ‘keep us safe’, and it’s been more than a year since I gave up trying to justify Daniel Andrews’ motivations. It may have been a true sentiment of mine from the very beginning of Discernable 2 years ago, but it certainly isn’t now.

Thankfully about halfway through this episode I threw off the run sheet in my mind and became more genuine. Moving forward, I will be more involved in the production of our news shows, and when in front of guests I will find my balls and be a man again. I’m embarrassed by my behaviour, but the story of what Gina and Angelo went through thanks to the Victorian government is too important to miss.