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Why did Australians choose to get vaccinated against Covid-19? Did they really choose?


Discernable guest Clare Pain is a medical journalist who wrote educational material for doctors throughout the pandemic and after noticing strange and sudden changes in her industry she started to investigate matters.

In particular, she wanted to know whether valid consent was received for Covid-19 injections in Australia and her workplace declined the idea, she commissioned her own survey of 27,000 Australians. The quantitative results are presented in our longform interview with Clare but she also received a large amount of qualitative data.

Here are the free-form responses she received from Australians describing why they received injection(s).

The reasons range broadly over 25 minutes and are presented in categories. They should be read in conjunction with the Australian Immunisation Handbook and Article 6 of the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights.

The statements on screen are raw and uncensored and do not necessarily represent the views of Discernable or Clare Pain. The full interview with Clare Pain: https://discernable.io/why-did-australians-choose-to-get-vaccinated-against-covid-19-did-they-really-choose/

Some observations:

  • From those who felt coerced or forced, there seems to be a lot of anger expressed toward governments but not much toward other Australians who willingly wanted one of the Pfizer/AstraZeneca/Moderna/Novavax products.
  • From those who willingly wanted one of the Pfizer/AstraZeneca/Moderna/Novavax products, there seems to be a lot of anger expressed toward other Australians who were less willing.
  • There is a surprisingly high amount of misinformation such as believing Australian laws automatically gave mask exemptions for the vaccinated, or that you could travel further than 5kms from home in Melbourne if vaccinated.
  • There is a sizeable number of people who altruistically made the effort to protect their community, family or other group.
  • There is an overwhelming pattern of being forced by authority figures: employers, judges, medical professionals denying treatment etc.
  • Much of the pressure seems to be second order effects of government mandates ie social, work or bureaucratic threat be denied some part of normal life even in spheres where discretion was available (privately enforced mandates).
  • The classical reason for vaccinating (to protect yourself through acquired immunity against a disease) constituted a minor percentage of the responses.