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Who can beat Daniel Andrews? An interview with Brad Battin MP on Politics and the Victorian Liberal Party

1 Hour 41 Minutes

Brad Battin MP recently challenged Michael O’Brien for the leadership of the Victorian Liberal Party. I invited him to interview not only on why he took aim at the top job to take on Daniel Andrews, but also to investigate what type of person he is.

He lives with his wife and daughters in Berwick in South East Melbourne and before becoming a parliamentarian Brad worked in the prison system and as a police officer at VicPol.

Disillusioned with the management of Victoria Police Brad later left to open his own Baker’s Delight Bakery before becoming the Member for Gembrook in 2010.

During his time in Parliament he has been the Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment, Shadow Minister for Environment, Emergency Services, Building Industry, Youth Justice, Crime Prevention, Roads (Metropolitan) and Road Safety and the TAC.

2:12 Why Brad left Victoria Police
5:41 Selective policing at protests
10:55 How the government dictates to VicPol
17:00 Brad’s growing political ambitions
18:15 ‘New Australians’ not ‘immigrants’
20:00 What is Harmony Week?
22:38 Michael O’Brien and the leadership spill
28:43 Losing the leadership challenge
32:10 ‘Scotty from Marketing’ and the need for Team in politics
34:15 Gladys – the Queen of COVID-19 Management
39:59 We don’t trust politicians
44:42 Presidential style politics
50:27 Australians like a mummy/daddy government
52:20 Labor States will have to change how they govern
54:46 QLD lockdowns destroying their tourism economy
56:45 Will Dan Andrews pivot re: lockdowns?
57:25 We need to trust Australians
1:01:26 Mask culture in Melbourne
1:11:00 Growth corridors in Melbourne
1:13:58 Don’t be ‘Labor Lite’!
1:15:55 How Brad takes the pulse of the community
1:19:00 MPs should only ask “what is best for my electorate?”
1:20:00 Bring back Jeff Kennett? What about Peta Credlin?
1:26:30 Future plans for Brad
1:28:28 What is Dan Andrews like behind the scenes?
1:34:17 Brad’s Magic Wand is not so magic