The Discernable Interviews

Voice for Victoria: Reality in a world of spin, with Emily Coltraine

1hr 46min

27 January 2023

Emily Coltraine founded Voice for Victoria – a new media channel that grew to approximately 200,000 Victorian subscribers. Initially conceived as a mental health coping project for Emily, it quickly grew in popularity as many turned to ‘Voice’ for news and commentary that couldn’t be found on legacy or new media channels.

Voice for Victoria continues to publish news and educational pieces on Victoria, voting, Australian politics and political culture in general.

We discussed:

  • The origins of Voice for Victoria
  • Coping mechanisms
  • Lying data
  • Fear based campaigns
  • NSW Premier not scared enough
  • Trump not scared enough
  • Risks for the immunocompromised
  • The Victorian election result
  • Greens party are ‘infants’
  • Making people care about politics
  • Ian Cook and the fight against corruption
  • Authenticity and Fiona Patten (Sex Party, Reason Party)
  • Liberals can’t even win their religious minority base
  • John Howard is frozen in time
  • Being recognised in public
  • Taking viewer questions: recessions, mental health, work ethic, education reform, surveillance, memes, dating, future of politics.