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Victoria Redefines Covid-19 and Lowers the CHO's Burden of Proof


The length of time for the State of Emergency extension in Victoria is not the problem! In this report Matt details the definition changes to Victoria’s laws that redefine Covid-19 and cement emergency powers, as well as the lowering of standards for the Chief Health Officer (Brett Sutton) in the case of his directives being questioned in court.

Victoria is full of hardworking, decent, trustworthy citizens…as Dan Andrews himself has repeatedly described us. So why not treat us like adults?

Or are we simply all ‘bat-sh*t crazy’ as Victoria Police assistant commissioner Luke Cornelius described us today?

I made this video to be a weapon. Not a political weapon, but an education weapon that clearly lays out the facts of the proposed legislative changes before parliament. Share it to help people, not to attack them.

I am tired of listening to politicians divide us when, in fact, we are a united, beautiful tapestry of citizens with all sorts of different beliefs but we do all agree on one thing – that we should be given a fair go. Give us a chance to get this right. We are not children.