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VICTORIA: Matthew Guy Topples Michael O'Brien. It's now GUY vs ANDREWS in Nov 2022


Matthew Guy MP has been elected as the leader of the Liberal Party in Victoria, replacing an often criticised Michael O’Brien.

That means it will be Matthew Guy vs Dan Andrews in November 2022 for who rules Victoria.

I’m keen to see the electorate (and Matthew Guy) wake to the fact that we no longer want to be ‘ruled’, and we simply want a supportive government who puts us first by allowing us to go about our lives.

Interesting part of this exclusive conversation with Richard Riordan MP on the leadership spill, is that voting for all of the minor parties we love ahead of Liberals is fine in his view – as long as we put Labor last.

This makes sense – with our preferential voting system the only real win the Liberals need is for people to put them above the ALP – even if that’s putting Liberals second last, and Labor last. Personally, I will enjoy giving minor parties a whole lot more power in the next Victoria election to break the duopoly.