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The Origin of Human Rights and Self Determination with Human Rights Lawyer Peter Fam

2hr 1min

16 November 2022

Peter Fam is a human rights lawyer from Sydney, Australia. He believes that today’s society has become detached from the principles our species has upheld and respected for thousands of years.

We took a particularly deep dive into the origin of human rights, natural law and how that is evolving in today’s post-modern society that is reimagining the human rights landscape. It forced us to ask deep epistemological questions to trace the authority of self-determination and the origin of truth.

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We discussed:

  • Fasting and food shortages
  • Human rights law based in ancient Egyptian society
  • Greco-Roman natural law
  • Society’s attempt to enshrine natural law
  • When governments create exceptions to human rights
  • Can human rights ever be granted?
  • Post modernism and the erosion of natural rights
  • Vaccine mandates and human rights
  • Australian peer pressure and its convict past
  • Contact tracing through Woolworths supermarket loyalty cards
  • Privacy as a lightning rod for human rights
  • Schools requiring fingerprints to enter bathrooms
  • Australians don’t value human rights
  • Collapse in trust for medical system
  • Parallel systems always arise under absolutism
  • Lockdown attitudes are not sustainable
  • The psychotic on both sides who are consumed by fear
  • The crash that western societies must have
  • The inevitable collapse of societies when human rights are trampled
  • Blue Zones on earth
  • Lifespan vs Healthspan
  • Empires that succeed – the British Empire?
  • The longest human society – the Indigenous Australia
  • How should we measure human ‘success’?
  • Objective truth and human values
  • Self-determination a modern cross-cultural value, aka ‘Free will’
  • What normal people want – comfort
  • Useless international conventions on human rights
  • When only 10% of population dissent, societies change
  • The fires that bring renewal
  • How to survive long cycles
  • Is there a God?
  • Doesn’t take long for bad times to change anymore
  • Human rights cases in Australia
  • Legal actions claiming false imprisonment in hotel quarantine
  • The High Court ‘Australian Babies Case’
  • Mehdi Ali, the lying refugee
  • Why the left wing refuse to interview