The Discernable Interviews

The Culture Series: Fashion Influencers TWICE BLESSED

1 Hour 21 Minutes

Bec and Marissa Karagiorgos are fashion influencers with large followings for both their classic style and their outspoken stance on faith in a heavily secular industry. Their fashion label TWICE BLESSED is making waves and has collaborated with global brands such as Dyson, Polo Ralph Lauren, David Jones and Lexus.

As genetically identical twins, Bec and Marissa have a deep understanding of identity and where it comes from. Through their own childhood experience as identical twins and what they later discovered in the modelling and fashion industries, Bec and Marissa developed a keen interest in the formation and expression of healthy identity.

In this discussion we explored: the spectacle of being a genetic clone and how that affects childhood development, the mission of their label TWICE BLESSED, being a social media influencer, the future of men’s fashion and the foundation of Christianity in their lives.

2:30 Finding your own identity as a genetic clone
7:59 Do identical twins need an external faith for a unique identity?
9:29 The bond of identical twins
12:25 Bec’s panic attacks when separated from Marissa
14:39 Quantum entanglement of identical twins?
18:48 The fashion label TWICE BLESSED
21:49 Advice for leaving your job and starting a business
24:08 Shaking up women’s fashion
27:07 The role of fashion in your identity
31:20 Modelling trending beyond simple looks
33:35 Toxic self-esteem in modelling and fashion
41:19 Posting for likes and clicks
44:15 Navigating the fashion industry as Christians
48:25 The TWICEBLESSED strategy
54:08 Are people’s fashion sense thwarted by budget?
56:34 What is the future of fashion?
59:05 Does fashion need to push boundaries to remain relevant?
1:01:10 Men’s Fashion is rubbish
1:04:20 The sandwich method of outfit design
1:06:13 Do people want to blend in or stand out?
1:09:30 An expansion of men’s fashion
1:11:25 Minimising differences between genders in the name of equality
1:17:25 The Magic Wand Question