Better than QandA: The Future of Australian Politics

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Better than QandA: The Future of Australian Politics

2hr 32min

7 June 2023

Better than QandA is a new format live panel show that appeals to those who want to think deeply about the world today.

Tonight’s topic ‘The Future of Australian Politics’ welcomes former Labor Minister (2014-2021) Luke Donnellan MP, Founder of Self Employed Australia Ken Phillips, and Emily Coltraine from Voice for Victoria.

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Better than QandA: Impossible Conversations with Peter Boghossian

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Better than QandA: Impossible Conversations with Peter Boghossian

2hr 32min

6 April 2023

Better than QandA is a new format live panel show that appeals to those who want to think deeply about the world today.

Tonight’s topic ‘Impossible Conversations with Peter Boghossian’ explores epistemology: how do you know what you know? After demonstrating multiple games of ‘street epistemology’ we will dive into the ‘Sokal Squared’ ‘Grievance Studies Affair’ where James Lindsay, Helen Pluckrose and Peter Boghossian successfully published hoax papers in peer-reviewed academic journals to demonstrate the intellectual corruption of academia.


  • Peter Boghossian joins us live, all the way from the USA. Peter is a Founding Faculty member at the University of Austin and the director of National Progress Alliance. His teaching pedigree spans more than 25 years and focuses on the Socratic method, scientific skepticism, and critical thinking. Peter’s dissertation explored increasing the moral reasoning of prison inmates and aiding their resistance to crime. His most recent book is How to Have Impossible Conversations and his writing can be found in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Scientific American, Time Magazine, National Review, and elsewhere. His work is centred on bringing the tools of professional philosophers to a wide variety of contexts to help people think through what seem to be intractable problems.
  • Flying in from Perth is Australia’s most controversial comedian: Corey White. Transitioning from criminal lawyer to comedian, Corey has appeared at The Sydney Writers Festival, on Triple M, SBS, and at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. He’s mic dropped on the SAS, police, “journalists”, the legal profession and government approved comedians, with a swag of agenda fluid gags that are rigorously tested, safe and effective for all. Until 2023 he was Australia’s most cancelled comedian for daring to raise impossible conversations.

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Better than QandA: The High Performance Life

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Better than QandA: The High Performance Life

2hr 5min

27 March 2023

On Mondays at 9:35pm you can tune into the ABC and watch their attempt at having an open discussion or at 7:30pm you can watch something better.

Better than QandA is a new format live panel show that appeals to those who want to think deeply about the world today.

Tonight’s show is brought to you by the 20 brave souls in the room who helped seed what we hope becomes a monthly event. Tonight’s topic, ‘The High Performance Life’, leads us to explore the ideas of success, happiness, identity, consistency, achievement and purpose.

From 2:34 we play a game a Street Epistemology

From 26:00 we started the QandA panel:

  • ‘How do we determine success?’
  • ‘How do I find magic in the mundane?’
  • ‘How do I figure out what I should be doing for a job when I’ve spent my whole life doing jobs I’ve hated?’
  • ‘How do you consistently perform at an elite level?’
  • ‘How do you stay focused?’
  • ‘Is it really, and still, a man’s world? Does the trope persist long after genders have been equalised?’
  • ‘How do we fight the war on meat, on health and push back against BigFood and BigPharma?’
  • ‘Why is veganism and plant-based being co-opted by BigFood?’
  • ‘How much does diet contribute to a high performance life?’
  • ‘What is one characteristic every leader should possess?’
  • ‘What is the role of a strong and functioning family unit in society?’
  • ‘What is better – intrinsic or extrinsic motivation?’
  • ‘How do you transform abstract ideas into quantifiable outcomes?’

2:03:08 – promotion for our next on Fri 31 Mar 2023

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The AI Revolution Finally Arrives: Why ChatGPT and generative AI is a true revolution, not hype.

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The AI Revolution Finally Arrives: Why ChatGPT and generative AI is a true revolution, not hype.

Reading Time: 3 Minutes

Matt Wong

Chief Writer

17 March 2023

Consider the major revolutions of history:

  • Agricultural revolution 10,000-5,000 BC
  • Printing press 1400s
  • Industrial revolution 1700s-1900s
  • Information revolution 1950s-2000s
  • Digital revolution ~1990s-2005
  • Mobile revolution ~2005-2020
  • AI revolution ~2022+

This layout is time/event based. Another way to think of technological revolutions is systems based. This is why you keep hearing about ‘the fourth industrial revolution’ which looks like this:

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

No matter how you think of revolutions, they are all ultimately defined by how significantly they change the way humans live.

We have all become de-sensitised to claims of ‘technological breakthrough!’ because they are usually overblown, myopic and have no significant effect on how humans live. Sometimes they never will, sometimes they are simply early. Current example: the Metaverse.

Zuckerberg's Metaverse

This ‘failure to launch’ is normal and to be expected in the advent of new technology. Tech needs to be birthed, tried and tested in the natural game of ‘survival of the fittest’.

Thus it’s easy to dismiss the latest ‘groudbreaking app’ as just more hype designed to line the pockets of a corporation. It’s probably just a fad that will die in a year’s time right?

Park that cynicism for a moment as you watch this video from Microsoft. Ask yourself whether you are witnessing vaporware, empty hype, or something more:

The Microsoft Copilot based on GPT4

I believe it’s something more. Let me explain by way of a story:

In 2022 we shrank our staff count (deliberately – to extend our startup’s runway). In the strive to maintain output we attempted to automate or accelerate much of our daily tasks. Nearly all automated tools and assistants were eventually jettisoned because their effort:benefit ratio didn’t make sense.

Except for OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

We have now permanently integrated ChatGPT3.5 into a large number of our workflows, and our day to day looks very different to just 6 months ago. Not only is generative, predictive AI speeding up and enabling content creation with fewer staff, it’s changing the way we create.

But wait, there’s more! We are hearing from housewives, seniors(!) and from nearly every business we consult for…everyone is experiencing the same paradigm shift.

The common refrain is that they now rely on AI to such an extent that they cannot imagine life without it. Kind of like imagining living and working without the internet.

AI is now a contagion.

Adoption of ChatGPT

We are witnessing a technological revolution with generative AI and few are ready to adapt like Millennials are. Fellow travellers born loosely around 1981-1996 will remember what it’s like to learn and grow on both sides of ‘the internet’.

Thanks to fortuitous timing, we Millennials understand the internet both natively and as adopted phenomena.

Dialup Modem Connection

This is unlike Generation X whose young minds were formed pre-internet but have since adopted it as a tool for life.

Millennials are even more unlike Generation Z (so called ‘Digital Natives’) who were born into a digital era, their brains forming in a world rich with information and instant connection.

I truly appreciate and feel the wonder of broadband internet because dial-up, failed connections and information scarcity is a visceral and lived reality.

But I also share the natural fluency for the digital world that Gen Z has, finding it easy to be an ‘early adopter’ of tech.

That Microsoft ad above is actually just a collection of use-cases that are already happening TODAY. But it seems to be happening in the lives of the ‘early majority’, not just the ‘early adopter’ category.

With smart integrations, we are going to blow right past ‘the chasm’ or ‘the tipping point’.

Why? Because this revolution is PRAGMATIC. It’s practically improving the lives of people and businesses everywhere. The ‘Early Majority’ are in fact…pragmatists. They adopt tech if it makes sense. And large language models make sense to our everyday lives.

Adoption Curve showing The Chasm

Despite all the false starts, inflated claims, utopian visions and fear-mongering we’ve endured this past decade, AI may finally be truly be revolutionising the world.
Less Skynet, and more J.A.R.V.I.S.
Stark Industry's J.A.R.V.I.S.
But where does that leave us poor humans? How do we adapt?
Creativity won’t disappear, at least when generative AI is built on prediction algorithms on large data sets. In a sense, it’s merely smooshing things together to generate something ‘new’ but not really seeding anything truly novel. But it will re-weight everything we create…
Starry Night interpretation by AI
With retrieval of information and generation of content commoditised in the next handful of years, you may feel a little like a phone booth in the era of smartphones, or a steam engine in the age of Teslas.
But there’s a new skillset up for grabs: prompting.
‘Prompt engineering’ is designing inputs for AI to process and work with. This is the new skillset required in the AI revolution. He who asks best, gets the best answers. Just like we spend more time teaching kids to type than write, we now need to learn to prompt.
Cursive training
The nerds took over as ‘the cool kids’ somewhere after 2000, but soon having a whole lot of knowledge in your head will be redundant. Even content creation is about to commoditise, and statistically barely anyone learned how to be a content creator instead of a consumer!
Content creators vs consumers
Don’t miss this next revolution. It’s a biggie. Start searching some of the keywords in this article like ‘prompt engineering’, and get familiar with the new world coming at you, where:
Asking questions is about to become more important than knowing answers!

Welcome to 2023 - reviewing the last 12 months of wisdom from our guests!

Discernable® News and Editorials

Welcome to 2023 - reviewing the last 12 months of wisdom from our guests!


1 January 2023

Congratulations for surviving all the way to 2023!

Here is a review of the best wisdom dropped by our guests throughout 2022, as well as our message for 2023 (from 46:42).

'He May Be a Prick' but He's Our Prick: The Statistical Reality of the Victorian Election

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'He May Be a Prick' but He's Our Prick: The Statistical Reality of the Victorian Election

Reading Time: 3 Minutes

Matt Wong

Chief Writer

27 November 2022

If you walked into 10 Victorians this morning, statistically, 3.7 voted Labor, 3.5 voted Liberal, 1.1 voted Green and 1.7 voted Other. On the street at least, it is most definitely not wall-to-wall #IStandWithDan Luvvies.

Daniel Andrews did however secure a strong win for the Labor Party in Victoria based on seats. The swing against Labor was commensurate with what any 3rd term government could expect. Which is quite a feat considering the corruption scandals and constant media haranguing across media (including by us).

The anti-Dan wave was a gentle tide that saw Greens and Victorian Socialists pick up a lot more support.

A small fraction of disaffected Labor conservatives ended up with the DLP and much of the Liberal Party’s conservative base losses went to Family First or freedom parties.

The Greens and Teals stole support from both Labor and Liberal and deserve congratulations on being consistent performers at elections, no matter what you think of their policies or principles.

The Nationals performed exceptionally well and looks like the Libs were a drag on the Nationals. Many conservative Liberal types will point to the Nats as evidence why a return to unabashed classical stances is the path to electoral victory.

Inside the Liberal Party however discussions must be centering around ‘buck the trend’ gains like James Newbury in Brighton which will inevitably drag the party left, to keep pace with what we must all admit now is Australian culture.

Yes it’s inner city, but the trend over multiple elections in multiple states and federally says that Australia is racing left (we can argue over the merits of that another time).

On a seat basis Labor retains a similar lower house make up. Massive chunks of support were sliced off Labor in its exceptionally safe seats in the North and West without actually flipping seats.

Victoria has spoken loudly that it is not particularly critical of Daniel Andrews’ handling of the pandemic, the health system crisis, the debt or corruption scandals.

The left wing of the Labor Party secured a solid victory, and should be congratulated. It retains and entrenches incredible levels of control in the public sector, in the social culture of Victoria, and in the Labor party itself.

Socialist Left faction Labor strategy appears to be a winning brand of politics in Victoria.

Now many already accuse the result of being unrepresentative when a primary vote in the 30s forms government, and the leader of that government makes such sweeping statements and Overton Window shifts to redefine a new centre. Yes it is unrepresentative, but it would also be the case if the Liberals won.

This is clearly Daniel’s party, Daniel’s state and Daniel’s story, even though of the 10 people you meet on the street, only 3.7 directly voted for him.

He is a masterful politician.

He is so skilled that he has many convinced he is a ‘uniter’, even as he spews invective at Victorians in his victory speech!

The very people he claims to give no thought to were high on his mind as he made scientific health claims ‘Vaccines work!’ and singled out anyone who was unvaccinated.

This makes no sense in a victory speech over his rivals the Liberals and Nationals who are statistically all vaccinated anyway (Victoria is about 90% double dosed over 18 with varying but high levels of triple dosed).

It is also eerily reminiscent of dark days, for those of us who have survived traumatic abuse at the hands of trusted authority figures. The feeling of being told we are ‘imagining things’ as we are beaten for our own good and told we are ‘loved’ is all too familiar.

It would have been much more productive to simply say ‘We may have gotten some things wrong, but our heart overall is to govern for all Victorians. No matter who you voted for, you matter to me and I will be a leader you can rely on no matter your choices in life’.

So whilst Daniel’s direct vote does not reflect the sweeping tone he employs in all of his statements, nor the shrieks by #IStandWithDan Luvvies on Twitter, Victorians quietly approve – or at least allow – Daniel’s vision for Victoria.

It seems the CFMEU may have nailed the tone: ‘Dan may be a prick’ but he’s our prick.

Now, we must take collective responsibility for what Victoria is, and will become, both good and bad.

Even if 4 out of 10 people on the street might hate what happened last night.

Victorian Election 2022 LIVE Coverage

Discernable® News and Editorials

Victorian Election 2022 LIVE Coverage

4hr 59min

26 November 2022

This is our LIVE coverage of the 2022 Victorian Election.

Joined in studio by Ken Phillips from Self Employed Australia, Anka Sahin from True Blue Migration, and Gideon Rozner from the Institute for Public Affairs.

Brought to you by our major sponsor: Square Root who provide online maths tutoring in groups and private classes. Send them an email ( to start discussing what your child needs help with!

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Pre-Election Livestream BOLD Predictions by my Panel for Victoria

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Pre-Election Livestream BOLD Predictions by my Panel for Victoria


25 November 2022

Joined in studio by Mulgrave candidates Ian Cook and Premier Daniel Andrews, we go over the bold predictions by our election panel on what will happen in Victoria, and where the key upsets will occur.

Matt also dives into the Labor and Liberal policy websites comparing the psychological approach of each. The Labor website treats voters incredibly differently from the Liberal website and represents how each party sees the electorate.

A Discernable Dinner with Voice for Victoria

Discernable® News and Editorials

A Discernable Dinner with Voice for Victoria

1hr 39min

11 November 2022

Brought to you by SJ Venues, Hopper Motor Group, The Little Environeers and Jagger Watches, this is the pre-election dinner hosted by Discernable and Voice for Victoria.

As well as recording a live episode of the PollieBites podcast, we had an extended panel + audience discussion about the probable outcomes of the 2022 Victorian election.

With special guests Ian Cook (Independent for Mulgrave against Premier Daniel Andrews), Paul Hopper (Independent for Werribee against Treasurer Tim Pallas), Krystle Mitchell (former Acting Senior Sergeant of Victoria Police), and Ken Phillips (Self Employed Australia), watch an extended cut of the evening right here! Warning: Explicit Language

Throughout the show you will notice Matt and Emily wearing stunning timepieces. These were on loan from Jagger Watches who has kindly extended a huge 30% discount to all Discernable viewers. Use the code discernable at checkout to save 30% on your own timepiece at

Hopper Motor Group, a family business selling vehicles since 1962, kindly sponsored the evening because they believe in building long term relationships with Victorians, not just customers. They are dealers of Jeep, Fiat, Hyundai, Isuzu Ute, Kia, and Renault.

The venue (Cargo Hall, South Wharf) was secured for us by SJ Venues, who provide a free service to find and negotiate your next function. It doesn’t make sense to do it any other way.

Tamieka from Little Environeers is also a proud sponsor, and runs nature playgroups and sustainability drop-off workshops for children aged 0-6 in Melbourne. Embracing all that nature has to offer, Little Environeers does not shrink back from the dirty, the fascinating and the rough and tumble of a real childhood education, blending play and research for your little ones.

Why There Can Be No Pandemic Amnesty

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Why There Can Be No Pandemic Amnesty


3 November 2022

With so many calls for a ‘covid amnesty’, let’s get one thing clear: amnesty is only for the guilty. So are you finally admitting you screwed us?

This is why there can be no pandemic amnesty.

Thank you to LibsofTikTok for collating many of the news headlines used here. Other news headlines are collected by Discernable, with some original footage and some stock photography used throughout.