Welcome to 2023 - reviewing the last 12 months of wisdom from our guests!

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Welcome to 2023 - reviewing the last 12 months of wisdom from our guests!


1 January 2023

Congratulations for surviving all the way to 2023!

Here is a review of the best wisdom dropped by our guests throughout 2022, as well as our message for 2023 (from 46:42).

'He May Be a Prick' but He's Our Prick: The Statistical Reality of the Victorian Election

Discernable® Editorials

'He May Be a Prick' but He's Our Prick: The Statistical Reality of the Victorian Election

Reading Time: 3 Minutes

Matt Wong

Chief Writer

27 November 2022

If you walked into 10 Victorians this morning, statistically, 3.7 voted Labor, 3.5 voted Liberal, 1.1 voted Green and 1.7 voted Other. On the street at least, it is most definitely not wall-to-wall #IStandWithDan Luvvies.

Daniel Andrews did however secure a strong win for the Labor Party in Victoria based on seats. The swing against Labor was commensurate with what any 3rd term government could expect. Which is quite a feat considering the corruption scandals and constant media haranguing across media (including by us).

The anti-Dan wave was a gentle tide that saw Greens and Victorian Socialists pick up a lot more support.

A small fraction of disaffected Labor conservatives ended up with the DLP and much of the Liberal Party’s conservative base losses went to Family First or freedom parties.

The Greens and Teals stole support from both Labor and Liberal and deserve congratulations on being consistent performers at elections, no matter what you think of their policies or principles.

The Nationals performed exceptionally well and looks like the Libs were a drag on the Nationals. Many conservative Liberal types will point to the Nats as evidence why a return to unabashed classical stances is the path to electoral victory.

Inside the Liberal Party however discussions must be centering around ‘buck the trend’ gains like James Newbury in Brighton which will inevitably drag the party left, to keep pace with what we must all admit now is Australian culture.

Yes it’s inner city, but the trend over multiple elections in multiple states and federally says that Australia is racing left (we can argue over the merits of that another time).

On a seat basis Labor retains a similar lower house make up. Massive chunks of support were sliced off Labor in its exceptionally safe seats in the North and West without actually flipping seats.

Victoria has spoken loudly that it is not particularly critical of Daniel Andrews’ handling of the pandemic, the health system crisis, the debt or corruption scandals.

The left wing of the Labor Party secured a solid victory, and should be congratulated. It retains and entrenches incredible levels of control in the public sector, in the social culture of Victoria, and in the Labor party itself.

Socialist Left faction Labor strategy appears to be a winning brand of politics in Victoria.

Now many already accuse the result of being unrepresentative when a primary vote in the 30s forms government, and the leader of that government makes such sweeping statements and Overton Window shifts to redefine a new centre. Yes it is unrepresentative, but it would also be the case if the Liberals won.

This is clearly Daniel’s party, Daniel’s state and Daniel’s story, even though of the 10 people you meet on the street, only 3.7 directly voted for him.

He is a masterful politician.

He is so skilled that he has many convinced he is a ‘uniter’, even as he spews invective at Victorians in his victory speech!

The very people he claims to give no thought to were high on his mind as he made scientific health claims ‘Vaccines work!’ and singled out anyone who was unvaccinated.

This makes no sense in a victory speech over his rivals the Liberals and Nationals who are statistically all vaccinated anyway (Victoria is about 90% double dosed over 18 with varying but high levels of triple dosed).

It is also eerily reminiscent of dark days, for those of us who have survived traumatic abuse at the hands of trusted authority figures. The feeling of being told we are ‘imagining things’ as we are beaten for our own good and told we are ‘loved’ is all too familiar.

It would have been much more productive to simply say ‘We may have gotten some things wrong, but our heart overall is to govern for all Victorians. No matter who you voted for, you matter to me and I will be a leader you can rely on no matter your choices in life’.

So whilst Daniel’s direct vote does not reflect the sweeping tone he employs in all of his statements, nor the shrieks by #IStandWithDan Luvvies on Twitter, Victorians quietly approve – or at least allow – Daniel’s vision for Victoria.

It seems the CFMEU may have nailed the tone: ‘Dan may be a prick’ but he’s our prick.

Now, we must take collective responsibility for what Victoria is, and will become, both good and bad.

Even if 4 out of 10 people on the street might hate what happened last night.

Victorian Election 2022 LIVE Coverage

Discernable® News and Editorials

Victorian Election 2022 LIVE Coverage

4hr 59min

26 November 2022

This is our LIVE coverage of the 2022 Victorian Election.

Joined in studio by Ken Phillips from Self Employed Australia, Anka Sahin from True Blue Migration, and Gideon Rozner from the Institute for Public Affairs.

Brought to you by our major sponsor: Square Root who provide online maths tutoring in groups and private classes. Send them an email (info@squareroot.com.au) to start discussing what your child needs help with!

Support our Live Election coverage at https://discernable.locals.com/support
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Pre-Election Livestream BOLD Predictions by my Panel for Victoria

Discernable® News and Editorials

Pre-Election Livestream BOLD Predictions by my Panel for Victoria


25 November 2022

Joined in studio by Mulgrave candidates Ian Cook and Premier Daniel Andrews, we go over the bold predictions by our election panel on what will happen in Victoria, and where the key upsets will occur.

Matt also dives into the Labor and Liberal policy websites comparing the psychological approach of each. The Labor website treats voters incredibly differently from the Liberal website and represents how each party sees the electorate.

A Discernable Dinner with Voice for Victoria

Discernable® News and Editorials

A Discernable Dinner with Voice for Victoria

1hr 39min

11 November 2022

Brought to you by SJ Venues, Hopper Motor Group, The Little Environeers and Jagger Watches, this is the pre-election dinner hosted by Discernable and Voice for Victoria.

As well as recording a live episode of the PollieBites podcast, we had an extended panel + audience discussion about the probable outcomes of the 2022 Victorian election.

With special guests Ian Cook (Independent for Mulgrave against Premier Daniel Andrews), Paul Hopper (Independent for Werribee against Treasurer Tim Pallas), Krystle Mitchell (former Acting Senior Sergeant of Victoria Police), and Ken Phillips (Self Employed Australia), watch an extended cut of the evening right here! Warning: Explicit Language

Throughout the show you will notice Matt and Emily wearing stunning timepieces. These were on loan from Jagger Watches who has kindly extended a huge 30% discount to all Discernable viewers. Use the code discernable at checkout to save 30% on your own timepiece at https://jaggerwatches.com

Hopper Motor Group, a family business selling vehicles since 1962, kindly sponsored the evening because they believe in building long term relationships with Victorians, not just customers. They are dealers of Jeep, Fiat, Hyundai, Isuzu Ute, Kia, and Renault. http://www.hoppermotorgroup.com.au

The venue (Cargo Hall, South Wharf) was secured for us by SJ Venues, who provide a free service to find and negotiate your next function. It doesn’t make sense to do it any other way.

Tamieka from Little Environeers is also a proud sponsor, and runs nature playgroups and sustainability drop-off workshops for children aged 0-6 in Melbourne. Embracing all that nature has to offer, Little Environeers does not shrink back from the dirty, the fascinating and the rough and tumble of a real childhood education, blending play and research for your little ones.

Why There Can Be No Pandemic Amnesty

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Why There Can Be No Pandemic Amnesty


3 November 2022

With so many calls for a ‘covid amnesty’, let’s get one thing clear: amnesty is only for the guilty. So are you finally admitting you screwed us?

This is why there can be no pandemic amnesty.

Thank you to LibsofTikTok for collating many of the news headlines used here. Other news headlines are collected by Discernable, with some original footage and some stock photography used throughout.

A Timeline of Essendon Football Club and its Ultimatum to CEO Andrew Thorburn

Discernable® Editorials

A Timeline of Essendon Football Club and its Ultimatum to CEO Andrew Thorburn

Reading Time: 1 Minute

Matt Wong

Chief Writer

6 October 2022

Regardless of which side of the issue you fall on, a significant cascade of events occurred in Australia this week. Here is as accurate a timeline as we could piece together as of 6 Oct 2022.


OCT 3rd: Former CEO of NAB Andrew Thorburn is announced as the new CEO of Essendon Football Club. Essendon's club website says they strive to be “the most successful, inclusive, and respected club in Australian sport both on and off the field.”


OCT 4th: Deputy Mayor or Port Phillip council Tim Baxter (Greens) leads the charge on 3AW to boycott Essendon FC. This was based on discovery that Andrew Thorburn is also Chair of the Board of City on a Hill Movement, a collection of Anglican churches registered under the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne.


Before Thorburn became Chair, the Senior Pastor ("Priest in Charge") Guy Mason delivered a sermon in 2013 espousing the traditional view of Christianity that homosexual 'practice' is a sin. He also compared abortion to concentration camps and called it 'legal murder'.


Andrew Thorburn releases a statement on LinkedIn saying that he does not necessarily agree with everything said at his church, that neither does everyone inside the church, that he has not heard those views since joining as Chair, and that he was proud of his work fostering diversity and inclusiveness throughout his corporate career.


Premier Daniel Andrews publicly attacks Andrew Thorburn & all religious institutions holding such "appalling views" of "hatred", that "dressing it up as anything but bigotry is false".


The President of Essendon gives Thorburn an ultimatum: choose the club or your church.


Andrew Thorburn releases a statement announcing his resignation as Essendon CEO, and laments that he had to choose between his faith and his job. He also extols the virtues of a 'tolerant and diverse' society that he feels may be deteriorating in Australia.


OCT 5th: Thorburn releases another statement warning against the precedent of religious discrimination in Australia.


OCT 6th: The Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne Philip Freier labels Essendon's ultimatum as 'panic'.


The Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne attacks Daniel Andrews for sowing division in faith communities.


Daniel Andrews rejects the criticism and says that as a Catholic with Catholic children going to a Catholic school, he understands what Catholicism is and it guides him in knowing how to lead and what is right and wrong.




At time of publication, the usual sides are warring in the media. One noisy side is cheering on the ousting of clear 'homophobia' and 'intolerance'. The other noisy side is calling it religious discrimination and an attack on every religious Australian's job security. Some more measured quarters are calling the dual leadership positions a 'conflict of interest' that was untenable.


The massive and usually quiet faith communities however are in full backlash with internal Labor sources revealing a panic inside the Premier's office as sentiment turns against Daniel Andrews in those communities.


The head of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission Ro Allen publicly applauded the ousting saying "Good on Essendon for standing to their values" effectively prejudicing any VEOHRC claim or investigation that is brought.

Why did Australians choose to get vaccinated against Covid-19? Did they really choose?

Discernable® News and Editorials

Why did Australians choose to get vaccinated against Covid-19? Did they really choose?


Discernable guest Clare Pain is a medical journalist who wrote educational material for doctors throughout the pandemic and after noticing strange and sudden changes in her industry she started to investigate matters.

In particular, she wanted to know whether valid consent was received for Covid-19 injections in Australia and her workplace declined the idea, she commissioned her own survey of 27,000 Australians. The quantitative results are presented in our longform interview with Clare but she also received a large amount of qualitative data.

Here are the free-form responses she received from Australians describing why they received injection(s).

The reasons range broadly over 25 minutes and are presented in categories. They should be read in conjunction with the Australian Immunisation Handbook and Article 6 of the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights.

The statements on screen are raw and uncensored and do not necessarily represent the views of Discernable or Clare Pain. The full interview with Clare Pain: https://discernable.io/why-did-australians-choose-to-get-vaccinated-against-covid-19-did-they-really-choose/

Some observations:

  • From those who felt coerced or forced, there seems to be a lot of anger expressed toward governments but not much toward other Australians who willingly wanted one of the Pfizer/AstraZeneca/Moderna/Novavax products.
  • From those who willingly wanted one of the Pfizer/AstraZeneca/Moderna/Novavax products, there seems to be a lot of anger expressed toward other Australians who were less willing.
  • There is a surprisingly high amount of misinformation such as believing Australian laws automatically gave mask exemptions for the vaccinated, or that you could travel further than 5kms from home in Melbourne if vaccinated.
  • There is a sizeable number of people who altruistically made the effort to protect their community, family or other group.
  • There is an overwhelming pattern of being forced by authority figures: employers, judges, medical professionals denying treatment etc.
  • Much of the pressure seems to be second order effects of government mandates ie social, work or bureaucratic threat be denied some part of normal life even in spheres where discretion was available (privately enforced mandates).
  • The classical reason for vaccinating (to protect yourself through acquired immunity against a disease) constituted a minor percentage of the responses.

The IRS Goes BEAST Mode

The IRS Goes BEAST Mode

10 August 20221 Minutes

Matt Wong

Founder and Editor

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is going BEAST MODE in the USA and massively clamping down on the population.

This is relevant for our Australian and international audience because as is so common in law and policy, politicians often take inspiration from, and justify their policy through, moves made in similar countries.


Falsely named the 'Inflation Reduction Act', the laws include 'the biggest burst of spending in U.S. history to tackle global warming - about $370 billion' and other gargantuan spending programs including a more than doubling of the IRS. The claim is that an increase of 80,000 IRS Agents is required to go after tax-dodging billionaires but the data suggests the opposite (see infographic).


Even the government's own Congressional Budget Office admits that the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 will not reduce inflation. The Act passed the upper house 51 votes to 50 and is expected to easily pass the lower house before being signed into law by President Biden.


Will we see similar a similar corruption of meaning and definition in policies and laws here in Australia or will the media and population fight back against doublespeak?


*Data is taken from the actual Inflation Reduction Act and commentary by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Matt's Rich Custard/Ice Cream Recipe

Discernable® News and Editorials

Matt's Rich Custard/Ice Cream Recipe


This is the creamiest custard/ice cream you will ever taste. Recipes like this are commercially unviable so impossible to find unless you make it yourself. Follow along and experience Matt’s rich custard (and ice cream!).

600ml cream (thickened cream from Woolworths is perfect)
150ml water
6 egg yolks
1/2 cup xylitol (or 1/2 cup sugar)
1/4 teaspoon guar gum (only if proceeding to ice cream)
Large pinch of salt
1 tablespoon of butter
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract (alcohol base)
1 vanilla bean (optional)

Silicon spatula
Glad wrap
Digital temperature probe
Ice cream maker (only if proceeding to ice cream)

1. Mix guar gum evenly through xylitol/sugar (guar gum only required for ice cream).
2. Combine cream, water, salt, xylitol mix and vanilla, in a pot.
3. While gently stirring, heat pot to fully dissolve ingredients (about 60C is fine)
4. Allow pot to cool below ~50C while preparing egg yolks in a mixer bowl.
5. Gently whisk egg yolks while dribbling cream mix in. Dribble slowly at first to prevent heat-shocking the eggs, gradually speeding up pouring in the remaining liquid.
6. Pour liquid mix into a pot through a sieve to remove any lumps of egg and guar gum.
7. Add butter and scraped vanilla bean seeds to custard and heat to an absolute maximum of 83C, making sure to slow down heat and stir well as you approach 80-83C.
If any part of the mixture gets to 85+ it will set and make a lumpy custard!

8. Once 83C is reached, cool custard quickly to get it out of the danger zone (75C+)

Hot custard is now ready to eat, or proceed to the next step.

9. FOR COLD CUSTARD: pour into a bowl and cover with glad wrap, pressing the glad wrap down to touch the surface of the custard, which will prevent condensation and skins forming. Cool for hours in a refigerator.

10. FOR ICE CREAM: pour cold custard (refrigerate overnight) into your ice cream maker and follow the instructions. The colder the custard to begin with, the better the ice cream.

11. Remove ice cream from maker which will be at soft serve consistency. Freeze overnight for a hard, supermarket style ice cream.

Ice cream too hard/soft after freezing overnight? Adjust cream/water ratio. Higher fat = softer final result. More water = firmer ice cream.

Still can’t get ice cream soft enough? Cheat by adding a dash of vodka before churning in ice cream maker.

Icicles in your ice cream? You didn’t freeze the custard fast enough. Make sure the mix is cold as possible before churning.

Grainy ice cream? Your temperatures are wrong. Either you went too hot in the final cook separating some of the fats and creating a grainy texture. OR you didn’t dissolve all the ingredients properly in the first cook – heat higher and longer.